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  1. Thursday: rained so I took it easy inside. I was really bummed.....just sad at all of the physical changes with my body since 8/5/12, my last triathlon. I was what I consider at my peak! Again, I feel like my brain and body has turned to mush! I know it's the narcs..... Even such a low dose does it -oh well! I need it to heal as pain can delay healing! Friday: I saw the ortho doc. While I'm not his typical patient, (I can have high expectations and be hard on myself!), my doc is great-so patient and encouraging! He emphasized the crappy condition of my patella and it's function in the joint- he said the pain is for real and not in my head! The pain will slowly get better! We have a plan! He injected solumedrol/lidocaine solution intra-articulately.... Yes, it hurt!!! It should take a few days to kick in and I should get relief. How much? Only time will tell!! In the meantime, he cleared me to advance my activity as tolerated. I can do stationary bike progressing to elliptical. He said swimming was great too as well as I should focus on strengthening my quads. I have to do exercises without knee stress so knee extensions for example are out!! I'm starting physical therapy on tuesday to get a home program started! I need a routine and goals!! I'm so ready for this! Today, I deep cleaned a full bathroom-I'm pooped! I'm weak-core especially! I've stretched with a resistance band focusing on legs. Also did a few planks then bike motion with legs while on my back- figured it would stretch my knee AND strengthen my core! I'm thinking baby steps since I've been virtually inactive for 45 days now!! Here it is, the evening...... I'm going to watch football with my lovely hubby, who's been amazing and supportive! I'm blessed!
  2. Way to go-you look fantastic!! What a challenge for you with excellent results! You should be so proud of your accomplishment!
  3. Wednesday: pool 650 yd total broken into 150yds x4 then 50 cool down. Aqua cycling 10 min easy.... Knee stiff and sore today-not as much pain. Still down #5...... Happy with overall BMI now but I'm sad it's muscle loss (quads especially!). I see doc Friday!
  4. Days are creeping by..... Kinda blurry. I'm trying to stay positive and I do count my blessings daily! It's been two weeks since I lost my buddy, Duke. RJ (other pooch)and I (rest of family too) are adjusting.....I've gone through pictures which help me remember the good times! So tomorrow, it will be 4 weeks since my knee surgery. I'm improving, slowly. I'm still being good and keeping off my knee, resting as much as possible with it elevated and iced. I rested last Friday and Saturday in preparation for the KC Chiefs football game on Sunday. We started out the morning with a fantastic tailgate feast wih friends.... I stuck to potatoes, fruit & mimosa! Yum! I ended up being the DD so that was it for me! We had a great time despite the loss! I love this time of year with fall sports and nice weather! Monday, I was sore in my knee despite utilizing my crutches! We got field passes through a friend and I had to navigate stairs which are still tough....puts extra pressure on good knee . I worked upper body here at home. Tuesday, I swam 600 yds.....100yd increments with 45 sec rests between. I then did gentle bicycle type movement while floating on arm bouys for 5 mins.... Felt great, I'll see what my knee does! I'm home now icing & elevating!!! I layed in sun, soaking up fo vit D!! I chatted with a gentleman who's finished his triathlon season and was somewhat depressed-he's going through withdrawals!! I can totally relate!!! He was very encouraging on exploring team options for triathlons!!! I'm excited about enlisting my friends' help for next seasons events!! Tomorrow: I'll go swim again since its virtually pain free activity for me!
  5. Tuesday: no exercise-rested Wednesday: swim workout 650 yds -100yd x 6 w/ 45 sec rest between; 25x2 easy freestyle.....did leg lifts, knee lifts-water resistance range of motion exercises. Did a lot of errands yesterday!! On my knee more than I should of been! Thursday: plan to REST-ice & elevate my knee! Bones hurt this morning! I may do upper body workout later today...... Have a few craft projects to do!
  6. Monday: slept wonderfully last night-woke to minimal knee pain.... Going to be hard not to over do it today! Walked my pooch slowly, 3 houses down our street and back, no crutches. Just finished swim workout: 400 yds freestyle total (100 x 4 w/ 45 sec rest between); 50 yd back stroke; walking length of pool 100 yd total w/ high knee lifts & straight leg lifts. Used a noodle for balance. I'll do core later today (planks & situps) Feel pretty good physically...... Trying hard to keep emotions in check between missing Duke & PMS-I'm a basketcase!
