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  1. I was in the same situation a couple months ago. A couple tips that worked for me: 1) Underhand! Close grip (shoulder width or closer) was MUCH easier for me, and eventually helped with the wide grip overhand 2) Focus on your back as you are pulling. It is so easy to pull up with your arms and exhaust them in a couple reps. Use your mind to control your back muscles! I find leaning back while hanging helps with engaging your back muscle. 3)have your W.O partner standing under you to spot you. Even if you feel like you aren't doing any of the work, have him/her pushing you up while you are squeezing the hell out of your muscles. 4) super set everything, even if it isn't back day. I was so frustrated by my lack of back strength that even if I was doing legs, arms, abs it doesnt matter, jump on the bar and do some pullups. I am a believer that even if you can't get your body up there, squeeze those muscles and give'er, you will be surprised how quickly you can get up there!
  2. My dog ( golden retriever ) was on the Natural Balance Vegetarian for a few years ( from age 2-5 ) . He just turned 6, and I hate to admit that he is back on a meat based diet. I definitely sympathize with the resistance of walking down the dog food aisle. I feel it every time I have to restock. I want to say he was 100% healthy while on the vegan diet, and there were no issues like that to switch me back. MY reasons for switching him back, are a lack of information. Certain people say it is completely healthy, certain people say there are vital vitamins/minerals missing from the vegan formula. My dog has been my best friend, and the closest thing to me since he was a baby and athough it may be selfish, I didn't want to use him as a "ginuea pig". One concern I have heard is bladder infections. It may be a coincidence, but a fellow animal rights activist has been feeding his dog the NB vegan, and she has been battling bladder infections for the past 3 years. TL:DR my dog was on the N.B vegan for years, but I switched him off due to lack of scientific proof that it is healthy. I was scared that I would come home one day and find him dead from something missing from his diet that I wasn't aware of. Selfish decision? yes. Am I open to switch back if I am proven that it is safe for him? yes.
  3. I have a feeling I know why you were previously removed... Do you just enjoy the feeling of your fingers on the keyboard, hence why you just ramble on and on saying offensive, racist words? Or is this some sort of troll post trying to get a rise out of people?
  4. You are a huge inspiration. I am literally reading your full log. Ever since i read your profile on the front page of VBB I've been a huge fan. I look forward to seeing your progress
  5. Thanks! I know it's not much, but it's still and improvement. I think I will benchmark my improvements every 2-3 weeks by testing max at the beginning of the workout to get more accurate results.
  6. Thanks! I know it's not much, but it's still and improvement. I think I will benchmark my improvements every 2-3 weeks by testing max at the beginning of the workout to get more accurate results.
  7. I have been slacking with writing my workouts, because we have been doing a routine from Arnold's book, and it is filled with so many supersets and tri sets to keep on top of it. On a bright side, after doing 4 sets of 8-12 reps on flat bench, I managed to put up 165lb for 2 reps (personal best). And with incline dumbell, after 4 complete sets of 8-12 reps, I hit 60lb dumbells for 4 reps! (another personal best)
  8. That rules man! They played 7 hours from here back a few months, and I had my ticket and everything, but had to bail due to work
  9. When I make my green smoothie I always start off with half of the total water I plan on using, and whatever green I am using(spinach,kale). Once that is blended, I add my fruit and the rest of the water and blend until ready to drink !
  10. Joel took the words right out of my mouth. I love hearing stories of people connecting animals with their food and refusing to eat it anymore. The dairy and egg industries have much worse practices, and a lot more lax regulations when it comes to the treatment of animals. Joel has linked up some good resources. I can 100% say that I will be vegan for the rest of my life, but if I was ever (hypothetically) forced to choose, I would eat meat before eggs or dairy any day.
  11. Congrats man, that's awesome! Everybody goes through rough times, and everyone handles it differently so don't beat yourself up about it. My only reason for being vegan is for the animals, so if I ever feel like maybe it's not worth it, or I'm not actually making a difference, I watch a documentary or read a book on the subject and remind myself why I made this change so long ago. Keep it up!!
