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  1. Wow! Thanks for all the replies to this thread! Great input from all ... and I hear y'all clearly ... I try to stay away from too much tofu, tvp, seitan ... and stick with whole foods (so my protein becomes legumes and more legumes, leafy greens/broccoli, small amounts of nuts)... but, I guess I was just looking for something easy that would inspire me. And you guys did - so thanks again ... I'll be trying the lentil salad soon!
  2. ThanksDV. The ones I'm referring to are like this (but, I want a vegan one, of course): Meal One: 1/2 cup oats 6 egg whites Meal two: Protein Shake Meal three: 4 oz chix breast 1 c. broccoli etc ... etc ...
  3. Where do you buy Gemma? Also ... on that note ... has anyone ever posted a vegan meal plan for women ... 1200 - 1500 cals ... to lean out ... similar to the ominvore plans you see in oxygen mag? Thanks!
  4. AM: Ashtanga Noon: Pole Dance Class ... weird ... but, a lot of fun!! Super sore glutes and hips!!
  5. 02.15 ... off ... just soooo sore ... did about an hour of pleasure walking though! 02.16.08 Gym supersets with Chuck low cable crossovers/decline crunch split lunge/back extenstion lat pulldown/tricep extension seated ham curl/bicep curl variations bosu crunch/rotator cuff variations STRETCH
  6. AM: 30 min walk outside PM: 60 min supersets with Chuck Squat/Bosu V crunch Bent over row/tricep dip with feet on bench Step up/Decline crunch variations Back Extension/rope cable hammer curl Bench press/oblique leg raises on bench STRETCH ...
  7. Thanks again ... This seems to be a really individual thing ... and just what makes you feel best ... so I'll experiment and let y'all know ... I also bought some raw food bars ... thought I might try downing a chunk of one of those ... I just come from that old school of omnivore training ... where it's always got to be some sort of whey this or flesh that to maintain muscle ... which never really worked for me ... It wasn't until I found this site and Trev posted me about just eating as much raw fruit and veggies as possible that the secret was unlocked!!
  8. "REST DAY" AM: one hour walk PM: one hour walk
  9. Thanks for the input ... I was thinking more along the lines of fruit ... so I'll probably start with half a banana ... Just been so long since I've put more than a cup of coffee in my gut before a workout! Thanks again!
  10. Hey there! Any suggestions for a SMALL pre-workout snack before strength training? I am not looking to put on mass ... but to lose body fat and lean out. I work out first thing in the am ... used to do all workouts (strength, cardio, yoga) in a fasted state ... but, I think I need a little something before I strength train now ... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. It's been a while since I've posted ... I went strict vegan/whole foods in July 07 ... best thing I ever did! I then transitioned to a full 6 day a week ashtanga practice in August 07 ... I lost about 15 pounds of muscle and body fat ... only doing yoga... But, in the last few months ... I've noticed my metabolism has really slowed down without the muscle and even though I'm smaller ... I'm not as solid ... I look "softer ..." I also have suffered three major injuries ... sciatica (which is healed thanks to a talented chiropractor), both shoulders impinged (right is still limited with strength and ROM), and I tore my left meniscus (which will be diagnosed with an MRI in the next couple weeks - treatment is ???) So...this morning ... I went to the gym. I plan on going three days a week - T, TH, Sat - full body, light weight, high reps to get back into it and ashtanga M,W, F with Sunday off. I'm also going to reevaluate my nutrition ... I think portions have gotten a bit out of control since the holidays!! 02.09.07 30 min strength circuit (3 sets) Bench (bar only) 20 reps Squat (bar only) 20 reps Lat pull down (40lbs) 20 reps) Seated ham curl (50 lbs) 20 reps Machine shoulder press (10lbs) 20 reps Leg extension (20 lbs) 15 reps Bicep Curl (20 lb ez bar) 20 reps Abs (20 - 30 rep) Tri Push down (25 - 30 lbs) 20 reps Back Ext 15 reps 20 min elliptical Stretch
  12. Hi again! Has anyone new joined who practices ashtanga??
  13. Hi there! Just wondering if there are any active ashtanga yoga practitioners on this board?? Shanti!!
  14. Weight: 120.8 lbs Body Fat: 14.7% Dramatic change from last measurement. Contribute diet and backing off the weights ...
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