  7. Saturday: wow..... A lot has happened since the 21st. Today's a new month and forward progress! I'll see about a quick summary-last doc appt on 8/24 landed me with answers as to why so much pain and swelling with my knee. I had a menisectomy AND bone spurs removed from my femur-apparently these bone spurs are in line with my patella so there's contant friction until it heals over. That means WEEKS for recovery! I'm currently off work until 9/17. I'm still on crutches and my leg workout is limited to range of motion! Tough news but I'm persevering! Last week was hard...... I lost my schnauzer of 15 years to kidney failure. It was fast and he didnt suffer-my heart broke but I'm getting along by remembering all of the good times he brought us! He was a sweet boy! I am thankful for RJ, our schnoodle who is 6 and spunky!! He will step up to alpha dog - we are positive! I did swim once last week and upper body workout twice. I'm down #4 but I'm thinking it's muscle loss..... Plus my appetite is minimal due to narcotics. It's hard to take it easy..... So much I'd like to do since I'm restricted it's HARD! I do want my knee to heal! Goals next week: swim 3 or more times; upper body & core 3 times. I have physical with lab results on Tuesday. I'm curious about my numbers!
  8. Slowly making progress-had a meltdown yesterday..... Cried and cried. My hubby and another friend listened. Then late yesterday evening I got motivated! I stretched my knee just past feeling the pain and burning....... Did a few new exercises and gain more flexibility. I'm shocked at just how much swelling and stiffness is in my kne joint! Today I pushed through a few new stretches that were uncomfortable........ Slow progress but it's progress. I've limited my narcs today-tired of being drugged and nauseated! I'll take them tonight to help with recovery. Tomorrow- I think I'm gong to venture out to the DMV!
  9. Thank you for the prayers! Doing better- slow progress! I'm cutting myself some slack though it's HARD! The exercises I was shown is improving my knee flexibility! Yeah! Actually walked outside with my kids for 50 yds or so- tough work! Thankful I still have all week off to continue my recovery!
  10. Still hurting-my knee feels like it will explode-swollen and tight!! I'm up though..... Bearing more weight. I showered & removed the dressing...... Not pretty but oh well...... My neighbor who is a PT will come help today with a few exercises!! Got to get my groove on! God bless my sweet hubby and friends who've been helpful and patient!
  11. I've grossly underestimated the amount of pain, swelling and discomfort associated post-operatively with my knee scope! Taking narcs as prescribed and keeping it as mobile as possible- very uncomfortable! I pray it heels quickly!! I'm ready to move past this injury!!!
  12. Surgery was comPleted today- yeah!! I got on schedule sooner because my knee hurt so bad! I did well with my anesthetic (ALL IV drugs, no inhaled agents- I have wicked PONV and motion sickness!). I've felt decent today, nO nausea...... Some discomfort and pain in knee. Doc shaved off huge osteophytes and did a menisectomy. I'm on crutches for a few days and I can start bending as tolerated. Planning my recovery exercises now!
  13. Wednesday: sore locking knee from a loose body in joint. I need surgical intervention-arthroscopic surgery currently scheduled in 2 weeks. I was told too that I can no longer run! I have minimal cartilage left in both knees. I've gone through the emotions of being pissed to sad. I can do non-impact activities-biking, elliptical...... I'll survive just sad that individual triathlons are out! So awaking this morning, I hurt. I'm just waiting for my knee to lock up. Not sure how useful I'm going to be at work...... We shall see.
  14. MOnday: rest day Tuesday: really bummed..... On sunday, my right knee was sore after last 100yd of run which was uphill on grassy surface. I'd felt a pop and then pain but didn't think to much of it. Later that day, I iced it a few times and toOk anti-inflammatories like I've done before. Yesterday, my knee was throbbing by the end of my work day and stairs up and down- HURT! Fast forward today, I try non-impact elliptical and had excruciating lateral knee pain-feels like joint is locking..... I'm sitting now in an orthO docs office. We'll see what he says...... I've had pain before that's always resolved and was just soreness. This pain is different-sharp with a catch in the knee.
