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  1. I recently lost weight and am now 5'10 and 158lbs. I do long distance running outside but at the gym I do the treadmill for a half hour at 5.3-6.0 miles an hour, the elliptical for a half and hour and if I have time I add the bike at resistance 12 for a half hour. I like to do 3 miles on each if possible. I have a pass for a personal trainer at the gym but I don't think they will get what I want to do..

  2. I am looking to slim and tone most areas of my body. Slimming and then filling in with muscle. So far I do about an hour of cardio 3-5 times a week. Running, biking and elliptical. Abs and legs 10-10-15 two days in a row at about 40-70 lbs. Rest day then the cardio and arms, chest and back, same reps, sets and weight two days in a row. Which machines are best for this?? Also, am I doing enough??

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