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  1. Haha Karen!! I do fel like Superwomen some days!! Thursday: sore today but in a good way...... Hit the driving range in prep for Sunday's golf- glad it's a best ball scramble and my friend rocks at golf! So training wise, I'm resting!!! Pool per gym will be open tomorrow! Will go after work- yeah!! Have a party at 4:30 tomorrow..... Got to be smart & limit my alcohol and bad food consumption!! Planning good workouts for the weekend!
  2. Wednesday:short work day but busy otherwise- got an excellent workout in at park where my upcoming triathlon will be held.....I had heard the bike course which is 2 - 4.5 mile laps can be challenging...... These people do not lie!! I met my goal for today of 2 laps..... Not as fast as I'd like but I'm okay with my pace due to it was a new and unfamiliar route!! Talk about HILLS..... Ugh! My pulse was 165-180 which is high for a bike ride for me..... Previous routes had my pulse 140-175 max on hills! New goal is to get my heart rate down in between hills. After my ride, I got crazy and decided to walk the trail for the 2.4 mile part of tri..... Legs were only semi-jello so I opted to jog!! I didn't watch my time due to this new route...... Went farther than planned ( 4 miles maybe?!?) because i was out to far to turn back......did walk/jogging for 51 mins. My heart stayed nicely between 145-165.... Felt great!!! Came home, cooled off & had Vega performance protein smoothie( thanks Robert!) - love these - so tasty... I throw in 2 TBS of powdered PB & use vanilla soy milk....not hungry for much else!! I'm beat but in a good way-love the endorphins!! Also, before I started my ride today, I chatted with a guy about the tri course at this park. He's done the tri the previous 4-5 years- long course which is Olympic distance I believe. He's recently ran the Boston marathon and even did an Ironman last year!!! He casually mentioned he'd just finished 9 bike laps...... I chuckled as I mentioned my goal was 2!! I told him how I was hooked on tris & the training for 3 sports- his encouraging reply, " just wait, you'll be doing an Ironman here in a few years!" Hhmmmm maybe I will?!? Baby steps first...... Not sure about tomorrows plan..... Swim if pool open; if not cross train as body allows!
  3. Tuesday: for some reason, I keep thinking its Wednesday...... Ugh-ready for weekend! Still sore this morning and left knee is tender on medial aspect-more on tibial side-like a bruise..... I jarred it yest while doing the last set of sprints!!! Iced it a few times today as well as 800mg ibuprofen..... Workout: a yoga DVD -40 mins- felt great & minimal impact..... Food: did well until Mexican carry out from a fav rest.....chips are my weakness with the delicious beans....at least the beans had NO lard! Hoping for a bike ride tomorrow.....
  4. What an eventful last few days for you.......I respect you in taking a step back to realize that the education nurse knew her limitations in providing you the info requested. I'm not surprised she suggested you discuss your issues with your physician. She's there as a sounding board for those already led to the trough of drugs and conventional medicine. I'm curious to see what the oncologist says..... If he/she doesn't know or care to find answers to your questions, will you keep doc shopping?!? Maybe to someone in the area of progressive, holistic treatment in regards to your type of CA? One who is willing to look at ALL options?!? A doc with a history of unique treatments plans and success?!? This quest you are on to take control of your health treatment is still admirable....... Your comment on how drs and big pharm companies only benefit each other reminds me of a thought....I've read somewhere that MDs have approx 3 credit hours of nutrition when obtaining the med degree-this is usually associated with the undergrad degree....... How as well as why would they know about nutrition to prevent and/or solve a health problem? Where does it stand to benefit their "business" of helping treat people if everyone was healthy? Physicians stand to benefit the most when people are sick, makes me sick.....Think of the money thrown towards preventative care-the least amount of any!!!! This is a peeve of mine!! Ironically, a majority of my patients have illnesses that are preventable-I too benefit (read as job security) from people being sick and needing anesthesia-saddens me more times than not! Enough of my food for thought!! Curious to hear more...... Keep up the positive thoughts and good attitude!
  5. I admit I'm spoiled by the convenience of technology and I like it most days! I'm a product of a tech savvy husband and kids who are growing up in a portable, technological world. I'm talking about a 3rd grader who knows proper typing/keyboarding skills and prefers to do her reports on the computer after Internet research!! Yeah-I've got to keep up or I'll be lost in their world! With that said, I'm simple with technology (at least simple when compared to other geeks!). I do believe in paying for technology as long as it LASTs and is user friendly. My first iPhone (can't remember which version other than it was in early 2009) lasted for 3 years-had to replace after software updates goofed up software! My iphone doesnt contain hundreds of apps-i use it more for calculator, email, texting, camera, & internet for quick look ups!! I'm using same laptop (another Mac) from 10/07!!! Works great!! Also, im driving same car - now 6 yrs old and paid off!! I enjoy the convenience of a kindle BUT still like the feel of a book in my hands. Yes-I like technology.......our electric bill reads like a stock report!
