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  1. Wasn't gonna bitch about this but now that I have a moment - I just gotta get this off my chest.


    We are only in the 2nd week of school & a family on our school bus route has already missed the

    but once & asked us to watch their kids (kindergartener & 4th grade)

    this morning because of a a flat tire!?!?!?


    The mother doesn't work & the f'ing flat tire can wait 5 min untill after the kids are picked up.


    Here's the deal: If you don't want to take care of your kids then don't f'ing have 4 in the first place.

    To make matters worse, my kids can't stand their kids.......


    Oh god, I think it's gonna be a L_O_N_G school year.

  2. This is one of the most interesting threads in the training journals section. And who would have thought pictures of canning tomatoes would be so cool.

    How have you been since your bike accident? Healed up completely? Any after effects?




    Aww yes, the bike crash... my arm is still kinda wonky but it's ok

    Thanks for asking.


    We've really enjoyed canning - it's been a lot of fun + we know exactly whats inside.

  3. I think you've got to prioritize your goals.

    * When I was trying to lose weight - I upped the cardio (jogging 5ks around the neighborhood) and commuting on my bike.

    * Focused on food intake: Bought a food scale & crunched the calories.

    Lost approx 80lbs


    After that:

    I bought several dumbbells, Kbells & MedBall that can all be stashed under/behind the sofa.

    ---I have gym phobia (I can't stand them) but occasionally go to the one at my office when I don't have time to

    work out at home.


    Now Mantaining:

    I've taught myself a great deal about nutrition. I'm constantly revamping my outlook on what food is, it's effect the human body & the planet


    Zuzana is by far my fav to work out with in the privacy of my home


    Picked up a copy of "Healthy Foods fact vs Fiction" at the library. It's got some great info



    Good luck

  4. Had great successes & major losses.



    *Artichokes were amazing

    *Cherry Tomatoes still rocking out the fruit

    *Heirloom Purple/Orange Carrots producing higher yeilds then expected

    * Swiss Chard


    Middle to Fail

    *Potato crop is lower then expected but better then average.

    *Sweet purple onions = near failure



    * My heirloom canning tomatoes (only canned 12 pints) Killed by late Blight - that came early

    * Spinach

    * Baby French carrots were eaten by evil bunny

  5. I planted trees in season so that I no longer have to purchase fruit.

    Plumbs in spring, figs in summer & apples/pears late summer/early fall - then can, dry or freeze


    If you stop buying fruit from the Grocery store & only eat in season you wont have

    as many problems.


    Go seasonal & stop consuming fruit that is shipped tens of thousands of miles.

  6. The only furry things I've seen in my garden are squirrels, the neighbor cat, and once a super-sized Norway rat who lives under the other neighbor's house. We all seem to get along okay--the squirrels eat a few strawberries, the cat chases a few squirrels, and the rat pretty much keeps to the other side of the fence. He might be the reason my smaller bird bath water level goes down a quarter inch each night, though. It's all good.


    What I'd really love to have is a little pond with frogs and toads.



    Baby Herc



    You just made me totally freak out for that frog & hate the zombie humans!

  7. My 3yo Persian Mindy. So adorable.






    OMG!!! Does she let you rub her belly or IS IT A TRAP?

  8. I finally managed to get a pic of Allie being still. So much energy and love in this puppy. To bad her old family didn't do anything good for her. I think she realizes she has found her forever home and is very happy finally


    Pink Harness FTW!!!!!!

  9. http://www.motherearthnews.com/Organic-Gardening/2003-08-01/The-Best-Kales.aspx


    Potassium - 296 mg

    Phosphorus - 36 mg

    Magnesium - 23 mg

    Calcium - 94 mg

    Iron - 1.17 mg

    Sodium - 30 mg

    Zinc - 0.31 mg

    Copper - 0.203 mg

    Manganese - 0.541 mg

    Selenium - 1.2 mcg

    Also contains small amounts of other minerals.

    Vitamin A - 17,707 IU

    Vitamin C - 53.3 mg

    Niacin - 0.65 mg

    Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 0.069 mg

    Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 0.091 mg

    Vitamin B6 - 0.179 mg

    Folate - 17 mcg

    Pantothenic Acid - 0.064 mg

    Vitamin K - 1062 mcg

    Vitamin E - 1.1 mg

    Contains some other vitamins in small amounts.

  10. Preheat grill to 400 degrees

    * Pour EVOO into bottom of grill safe pan

    *Clean Rosemary branches & remove all the bottom leaves but keep the very top

    *Clean Figs gently under running water

    * Very, very gently pierce the fig from top to bottom onto RM branch/Skewers

    * Place skewers into pan coat w/a little more EVOO then place on grill

    * Cook for approx. 15 - 20mins or untill figs about to burst.

    ---- At this point I toss in Pine Nuts (pine nuts will turn golden brown)

    ------I also add a dash of Makers Mark at this point. I don't know what it does to the

    figs but it's like magic!


    Do you deliver?


    Baby Herc


    I did last night to a friend's house. They were gone with in seconds.

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