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  1. What Broadway said is right on. Are you doing a bodyweight type style workout?
  2. I would suggest http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/26_04_Beginners_Guide.pdf It's really good routine. My favorite part is how you can fit it in anytime. If you keep your diet tight, you can really do well with something as simple as this.
  3. I found an awesome resource here: http://www.beachbody.com/product/p90xnl_058.do http://myp90xnutritionplan.com/p90x-nutrition/vegan-p90x-meal-plan-and-food-journal/ As a vegan, I pretty much eat like this (with a lot of junk thrown in for good measure)...lol Btw what was your progress?! I really want to start P90x but I am waiting a until end of August...
  4. I am in week 7 of a 12 week crossfit beginner program. The best program I've ever done, I've seen great results on it. So I've read Power to People by Pavel Tsatsouline, and his program recommends: Deadlifts and Side Press x2 @ 7RM for 5 reps then drop that weight by 90% and perform another rep. 5 days a week. I want to do his 'Bear' routine...which is essentially: 5 reps of DL and Side Press at 7RM. 90% of that weight for another 5 reps. then 80% of that 7RM weight for another 5 reps...which you continue until you can not perform 5 reps in good form. There are two variations to the 'Bear' routine I would like to try: a crossfit variation http://whole9life.com/the-603-ptp/ and a dan john variation http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_40day_program anyone done any of these with any decent results?!
  5. You can always do wall pushups.... http://pics.livejournal.com/lexica510/pic/0001t3r6
  6. Good progress. I am making similar gains (or losses) on BFL. So I might try this workout once I am done.
  7. P90X2 has the same structured nutrition plan as P90X? Or what I mean to say is, can I use the P90X2 nutrition plan while doing P90X?
  8. Actually you'd be suprised just how much trees depend on animals to spread their seeds. It's a mutualistic symbiotic relationship that co-evolved over time. Squirrels are real gardeners of the forests http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F50913FF355412738DDDAC0994DB405B838CF1D3 Seriously, do you go in your backyard, at the park, or in front of your office and poop because you were evolved to do it? If you have rationalize your behaviour on a belief such as fruits and seeds have to eaten because they help spread the seed their seeds, then shouldn't you also be accountable, and actually go around squatting pooping anywhere as you please? When a lion eats a gazelle, should we stigmatize the lion because it literally ripped the gazelle apart. I am sure that gazelle would consider that treatment agonizing.
  9. Well, plants have existed long before animals. So plant's don't need animals to survive...there is a whole natural phenomenon that occurs that would allow vegetation to exist without animals. We need to eat plants. I just don't want myself or my kids to be dogmatic about there choices in life, whether it be vegan, religion, or anything really. We should as people, be flexible, a flexitarian to what is the optimal for ourselves, and really no one else.
  10. This is a workout I attempt to do..., and I do sprints on the days 2, 4 and 6. ~20 mins of 200m sprint, 200m walk I do about 10-12 reps on each exercise 90sec rest between sets. or 30 seconds on the isometric holds. There is also no free weights, only bodyweight. DAY ONE : BACK, BICEPS, ABS TriSet 1 Isometric Pullup Isometric Row Plank TriSet 2 Wide Grip Pullup Close Grip Row Kneeups TriSet 3 Chinups Palms Out Row Situps TriSet 4 Close Grip Pullup Gun Grip Row L - Sit DAY THREE: HAMS, QUADS, CALVES TriSet 1 Ass. 1 Leg Squats Hindu Squats Prisoner Squats TriSet 2 Bulgarian Split Jump Lounge Tip Toe Squats TriSet 3 Skater hops Walking Lounge Iso Squat Holds TriSet 4 Duck Walk Lateral Lounge Jump Squats DAY FIVE: CHEST, SHOULDERS, TRICEPS TriSet 1 Pushup Hindu Pushup Ring Dips TriSet 2 Rings Lockout Shoulder Pushup Uneven Pushups TriSet 3 Ring Chest Spread Handstand Lockout Triangle Pushup TriSet 4 Wide Pushups Lelaine Pushups Bench Dips
  11. Steroids are vegan, they are synthetically produced. And in the near future, they (food scientist) will be able to clone organs, and so on for food consumption, and it will be meat. So being a meat eating vegan is very likely. In all honesty, if you eat anything, something must die. 'Nothing begets nothing.' You eat a piece of fruit who knows how many organisms, bacteria, and actual micro organisms have been consumed or could have consumed the piece of fruit your eating.
  12. I am going for something like this (which I hope is easy to maintain for the next 20 years): http://images1.43places.com/entry/296447xl.jpg or if I get pretty: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4fVOx-xCplk/Tp125ITDnuI/AAAAAAAAXng/iAY6Hxjr1zY/s1600/john+abraham+body.jpg
  13. I've read that if you dial in your diet right you would need very little cardio. I don't know how approriate that would be for vegan diet, but with a clean diet I am making significant progress right now, at about 2% bodyfat a month.
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