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  1. children of the matrix third reich of the rich crimethinc tao of physics society of the spectacle might not be for everyone but made me wake up
  2. Ive been a trainer for years and was a professional athlete for over 10. NASM is good, I got my first cert with ISSA which is good too. But the truth is only people who care about a cert is the gym youll train out of and more importantly the insurance and AED card you hold. I havent recertified in 4 years, as my clients dont care or ask. That said constantly evolving your training, method, and modalities IMO has to come from you not NASM, ACT or ISSA. Also their is a false illusion that get a cert be training clients. I have two friends all fired up got spent their $500+ and cant get any clients who will pay more then $55 in this economy. Its hard work, and inconsistent. With the economy the first thing to go was dispensable income. Also dont work out of a gym is cool if you do small fee group boot camp deals. IMO thats great. That said if you have the skill set and then the clients to yield 85+ an hour then you will need an intimate and good gym. I train out of one facility that is a trainer only gym and my rate their varies from 150-175 [depending on the client] with a 25$ floor fee. Go to a place like Equinox that have a goofy tier system, and you'll yield 20 an hr: caveat being youll only get that when your doing training sessions atleast in the beginning. Im really lucky and have some great successful clients but training is hard career. Example: holidays nearly all my clients left for Aspen, Europe and Saudi Arabia. literally. so no income since December 15th with one back this week. Regardless good luck, thought Id give you the straight scoop atleast from my side
  3. First off anyone who said or told you Krav is a martial art it isnt. Its a fighting defense. I trained it for years and there is no formality in it at all. There's no kata's, form's or any bs like that. Maybe keys to the temples, thumbs in the eyes, and deep heels to the groin... I trained BJJ for a while before and when I told them I was training KM I always got 'that stuff is crazy' I trained out of the National Training center and as for the commando thing never heard of it. Any one persuing fitness and being able to protect themselves is more then reasonable, and good on them. Bastardizing true Krav IMO is cool as long as people arent making it cheesy. Krav is not for the light hearted and I know 100lb women who do it, I hope no guy is dumb enough to step to them
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