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  1. Long story short, I have lost 50lbs in the past 2 years and started putting on great upper body muscle but can not slim down or tone my legs. I am pear shape with a long torso. I already to a done of squats, lunges and deadlifts. Always do cardio on strength days. An advice would be great!!
  2. Hello!! Long time.. I have had such a hectic few months. Sorry about being MIA. I have kept up with my routine and have seen results. I am still far away from any goal bit I feel great!! I have been doing a lot of interval training and toning using my own body weight. Light weights to put less stress on my body but soon I will up them again. It has been so rainy here is Mass. that everyone is so bummed out!! Hard to stay motivated but I am doing it.
  3. Than you so much for the update. I am doing well. Still working out some issues. Work has really been insane for me. It's like my schedule doubled. I am still finding time to work out and keep to a routine but not so much time to update this journal. Hopefully summer will give me a little more time and energy!! Best wishes!!
  4. It really makes anything better!!
  5. So busy per usual. Been sick so doing alot of strength and weights. Went back to cardio this morning and did a little too much too fast. 20 minutes of intervals and I had to stop. Hope I don't have bronchitis. Full body weights. Trying to ease back in since my tendinitis is back. Also, I have a friend who started "Insanity" the other day. I am nervous she is going to hurt herself since she has joint issues. Any thoughts on that program??
  6. So busy!! Have to get better at keeping up. Horrible cold this week. Cardio and PT Monday and Tuesday, strength training and cardio Thursday and today I told myself if I was 80% I would do my intervals and weights. I am feeling ok but have a long work day ahead and don't want to relapse for the holiday tomorrow but I threw in 100 side crunches, 100 shoulder raises, 100 squats and two 1 minute planks. Maybe a walk later. Oh New England and it's Spring cold/allergy combos..
  7. After a really bad dizzy spell on Friday and an IBS flare up yesterday I woke up this morning with horrible knee pain. Tendinitis flare up!! Went to PT for my hip and they iced my knee. Didn't stop me today!! Did cardio for 45 minutes on the elliptical and my knee feels great and did another 3 miles on top of it.
  8. Did my strength training yesterday and headed to work. So busy I ha no time to eat the food I packed for the day and almost went down at 6pm. I felt so out of it like I was falling and I felt numb all over. Feeling ok today but nervous to work. I am having a hard time fitting in my work outs lately with work but I am getting them in. My boyfriend wouldn't let me go to the gym this morning and I agreed even though I wanted to do some light cardio. Normal day is up at 5:45am, gym until 8am, home eat shower catch a 9:20 train. Walk 2.5 miles to work. Start at 11 out at 7:45pm. Get on the 8:30 train back in town by 9. Home by 9:30pm. Eat, make lunch and dinner for the next day then bed at 10:30pm. Repeat. Tips on how to squeeze in a work out or get it done faster but just as effective??
  9. It has been a while but I am still doing my thing. Super busy. Lots of strength training and intervals. Taking my measurements for the first time ever later. Scary.
  10. Just cardio today. 1:15. Sore throat so nursing that today and tomorrow (rest day) so I can run 6+ Sunday. Put together a leg day routine for myself Sunday as well. Now have to put together the rest!! I need some back and shoulder exercises.
  11. Woke up 15 minutes too late to go to the gym (yes I run my schedule that tight) so I did my workout at home. 2x20 with 20lbs (usually 3x12 with 2 12lbrs and 12-15 kettlebells) chest press, chest flys, bicep curls, shoulder presses, tricep bench press. 2x20 walking lunges, squats with kettle bells. Leg kick backs between sets. Standing side crunches 40 on each side with kettle bells. 40 leg raises laying down for lower abs (over worked ab muscles Tuesday so relaxing those) jumping jacks and burpees in between sets. I want to concentrate on doing certain areas certain days for adequate resting time for my muscles. Having a hard time setting up a routIne for myself. Hoping to stop by the gym tonight for quick cardio.
  12. Rest day. Lots of burpees and walking. Abs are so sore!! Ordered a jump rope and body measuring tape. Can't wait until they get here!!
  13. Will do!! I think I need to start measuring. Going to order a jump rope as well:)
  14. My diet is fine. Vegan 10+ and plant strong. I have done alot of research for what is right for me diet wise for a long time with IBS. It's always been hard for me and I bulk up quick. I understand you can not spot reduce. I also recently lost another 50 lbs and am hoping toning up will help all the jiggles:)
  15. I have always had giant thighs with lots of muscle under alot of fat. I can not get my thighs to slim down no matter what!! So frustrating. The routine my trainer gave me seems to just be adding muscle under my fat that just will not quit. Squats and lunges with weights doesn't seem to be the right thing for me. Any tips?? Exercises?? Cardio?? I run 6 miles outdoors and 3 on the treadmill along with 3 on high elevation on the elliptical. My upper body is great, I just want my lower body to match. P.S.- the guy next to me on the stationary bike keeps burping and I am trying not to laugh..
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