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  1. The walk to the gym was so icy!! Got out and walked Home in a blizzard. Did sprints on the treadmill for a half hour. Elliptical for a half hour and quickly did a few sets of dips 15-10-10 at 60lbs. Did lay pulls 15-10-10 at 80lbs. Free weights and dance/cleaning party when I get home.
  2. Day o' rest. I still did some weight training an squats and stretching at home before work. I snowed last night!! So I may take the long walk to work.
  3. I usually take Deva supplements and they do have a vegan Dha omega 3 but I was just wondering if anyone prefers a different brand. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Kettle bell squats, 3 miles, weights when I get home. Maybe more specific updated to come if I find more time!!
  5. So jealous.. I know I have alot to work up to an I can not wait!! If only I had more time. I changed my work schedule starting in March so I will work 4 day weeks every other week so I have an extra day to crank out in the gym and get to running again in spring!! Love having things to look forward to.
  6. I thought it could have been a pro-veg shirt until I looked closer.. Grumble..
  7. Praise The Lard T-shirt at the gym?? What a butthole. I told him off with my dirty looks and plan on wearing my "Club Soda Not Seals" shirt to the gym tomorrow. I hope he is there!! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_oDI5oZ3OJMM/S6fD_D-xeZI/AAAAAAAAIVU/kt-Oi9nhpGc/s400/Praise+the+Lard.jpg
  8. I love the energy it gives me for the rest of the day. It clears my thoughts. Also, looking at old pictures from when I was 250lbs helps!! Seeing people eating McDonald's ony train ride home helps too.. Gross..
  9. Chest, back and arms today. 30 minutes on treadmill and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I will do more weights and squats when I get home from work. This weekend my brother-in-law is going to teach me squats with the barbell and other lifting exercises. So excited. I hate the weight machines..
  10. Got up to get the day going and hit the gym and took a moment and realized I am sick!! Healing today with lots of green smoothies, green tea and soup and a few kettle bell exercises after work if I feel better. Resting up for a power workout tommorrow!!
  11. Legs and abs. Hour of cardio. I had been eyeing the barbell the whole time and when I asked a member of the staff to show me how to hold it an stand correctly he said the bar alone was too heavy for me to try and that I was too new. Now I am too mad and embarrassed to try. I should have popped him one..
  12. Sosso, thank you for the suggestion on the interval training. I hated it when I was doing it but now I can't wait for more tomorrow!!
  13. Interval training on the treadmill today or suggestion from someone on here!! Kind of excited!! Energy protein shake in hand, getting my butt in gear. Have not tried free weights yet or anything so I may bum around the gym longer and snoop.
  14. I recently lost weight and am now 5'10 and 158lbs. I do long distance running outside but at the gym I do the treadmill for a half hour at 5.3-6.0 miles an hour, the elliptical for a half and hour and if I have time I add the bike at resistance 12 for a half hour. I like to do 3 miles on each if possible. I have a pass for a personal trainer at the gym but I don't think they will get what I want to do..
  15. I am looking to slim and tone most areas of my body. Slimming and then filling in with muscle. So far I do about an hour of cardio 3-5 times a week. Running, biking and elliptical. Abs and legs 10-10-15 two days in a row at about 40-70 lbs. Rest day then the cardio and arms, chest and back, same reps, sets and weight two days in a row. Which machines are best for this?? Also, am I doing enough??
  16. Resting days are hard. No motivation and I am eating a cookie!! Bleh..
  17. Today is a resting day. Working on eating healthy stuff for energy for tomorrows workout!!
  18. Can you recommend a preferred brand for the BCCA, L-glutamine and B-12?? Also, I take Deva Glucosamine. Is that recommended?? Thanks in advance!!
  19. After a 9 hour work day I am off to the gym for cardio and arms, chest and back!! Thank goodness I have din din made already!!
  20. Woah cool!! I won!! Awesome!! I am bad with this interweb thing..
  21. Currently I am taking the Garden of Life Raw Protein and the flavor is becoming offputting.. I just like to blend up the powder with ice cubes and water. I have tried a few others with flavors they were not raw. Also, I take liquid magnesium for sore muscles.. Is there another form of magnesium or something else that you prefer??
  22. I plan to go to the gym for 45 minutes of cardio tonight after work. (9pm, my hours are awful). I wish my gym was open until 11. I will do the 2.5 mile walk to work from the train and if it's not raining maybe jog back instead of the train. Weights at home. A 30 hour day and an 8 hour work day would be divine!!
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