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  1. Look great dude. Hearing that must have been amazing. As I have no interests in professional bodybuilding or aspirations in competing, this is my ones motivation. When I am at a demo or a protest, for people to see someone in better shape and health than them, sticking up for our furry friends.
  2. Taking progress pics tonight!! Looking at my original pictures in this threadis making me extremely depressed with how thin I was, but so pumped about my gains over the past 5 months.
  3. I was trying to figure out what this gif has to do with the original post, and then noticed you are requesting funnies. I have about 1000 of my favorite gifs saved at home. Will definitely contribute to this thread later.
  4. I love the username haha. As for the issue, having Been vegan for many years and vegetarian many years before that, I have just learned to accept the fact that we are a gassy group!
  5. Sracha , Franks , soy sauce are the only 3 things I put in food. Also, with quinoa, ill cool it, mix with vegenaise, nutritional yeast, celery, green onions, can of chick lease, salt pepper and have the best cold salad EVER... I also top with Franks:.. Just because I put that shit on everything.
  6. Eat more fibre and drink more water. If you are taking in too much fibre and not enough water, this will also cause constipation. I am so confused by the notion that a small dosage of flax oil caused your chest to transform into breasts that I am choosing to not respond to that, but offer a better solution.
  7. Well, I am a man so I don't have the same issue, but I can definitely relate. Literally, NONE of my clothes fit me. Every shirt I own suffocates the hell out of me, which is both a good thing because it means I am growing, and bad because I hate shopping. haha
  8. Welcome!! I have seen Dr.Campbell speak at a couple events in the past, as well as reading The China Study. Very smart man, I am sure the course is awesome.
  9. Welcome, and good luck on your journey!!
  10. A tragedy indeed. Although Canadian, I have been a DIE-HARD Bruins fan since I can remember. I have the ink to prove it! It doesn't matter where something like this happens, it is just as tragic, but I have a special sense of attachment to this city. Thoughts and prayers to those affected.
  11. Very interesting article, but I don't really see the author giving a viable solution?
  12. Huge day for me yesterday on the bench! 2 PLATES!! (225lbs). Seriously, less than 4 months ago, I was struggling to put up a pair of 35lb plates more than 5 time. And now I am pushing 225lbs for 2 reps just for good measure. I have a feeling I could have got another rep or two if I did it earlier in my workout. Will push for 2 plates and a 5 on each side this week. WOO! This was the biggest rush for me at the perfect time this week. Work has been extremely busy/stressful and this made it all better.
  13. Wicked! Love the Bronx. So good! Currently , The Ghost Inside
  14. Love this! posting to be able to find it when I get home.
  15. Welcome to the forums, hopefully we can be of help to you in your transition.
  16. Hahaha welcome Faux. As an animal rights activist, I am a little hesitant in my welcome message to a COP! haha I am only kidding, glad to have ya around these parts!
  17. I have a similar body type to you, and have been able to put on almost 15 lbs over the past few months when only really focusing on what I am eating for the past 2 months. Lift heavy! Lots of sets / lots of exercises. Most of my tips have already been suggested above, but one thing I noticed that really helps with weight gain is oatmeal first thing in the morning. 1 cup of raw oats with agave , fruits, brown sugar, whatever you want.
  18. Also, if you can afford the fifty bucks or whatever it costs, get a pullup bar and just PULL!!
  19. Home workouts can be the same as workouts at the gym, just be creative. Use your body weight as resistance. LOTS of pushups. Decline pushups by having feet on a chair or something, and reverse that by having your hands elevated. Situps, Squats, dips ( with a STRONG chair)
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