  15. Sunday: a gorgeous morning-62 degrees to start the tri & ended at 72 degrees-NO complaints!! I'm extremely pleased with my time! 1:23:40!! I shaved 4 mins off my 1st tri time of the same distance from approx a year ago!!! My best part was the bike where I avg 17.6 MPH..... Swim time was slower than it felt - my training times have been faster!! Not sure why I'm a min slower than previously practiced. Super stoked about my transition times-and most improved would be my run pace-11:14min/mile!!! I actually ran the run portion to 2 comPlete strangers... and we chatted the whole time!! Chatting kept my mind off running and we had a great pace!! Today I've taken a nap & pigged out-veg Frito chili pies( hubby's recipe) and 2 glasses of wine!! Oh a 4 vegan, GF snicker doodle cookies!!! Tomorrow I'll be back on track and set new goals for 9/8 triathlon!!
  16. Saturday: excited..... More excitement than nervousness tonight! I'm ready for the race-I'm going in with the attitude of FUN before the competition! Again, I feel Proud to honor a veteran who enjoyed the sport of triathlons like I do. I can't wait to see the crowd tomorrow all out in support of Matt! Cowboy Up!!! (his theme!!)
  17. Friday: 2.3 mile/ 26 min run- humid 90 degrees but felt great!! Last run before Sundays race!! Packet pick up for race- really excited because it's a memorial race for Matt Mason, a fallen Navy Seal from MO who died in 2011 in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan-he loved triathlons! race has 316 participants- pretty awesome for its 1st year! Also, weather is forecasted to be cooler-66 Sunday morning with a high of 87! Wahoo! Lots to do tomorrow in preparation......
  18. Thursday: 500M/10:20 open water swim followed by 6.5 miles/24:20 (hilly park course that I loathe!) Tired during workout tonight-thinking after Sunday, I'll start journaling my food. I think I'm not consuming enough quality calories. My final triathlon is 9/8 and I want it to be my best for this season!
  19. Wednesday: 30 min elliptical - 15 body wt/wt exercises, upper body & core Dinner: scrambled tofu on baked potatoes- yum!
  20. I've been wondering what Karen has been up to...... I voted!!!
  21. Monday:rest day/call shift- thankful for a slow night! Tuesday: post call day off.... AM bike 9 miles/34 mins; PM open water swim w/ my friend, 500M nonstop/10:20, 10 min rest/chat; 250M. Walk-jog 24 mins! It was great to have company-we kept each other going & time flew by!! Our last scheduled triathlon is 9/8. We are considering increasing our mileage/training to do the KC 1/2 Marathon in October! Both of us need a goal and would have fun running together! Food: I've not been that hungry..... Mainly due to heat (running errands).... I'm behind in cals! Will try harder tomorrow!
  22. Sunday: drOve 50 miles north of KC to Smithville Lake-a beautiful area! I rode the 10 mile tri route (38.20 mins) then walk/jogged the 3 mile route.... Nice area for upcoming tri in one week!!
  23. Saturday: early morning 3.2 mile run - avg 12 min/mile .... Includes 3 mins of walking throughout. Leg extensions #5 ankle wt 20 reps per leg, 30 crunches on ball, ended with 15 mins stretching. One week from tomorrow is next sprint triathlon.... I'm hoping to go check out course in morning- its approx 45 mins from here. I'll see.....
  24. Monday: extremely stiff & sore neck (more painting Sunday!)-stuck to 20 min elliptical with stretching; had to take a muscle relaxer for stiffness at 1730....in bed early! Tuesday: rest day because call shift/long day Wednesday: 10 miles bike/38 min early morning; 500M casual swim around noon Exhausted..... Think I needed more nutrition that day in hindsight! Thursday: 2.7 mile run.... Slow 12 min/mile avg Friday: before call shift.....10 min elliptical followed by upper body weights & all over stretching. Fingers crossed for great, safe work day!
  25. Sunday 7/22: bike 10.5 miles/40 mins Walk/jog with my kiddos 15 mins Quick black beans burgers for dinner recipe courtesy of HH!
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