  6. This map demonstrates a great image of obesity across the United States-I'm not surprised to see my home state of Oklahoma in the highest region of obesity! Kansas, where I reside now, is one step under Oklahoma!! I've always tried my best to avoid being obese-I believe I have a choice to control what I can control to guide the direction of my life! Yes, it takes time and effort but the reward of health is priceless!! Sadly, in my profession, I see how obesity taxes our healthcare system. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of selecting my patient population as they walk through the door requiring an anesthetic. Though, I much prefer to anesthetize a person of normal BMI rather than someone with a BMI over 45 or 50!
  7. Monday: crazy early workday-0530 start!! I received a call from my hubby who landed in the ER before work or him with a kidney stone-talk about excruciating pain!!! Shortened my workday & been close by here at home with him while he's dopey-fingers are crossed for a quick passing if this 4.4 mm stone!!! I kept my run today to the treadmill! I'm fairly sore upper and lower body after yesterdays activities. Treadmill: walking warmup 10 mins 2 10 min runs with 2 min walk in between.... Varied speed & incline keeping my HR 145-165 Next 5 min alternated 1min sprints w/ 1 min walks finished up with cool down walk for total of 45 mins 20 min circuit workout with upper body & core workout. 5 min stretching legs Diet: doing ok today..... Focused on protein intake & water consumption My first triathlon is 4 weeks away-Fathers Day to be exact!! A friend of mine & I are considering another tri in August before our scheduled one in September!! Wahoo!
  8. Nice impromptu work!! Love how even the girl "in skinny jeans" got involved as well as the guy who joined mid way through!!
  9. Amen on not taking our health for granted! That's why I do what I do-I prefer to stay out of our healthcare system-if you know what I mean!! Alzheimers is a tough disease-not easy to witness those we love when they are affected-glad to hear about your Mom's moments of "Irish" clarity! Keep reading my friend & keep posting!! Have a great week!
  10. Friday: late start at work so I got a home gym workout in...... Elliptical 30 mins-level 6 10 min stretching includes ball crunches 25x2, planks x2 1 min each Okay work day..... Came home with upset tummy. Saturday: scheduled run day BUT stomach troubles related to IBS flare up kept me inactive! I even took a 1.5 hour nap mid day!! Guess I have to listen to my body! Appetite was off-didnt eat much-just not hungry! Sunday: time to make up for a day lost- woke feeling great!!! Hit the pavement early on my bike with my NEW road shoes....... WOW what a different proper equipment makes!!! I've been riding in tennis shoes/toe cages for convenience as well as fear of falling with clipping out-fear NO MORE!!! Riding today was much easier & smoother-Loved it!!! Got in 9 miles at 4 min mile (last 1.5 mile was cool down w/ much slower pace-12 MPH-lowers my to mile time!). Overall-felt pleased with my effort!! After my ride, I went to driving range to hit golf balls-I'm playing in a best ball scramble for local corporate challenge next Sunday and I've not been out much- thankful it's best ball and my friend is a fantastic golfer!!! Food: doing ok today- took my mom out for late lunch to favorite rest-Genghis Khan-enjoyed a tasty Tofu Mushroom Pot-had chef add spinach for more greens!! Yum!!! Have plenty for leftovers for tomorrow!! Dome on gym pool being removed this week..... No swim til Friday. Will run & bike more instead!!! Need to work on sprints for speed!!
  11. Wahoo- swim day- oh how I missed the pool- been over a week- knocked out 500 yds.... Excited because the "bubble dome" on my gyms pool comes off in 5/14!!! Come the 17th I'll be swimming outside in sunshine baby!!! Can't wait for that vit D!!! And from what I hear, local lakes will open for swims memorial day weekend- need that open water practice before my first tri!!! Nutrition: feeling much much better- actually craving veggies.... Sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, lentils- yum!!! Late start at work tomorrow-plan is for crosstraining at home and a walk with my pooches!
  12. Bummer on the lymph nodes-keep up the fight! Cool logo above- Praying for you~
  13. Wednesday: a note before retiring to bed for much needed sleep! What a crazy week-I'm thinking I need a vacation to recover from my vacation! . Vegas was and always will be fantastic-from the food, to entertainment to the sights and smells-I love Vegas!!! Firefly was delicious- many veggie options but not so much GF-that's ok-I ate plenty! We didn't make it Wynn Buffett.....maybe nexta trip! Upon returning, I'm going through a salt, alcohol & all things naughty and sinful detox-must get my body chemistry back to its baseline! I'm amazed at how just a few days straying from my norm of healthy habits reaks havoc on my system-ugh!! I pay for it!!!!! These last couple days have been a struggle but I'm tough! Sunday: travel day- no exercise & decreased appetite after a gluten exposure via soy sauce! Arrived back to KC just before evening tornados - thank goodness! Monday: run day 30 min run 22 min walk It was tough......long stressful work day! Tuesday: another long day at work...... Squeezed in 20 min on elliptical- more to relieve stress than anything!!!! 20 squats, a plank 1 min, overhead press x25/1, ball crunches & then cool-down stretch 10 mins. My hubby got kiddos situated for evening so I could decompress- he's pretty special! (missed a pool day but life goes on!) Wednesday: did a brick as scheduled..... Bike 30 mins (unsure of mileage- didn't check odometer, rode for time today) Immediate transition to 10 min run, HR stayed 155-165.... Felt decent! I did have continuous heartburn..... Got to fix that!! Again, need another vacation! Tomorrow ..... Work dependent swim day or cross train day! Nutrition is a work in progress...... Getting back in my routine! Nite!
