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  1. Hi ATank, Awesome stats! I have been told that your body grows more during the first two years of life than at any other time. You double your weight during this period. And for this time of life, the ideal food is human breast milk. Human breast milk is 5% protein, based on calories. If you can double your body size eating only 5% of your calories from protein, then any additional amount of protein is excess and not healthy. In consuming excess protein, even animal protein, you take health risks. I'd love for you to read the following and then tell me your thoughts --- http://www.drmcdougall.com/free_2e.html. I suspect that you might be able to FORCE muscle growth faster with excess protein while taking health risks, but I am not even sure of this. Maybe one would grow faster with only 5% of calories from protein. But I think that the assumption that excess protein is not a health risk is itself a risky assumption to make. The negative impacts of excessive protein (in theory) show up many many years later and are cumulative. I am very concerned about this subject. I am about to embark on my first concentrated attempt to build muscles on a low fat, low protein vegan diet. I am not in a hurry. I want excellent results. But it is hard not be be in a gym, talk to other guys and not to get concerned that I'm not eating enough protein. I find I am easy to "hypnotize" when everyone thinks I am wrong. I have been able to maintain my vegan diet since mid August 2011 but so many people I respect tell me that I won't get bigger unless I consume what I now believe to be dangerous levels of protein. I was a protein maniac just 6 short months ago. I ate lean meats and dairy. I had cholesterol of 250 and my doctor wanted me to take a statin drug because of family history of heart disease. Today I'm at 120 with the low fat, low protein vegan diet and I never took any drugs. This is all from my diet. For me body building is hard hard work. Who wouldn't want the best results possible. I really curious to hear your thoughts. Jimmy.
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