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  1. Has anyone tried this yet? Perhaps tried other pea proteins? I'm just looking for some feedback on this stuff, which is priced right. (Speaking of price, Vega is like $5/serving here locally. Ouch!)
  2. Manitoba Farms Hemp Seed Nuts are great! Just found them. I sprinke them on cereal, applesauce, in shakes, or they taste great in a trail mix with cashews and raisins. 2 tbsp. = 11g protein. If you want to get HUGE, you'll need a protein supplement, but as you know, you can find good vegan supps. Just eat a TON. You can get big on a vegan diet, it'll just take more work than a carnivore. And I'm not a big soy fan, so try some things like Seitan, nuts, nut butters, raw pumpkin seeds, etc. Try fitday.com to check out your diet and see where you need to adjust things. But in the end, just EAT, EAT, EAT to get big. P.S. My local food co-op sells hemp butter. Try Whole Foods if there's one near you.
  3. Soy has concerned me for quite some time. I've read some VERY scary stuff about it. Obviously, I've used lots of soy in my diet for years now (been vegetarian for over 10 years) but I've decided to treat it as a "sometimes" food for now until I can find more definitive information. This article was the first to catch my attention: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/author25.htm But a quick Google search for "soy danger" brought up a ton of results. Seitan has become a great new friend of mine.
  4. Anybody use http://www.fitday.com ? I'm curious to see how some of these diets break down in terms of macronuritents and calories (with screenshots).
  5. Ok, I've been tinkering with my post-workout shake. Turns up vegan, so I thought I'd share. I'm posting my methodology. If you see anything that could be improved upon, or any serious flaws in logic, speak up. Always looking to improve on this. Many bodybuilders seem to swear by a whey isolate-water-dextrose mix. But between digestion issues and blood sugar issues, this wasn't an option for me. Reading a bunch of articles, I found the most common goals you want to achieve post workout are: 1) Replenish liver glycogen 2) Replenish muscle glycogen 3) Supress cotisol 4) Prevent the body from converting muscle tissue into energy 5) Give the immune system a quick pick me up So protein is a given. I use Rice Proten as it's really easy to digest. Next is orange juice. Fructose for liver glycogen and vitamin C for the immune system. Then whole oat flour. In this form, blended with OJ, it's quickly digested and helps quickly spike blood glucose levels, replenish muscle glycogen, and supress cortisol. (Oats are generally considered low on the glycemic index (flawed or not), but ground up and blended with OJ, it raises its GI value significantly.) The trick is, getting the right ratio of carbs. Twice as many carbs from the oat flour as you are getting from the juice was recommended to me. OJ: 3.25g carbs/fl.oz. Oat Flour: 6.75g carbs/fl.oz. (So you need twice as many fluid ounces of OJ as you do Oat Flour.) Target total carbs: .5g per pound of body weight Target total protein: .25g per pound of body weight So for me, being a measly 140lbs, that's ~3 heaping tbsp of Nutribiotic's Rice Protein for the protein (12g/tbsp.), 12 oz. of OJ, and 3/4 c. of oat flour. Or, for the correct proportion of the carbs: 3.25(2x) + 6.75(x) = .5(bw) - (bw = bodyweight, x = fl.oz.) And since I take L-Glutamine in pill form (veggie caps), I pop some of those with the shake. But the powdered form can be thrown into the blender as well. Tastes pretty darn good too!
  6. Thanks yinz guys. Feelin' low today as my back hurts and I realize I probably shouldn't lift today. Lesson to the youngin's out there. Maintain your fitness! I'm 32 and while I was thin and active (yoga, tai chi, etc.), my high metabolism let to muscle atrophy and problems with my hip, knee, and back that came with it. Trying to get some muscle back (and then some) to help with these problems, but it's hard to gain muscle when the ones you have are in such disrepair!
  7. gorilla: thanks. You're right. My bad on the typo. cgirl: if only you were as hot in real life as you are in my head.
  8. No. Sounds yummy, but it's really low in protein (surprisingly), and the milk part (soy milk too) is in for added protein. If I was to forgo milk and soy milk in this recipe, I'd probably just add water and up the rice protein. I kinda like this one. (And no, it's not my intentions with you or anything.)
  9. The only reason I put it there was to show what I was actually drinking in the morning. The recipe is perfectly vegan with the substitutes listed for everyone else. I used to actually use soy milk in this shake, until I read some scary stuff about soy and figured I should only make it a "sometimes food". (Hey, if Cookie Monster can obstain...)
  10. Modified: (all organic except for rice protein) 1/2 c. whole oat flour: ~180 calories 2 heaping tbsp. rice protein powder: ~116 calories 2 tbsp. flax seed oil: 240 calories 1 tbsp. maple syrup: 200 calories 8 oz. lactose free, lowfat milk (I know, I know!): 100 calories (soy and rice milk are AOK) -------------------------------------- Total calories: 836 Protein: ~44g
  11. P.S. Mike Mahler, who I see has just introduced himself, has written some fantastic stuff. His articles on bodybuilding.com were great reads for me. Although I'm still not sold on kettlebells. My buddy is tyring to get me on those and said he wants to bring some over for me to try.
  12. Ok, well I signed up this morning, and compassionategirl was quick to notice that I didn't say hi... I've been hanging out at bodybuilding.com for awhile now, but being vegetarian, I didn't *quite* fit in. Although after reading a little more of these forums while waiting for my authetication to get emailed...it doesn't look like I exactly fit in here either. I'm kinda stuck in the middle somewhere. I am *gasp* lacto-ovo vegetarian. Have been for more than a decade. It wasn't brought about for ethical reasons. Just eventually, I lost the mental distinction between "chicken" and "chicken!". (Very abrubtly while eating a drumstick and blood came gushing out!) 32, in Pittsburgh, PA, USA...married, one kid. Started body building this year after some muscle atrophy in my legs caused some hip and knee problems. So I'll probably be lurking here for a bit. Seeing what good tips I can pick up. I'll try to keep my head low as not to get anything started. Just didn't want compassionategirl to think I was being rude.
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