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  1. I get home every night from work at 9:30pm. Quick dinner, make lunch an dinner for the next day an got to bed by 10:30pm. Up at 5:55am to hit the gym for an hour and a half. Get home around 8:15am, shower and catch the 9:20am train into the city. It's all worth it for my job and my health!! Some down time with my awesome cat and with my boyfriend would be fantastic. I am not even as tired as I should be at the end of the day an I have being vegan to thank for that. Today was cardio half hour on treadmill and a half hour on elliptical. Leg machines 50 reps inner and outer thighs hip extensions 25 inner and outer each leg and leg lifts. Ab machine 25 each side and sit ups and crunches when I get home. Worth it for the tempeh buffalo wings and spinach dip being made for the Super Bowl!!

  2. This is the fasted and easiest I have ever seen results. I can finally say that I look an feel great!! I have learned so much from everyone. I also have helped a few friends with finding a diet/exercise plan that works for them. I have seen better results an felt so much better than I ever have!! I get bummed out when I can't get to the gym. Who can really say that?? I thank you all so much and I look forward to learning even more. My 4 pack abs thank you too;)

  3. Still sick but just did 3 hours at the gym!! I thank Vega Pre-Workout Energizer. Holy Crap!! This stuff is amazing and the lemon-lime (as ugly as it is) is amazing tasting. Was bummed I am out of Vega Peotein Chocolate Powder but my other favorite is Rainbow Light Protein Energizer in vanilla or chocolate. I add a teaspoon of cacao powder to make it more chocolate-y. Going to order the Vanilla Chai Vega Protein tomorrow. So, did intervals on the treadmill (30 minutes) and elliptical (45 minutes) and did another 2 miles on the treadmill. Sister showed me some great stretches and my brother-in-law showed me some lower back work outs. Abs and legs today. Low weight and high reps. 2 mile walk. Stretching then done for the day!!

  4. So sore today. Coming down with a cold. Resting up for tomorrow. Going to try the Vega Pre-Workout in the a.m. Just had the Chocolate Whole Health Optimizer. Delicious. Vega really has the chocolate favors down. Now for lots of vitamin c. If still feeling under the weather tomorrow I will skip cardio and do alot of weights.

  5. Tried the Vega Sport this morning and I loved it!! Also sipped on the electrolyte hydrator during cardio and had the chocolate protein for breakfast. Best chocolate protein yet!! 30 minutes doing interval training on the treadmill and 30 on the elliptical. 50 reps Lat pull downs, 25 reps pec machine, 50 reps dip machine and 50 reps mid row. My shoulders are sore!! Merry Hempster hot muscle rub is my pal today. Maybe some free weights if I have the energy tonight. Can't wait to try Vega endurance gel when the weather is nice enough for a long run!!

  6. Danced my arse off and did free weights at home before heading to the gym. Intervals on the treadmill for 3 miles. Same on the elliptical for a half hour. Arms, chest and back. Just went to Whole

    Foods and got all the Vega samples and packets I could get my hands on. My wallet just got annihilated. Should have order the samples online.

  7. Busy body on my day off!! Finally relaxing. Walked 3 miles to and from my doctors office. Went to the gym directly after and did sprints on the treadmill for a half hour. Elliptical for a half hour then legs and abs. Leg press, hip extensions, inner and outer thighs, an machine and crunches. My muscles aren't getting sore like they used to even with upping the weight.

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