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  1. Woke knee feeling decent Elliptical level 1 20 mins- iced after. Slightly sore tonight but I've been doing stairs in our home too much with family in town! Oh well! Today's message at church-Halleluah, anyway. Love love love this theme! I have much to be thankful for and I'm reminding myself often!
  2. Knee seems to be improving weekly- thanks for asking! Iced it tonight while I'm relaxing-sore tonight but considering my workout AND 6 straight hours of housework, I'm good!
  3. Elliptical fixed hopefully for good! Did 15 mins level 1- my hubby changed out braking system and resistance seems more now!! 5 mins of upper body light weights. It's a start......
  4. Look at you go girl!!! Congrats on a great 5K time! Be proud of your accomplishment!! What pretty crisp morning to run too-keep up the good work!
  5. Been quite awhile since I posted. Not much to report on the fitness front. Still babying my knee daily-minimal swelling though I'm fairly limited on working out. One can only do so much swimming......I did attempt 2 miles on my road bike-felt ok..... Just slow, very slow as I'm out of shape! Our elliptical at home is on the fritz...... Considering our other cardio options seeing as we are limited on gym time with our unpredictable work hours and kids. Diet is ok..... Only up 2 pounds in 3 months (net loss now #4) which I'm positive is water retention from my processed GF, vegan Meals-convenient but not natural. Not sure how much I'll keep posting..... This only reminds me of what I used to do- until I find my new normal.....maybe then I'll start posting. Until then......
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your decline-I admire your strength and courage as you've looked into all options for our health. You are truly an inspiration. Give your loved ones hugs and I'll keep you in my prayers for peace and comfort. Take care!
  7. Bummed- I'm thinking my steroid shot is wearing off and irs only been two weeks this time! knee discomfort started yesterday- on feet with busy quick cases.... Lots of movement- woke this morning site and its gone downhill! Trying to stay positive-trying a new topical cream to hopefully get by! Maybe core work later...... I'll see how I feel.
  8. Thought I'd check out your journal-nice work in logging your workouts AND food!! I like your snacks-I too usually eat an apple for a snack-very filling! My PB goes in my morning hot GF cereal-keeps me full longer! Keep up the good work!
  9. Tuesday: knee doing well- only sore after extended periods (more than 3 hours) on my feet walking..... Attempted to work out at home on elliptical- it needs to be serviced!! Ugh!! It's got a shimming effect now! So not much done before kids got home but that's ok- it was a great evening making Halloween costumes! Diet: need an intervention!! I'm eating too much vegan, GF processed junk!! I realize it's out of convenience and some laziness! I'm having to accept my new normal for now..... Guess I'd better get back to swimming! I can tell I've not been in two weeks!
  10. Been almost a week since posting- Knee is starting to feel better- hooray! It started to turn around drastically feel better on Thursday. In fact, I did 10 mins of elliptical, level 1 slow pace. I was sore Friday BUT not bone pain sore..... More in the quads and patella tendons. I feel so much better-like night to day better! Today, I also got in ten mins on elliptical same as above..... Also, I walk my furry babies around the block! We all enjoyed to great weather! I've eliminated my prescription anti- inflammatory med since Wednesday. I battled severe reflux/heartburn Monday and Tuesday. (Mobic, the med is guilty of causing stomach lining damage!) I started in supplements called Boswallia and then turmeric. I've also added in systemic enzymes though these are hard to take b/c I need an empty stomach and I always forget! Still, I credit these pills with my improvement! I'm going to increase my hours from 6 hrs per day to 7-8 as tolerated. I'm really excited to see how this week goes- So thankful for my progress FINALLY!
  11. I've not tried either of those places though I've heard of them! I'd probably love the cupcakes seeing as I've got a serious sweet tooth! Worked 6 hours today.... I walk a lot on hard surfaces (HARD operating/hospital floors!). I completely underestimated how these surfaces take a toll in my body until I'm limited and hurting! Still trying to stay positive! I did do stretching and core work today-felt wonderful!! Oh how I miss being "in shape"! I must find my new normal for a fitness routine. Tomorrow, I'll go swim!
  12. Hey-appreciated my local MO gal & Dylan saying hello- thanks for the words of encouragement! No exercise for me other than straight leg lifts whole sitting-usually 2 sets of 10 twice a day for both legs! My shot kicked in by this morning-minimal pain but knee joint is stiff, almost an awkward unstable feeling. I've managed to rest most of yesterday and today despite having company, kids & dogs around! I'm extremely thankful for each day and the memories we are making! Tomorrow, I'm working-this week will be 6-7 hour days per docs orders.... My work environment consists of hard cement floors with constant activity and walking-I need to be fully functional! My plan will be to attempt to swim this week 3 times for cardio while doing pool exercises. I will follow with ice as needed. Must get this knee healed! Diet: I'm a sucker for Oklahoma joes BBQ ribs, yes, I gave in this time!!.. Yes, total slacker when entertaining company. I do balance out that part of meat with fruit..... Tons of water. Taste great in the moment but then I start thinking of how/what it does inside my body (salt=water retention, inflammation, cruddy felting) Then I think WHY?? I'm weak at times.... Lots going on and I'm miss my exercise high!! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.....
  13. Friday: another cortisone shot into the knee-8 weeks post-op..... Still painful after walking and no resting! Extremely frustrated! I was told now.... It's going to be 6-9 months to get it healed! Ugh!! Swimming will be my friend! Along with remaining part-time at work! Good news-my weight is stable-pleased with this.... I figured after 8 weeks of little to no exercise, I'd pack on the pounds! But NO, it's the healthy Vegan way of eating!
  14. Friday: 25 mins pool exercises.....included 15 mins suspended such as aqua jogging, cycling....lots of flutter and scissor kicks. Outdoor Pool now has bubble on top - still chilly inside since its only 48 degrees out! Fingers are crossed for it to warm up inside the bubble! I took off the last 3 days from any exercises due to my knee being excessively sore from inflammation. I'm very frustrated since I'm over 7 weeks out from surgery. I see my doc next Thursdy for follow up. He has prescribed a compounded cream that should arrive tomorrow- hope for some relief to function-even just walk without pain!! I'm still thankful my work is allowing me to work part-time! Zoey- the puppy- still makes me and RJ smile!!! Oh I did make a new GF Vegan chocolate PB cupcake recipe that someone posted on here- delicious!!!
  15. These ROCK!! I did substitute a GF yellow cake mix for the GF baking mix only because I didn't have any available. I omitted the sugar and baking powder since the cake mix covered those ingredients!! And you're correct- the icing is delicious!! Yum!! Thanks for sharing - I plan to check out your blog!
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