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  1. I'm new to training and I'm getting into the habit of things with 3 days cardio/3 days strength. I do a varied walk/climb on the treadmill for 30 minutes on the cardio days. Recently, my left foot has been tingling like its almost falling asleep about half-way through the workout. At first I thought it might be my shoes (they are new running shoes), so I loosened the laces a bit and put in arch inserts that were in my old shoes, this didn't seem to help. I don't even know if its the proper insert for me. In fact, now my heal is tender to walk on, because I think I was favoring it and walking on the ball of my foot too much, putting strain on the muscle that runs down the arch. In addition, the top of my left hamstring is acting up (not when I'm exercising), it would tweak, like a crick in your neck would, but in my glute area. Then it would be sore when I would sit, and just ache. It feels good to walk, but my darn foot bugs me. Even as I sit here now, my left foot is slightly tingling because it seems when I sit, there is a lot of pressure on my hamstring, so I've been trying to keep my leg up. My left side is incredibly weak compared to my right and my hip pops a lot, too. Researching the internet has come up with a ton of possibilities - neuroma, tarsal tunnel syndrome, metatarsalgia, and diabetes. I know I don't have diabetes, but I'm lost. If it does continue to affect my workouts I will have to see the doctor, but does anyone have any experience with this? It's such a pain.
  2. Wow! Amazing!! --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=36.280034,-115.129992
  3. Thanks Robert and Karen! Vegas isn't bad for some. And we do have many vegan and vegetarian options compared to other cities. However, there is a lack of fresh, local, and organic food for the obvious reasons. Not a lot grows in the desert! Enjoy your visit, Robert. Hope to see you both around!
  4. Welcome Giray! Wow, I guess I had the preconceived notion that Europe was much more vegetarian/vegan friendly than the US. Glad you put me straight! Even more admirable that you held your ground regardless Hope to hear more from you on the board!
  5. Ah SpaceT - don't you know 40 is the new 20? Besides, I'm sure you'll always look younger than your meat-eating friends..I'm actually looking forward to 40 - just to see people's astounded reaction when I tell them. Lol --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=36.279849,-115.129745
  6. My fav ladies...One day soon I'll look this good!
  7. Welcome! I totally admire climbers. If it weren't for my vertigo, I'd be all over it! Good luck on achieving your goals.
  8. LOL - Sinning in Las Vegas gets old after you've been here for 6 years. Too much of it gets pathetic rather than exciting. But yes, you are correct, if there's a place to sin every so often, its Vegas!
  9. Hi All, I'm Leslie, a 34 year old grad student living in Vegas. I attend UNLV, working on my MA in British History, and I'm aching to get out of this desert nightmare. I moved here about 6 years ago on a whim from SoCal and now the only thing keeping me around is my boyfriend and my plans to complete my masters. I plan to pursue my PhD in the UK and then find a place to settle down with lots of moisture and an ocean nearby I've been a pescetarian for about 3 years now, but hope to move to a full-fledged vegan lifestyle over the course of the year. I'm opposed to animal suffering in all forms, but also see the tremendous benefits to a vegan diet, not just for my body but for the earth as well. Recently, I've decided to get in shape for good. I mean lean and mean! I'm currently looking at different motivation and incentive techniques to get me to this state, but I'm even considering competing in a bikini/figure competition. I like a more feminine look and my style is goth-lite, so I think I'd be a unique addition to these competitions. Think about a combination between the figures of Kate Beckinsale in Underworld and Jennifer Nicole Lee, the fitness/bikini model and you have my ideal! What do ya think?? Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you all and enjoying our mutual support
  10. Hey fatbobcat! Oh Brighton! I'm researching universities in the UK for my PhD. I'm almost done with my Masters here and since I study British history its a no-brainer that I go to Britain to finish! Brighton sounds wonderful. Congrats on the veganniversary!
  11. Happy New Year to you, too! Congrats on what you have accomplished so far. We have so much in common! Ok, so I'm a tad younger , but I, too, have struggled with vegetarianism/veganism for a while now - the senseless killing, the health benefits, etc. I've also played sports and been athletic for most of my life, recently playing the "workout for a while and then stop for a few months" game. And I'm a total sucker for good cheese. I'm working on it. Sigh. I plan on posting my introduction soon, but I wanted to say hi and that I'm glad there are some of us starting in similar places on our journeys. I have big dreams and times a wastin'.... Thanks for posting
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