  12. Welcome dude! Hardcore/metal kid here too! PropAgandhi and gorilla biscuits were/are huge inspirations for me !
  13. Thank you! I will definitely post about it in my training log! I have already posted today's workout, and will try to update as frequent as possible with as much detail as possible !
  14. Thanks! Simple, yet effective!
  15. Welcome to the forum, it really is refreshing to be surrounded by like minded people! Ps You can manually adjust the pixel size at the bottom of the page that you upload your avatar
  16. Good luck with that! I have been dealing with wrist, shoulder and knee injuries (hockey) for the past few years but nothing to that extent. I look forward to reading your progress!
  17. Just have a good read through my journal on here, there's really no magic bullet so to speak. IMO it's all about consistency, training smart and making sure you have recovered well enough going into each workout. You're just starting out, you should be able to make some great fast gains. After that stage slows down it's then that you need to work out the best approach for yourself so you can continue to develop in the areas you want to such as strength, hypertrophy, fat loss etc etc. Awesome, I definitely will read through it all. Thanks!
  18. Shoulder day! Triset Front Machine Press/ Dumbell Lateral Raises/ Bent-over Lateral Raises Set1 30lbs x 12 15lbs x 12 15lbs x 10 Set2 40lbs x 10 15lbs x 10 15lbs x 10 Set3 45lbs x 8 20lbs x 8 15lbs x 10 Set4 50lbs x 6 20lbs x 6 15lbs x 10 Triset Barbell Press(alternate front+back)/ Cable Side Lateral / Lying Incline Laterals Set1 45lbs x 10 15lbs x 10 15lbs x 10 Set2 45lbs x 10 15lbs x 10 15lbs x 10 Set3 65lbs x 7 15lbs x 10 15lbs x 10 Set4 65lbs x 6 15lbs x 10 15lbs x 10 Triset Standing incline barbell row / Front Barbell Raise / Dumbell Shrugs Set1 50lbs x 12 25lbs x 10 40lbs x 15 Set2 50lbs x 10 25lbs x 10 40lbs x 15 Set3 70lbs x 10 25lbs x 10 55lbs x 10 Set4 70lbs x 8 25lbs x 10 55lbs x 10
  19. I feel like your weight compared to what I see you lifting in your logs/videos isn't normal. Are you some sort of super human? I am more interested in strength/power over actual physical size. Do you have any tips for a brother?
  20. To each is own. Personally, I wouldn't have eaten that pizza even in my omnivore days. Fish=
  21. As a supplement, did you feel you got much benefit from taking it? Do you feel it's worth the money that you spent on it? In other words... if you hadn't read the replies in this thread would you buy it again Personally, I would buy it again for sure. I mean, my opinion is not as valid as many others because I am still technically a beginner but I can feel myself able to push through those last few reps that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do, or add that extra 5-10lbs. It could very well be a placebo effect, or just natural progression in the gym, but I feel much more focused, more powerful, and able to handle longer workouts with it.
  22. I'm not sure where you live, but here in Canada you can get it at any grocery store. Look in the canned food section in the same area as the normal gravy. Seriously though, pour a can of this over the bottom two layers, put the top layer ( potato ) and bake. The gravy is my (not so secret) ingredient that makes it an INSTANT hit with vegans and non vegans alike!
  23. I have been taking NO in the gym, on the basis that "everyone else is doing it". I guess I didn't really look into the dangers. My brain is programmed to research "is it vegan?" and nothing else sometimes haha. I might have to reconsider my preworkout drink after this jug is finished.
  24. I know that Yves veggie ground round isn't always the cheapest, but when it goes on sale it is a GREAT deal. A couple things I make in bulk with this would be Chilli, and Shephard's Pie. For the shephard's pie, you can subsitute white for sweet potato, and add peas with the corn layer, and then pour mushroom gravy over everything before baking. Seriously, a batch of this is good for 5-6 meals, and packed with nutrition/protein.
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