  14. Friday- Happy Friday- I write this via my phone while I'm poolside in fabulous Las Vegas!!! It's sunny, 90 degrees with a gusty wind!!! Ahhh perfect relaxation weather!!! First, I'm thrilled I'm back rockin my bikini (haven't in a few yrs due to belly & self-consciousness!).... Feelin pretty good after my training so far! Today we hit the strip & walked 2 miles or so- I did put my tennis shoes to use- ha!! I checked out the gym BUT it looked packed which is great- just not for me! Today, I shall rest! Hey I did walk! Nutrition: somewhat difficult here b/c gourmet rest. LOVE to use butter & oil in cooking- Wolfgang pucks rest lat night- I ordered veggies to go w/ my grilled sea bass (yes, fish is my go to food when traveling AnD I'm starving!!!!!) without butter- you would think I asked the chef to jump off a cliff- the waitress kept raising her eyebrows at me- I told my hubby - whatever!!! Her tip was the minimum!!! Our room/suite has a blender- had a smoothie (Vega, apple & water) for breakfast..... Lunch was fabulous!!! The Grand Wok- crispy Tofu with veggie fried rice( carrots, edamame, & mushrooms).... Perfect!!! I even have leftovers for later!!! Yes!! Tonights dinner before show is a Firefly- a Spanish tapas place that carries rave reviews from locals!!!
  15. Thanks for answering my question-I'm mostly on the other side of surgery in dealing with prostate issues during surgery - I'm a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist). My history taking is detailed with patients mostly regarding the "now" in relation to their upcoming anesthetic. Once again, I admire your constant diligence in researching all that you can do for yourself through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle- in other words, controlling WHAT you can control. I wish on a daily basis my patients would do that..... In my 8.5 yrs of anesthesia practice, people are sicker, have more unrealistic expectations for healthcare and in return demand more out if me with LESS resources- (a cOmpletely different topic for discussion!). So again, keep up the fight and I'm thinking and praying for you!!
  16. Vegas bound- YES I did pack my running shoes & shorts..... I'll see if they get put to use between now & Sunday!!! Haha I do have 1-2 rest days built in to my program.......
  17. Thursday: home gym elliptical level 6 20 mins Treadmill brisk walk 10 mins squats #5 dumbells 25x2 Dead lifts #5 15x1 Planks 1 min; side planks each side 30 secs Ball crunches 25x2 Supermans 20x1 Stretching 10 mins
  18. Karen-I've missed you- so glad to see you stop by-hope all is well!! Tuesday: listened to my body and kept my workout to a minimum- 10 min treadmill 10 min various stretching & core work (50 ball crunches, 25 situps, 20 back extensions off ball) Nutrition: focused on increased water & protein consumption-usually 1g protein per kg body wt Wednesday: hit the pavement for a run Did my course of 3.6 miles in ~42 mins which only included 3 min warmup walk! HR 154-165 range 175-190 on hills (even though I'm in Kansas, it's NOT flat where I live!!) Packing my bags-off to Vegas tomorrow to celebrate w/ my hubby- our 3rd yr anniversary!!!!
  19. Curious-are you a candidate for a prostatectomy with lymph node dissection/removal? Sending prayers for peace and understanding your way!
  20. Admire your courage- positive attitude helps fight the battles! Still glad to see that you are utilizing nutrition to heal!
  21. Monday: strength conditioning this morning- squeezed that in before some appts- Warm up treadmill walk 10 mins Body wt squats 25 Crunches on ball 25x2 Jumping jacks 20 Overhead press #5 20x2 Pushups 10 (5 reg, 5 from knees) Pike reverse crunches on ball 10 Bent over dumbells rows 15x2 #5 dumbells Static lunges w/lateral side raises #5, 10 each leg Seated leg ext 20 each leg #5 ankle wt Elliptical 10 mins level 5 Stretch 5 mins Hoping to get a bike ride in today........ Nutrition- made a fav of mine- eggless salad from HH cookbook- uses TOFU.....YUM!
  22. Sunday: no bike due to rain! Went to pool w/kids...... Focused on drills which DO in fact make my swimming easier-haha! Wasn't focused on amount of yds swam but I'd guess 600 or so..... Really had deep focus on technique!! Thinking I'm going to check with trainer at gym who does triathlons to see if she'll come give me a few tips on my technique. Good news: a friend of mine just registered for the women's tri in sept-we'll do it together!! So pumped!! I've ordered a book called Triathlons for Women-her b-day is coming up this month!!!
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