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  1. Welcome! Considering your wife is already vegan, it should be a lot easier for you to transition. I look forward to reading about your progress!
  2. So many resurrected threads!! Regardless, Welcome BACK!
  3. I hope so. I'll order for sure if it does. Indeed it does! It's a Global offer Just forward your order receipt to [email protected] and you'll get hooked up! I have tons of Vega products on hand, and even a few surprise gifts too Thanks again and have an awesome weekend! -Robert This rules, thanks Rob! You are a huge inspiration, and have been since I met you at F.S Hoe down 3-4 summers ago and bought your book.
  4. That rules, good luck !!
  5. I suggest you do a little more research on Soy besides the ones put out by the dairy industry. I can share links later, but am on my phone right now and don't have access. As for non-soy proteins, the obvious choice is Vega. If you are looking for cheaper proteins, go to your local health store and look for their "house" brands. They will most likely consist of pea,rice,hemp protein.
  6. Are you seeing strength gains? Muscle gains? Weight gains ? The type of food you are eating looks good, but are you eating enough? Drinking enough water, etc.
  7. I know it has got to be good for the stress levels, but I feel I just do not have the patience. Even when it comes to yoga and the like, I find myself getting bored and just rushing through the motions. I blame it on technology .
  8. Always willing to help a fellow vegan. And from Boston! <---- die hard bruins fan
  9. Welcome dude! My training partner is on the paleo diet and he is ALWAYS complaining about something. You definitely need to love what you do, and everything will be much easier. How long have you been working out? Your shoulders are huge!
  10. On back day, I super set almost each exercise with pullups, and change it with each exercise. Wide Grip over hand - 10-15(reps) x 3-4 (sets) side grip - 10-15 x 3-4 Close grip under hand - 10-15 x 3-4 So I guess in total I do anywhere from 90 - 180 pullups during back day!
  11. I don't know anything about fat burners, but there is limited to no information about RESOLVE. I always use supplementreviews.com and it isn't even listed there.. Do you know who makes it? Also, using the same pre workout year round isn't a good idea. You should cycle on and off of pre workouts as your body builds up tolerance to stimulants, and you will eventually need to take higher and higher doses just to feel a buzz.
  12. shiit you're beast! I love the definition in your tri's in that pic from last year. *ONE DAY I WILL HAVE THOSE!*
  13. Manitoba Protein Powder? I googled it, and it came up with http://www.manitobaharvest.com Is that the same thing? A Canadian vegan protein powder? Do you like it?
  14. Welcome !! Proving the naysayers is one of my main motivations !
  15. Congratulations and good luck!!! I am getting married in just under 4 months! We opted for a much smaller wedding. Our family/friends/coworkers etc would have been almost 250 people and we just don't have the money for that. (We just bought a house 6 months ago) I expect to see lots of pictures of the wedding !! Have fun !!
  16. It looks like you have lots of useful information , so at the risk of not repeating someone.. Welcome !!
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