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  1. Dylan, I love running outside and I hate the treadmill compared to it but I really like running in general.. I almost fell off the damn thing the first two times I used it. I go back and forth.. I do a half hour on the treadmill an a half hour on the elliptical, which is a nice change of pace and easier on my knees. I usually run for an hour and 15 minutes outside when I can but I am saving that for better weather. As of today.. I say elliptical, tomorrow treadmill. Sometimes I throw in the stationary bike too which I don't mind so much when the treadmill is not in the books for the day. I hope this helped!!

  2. It has been a little over 10 years now and I would not have it any other way. Growing up with a huge family we ate a lot of vegetables, pastas and not so much meat. At very young ages 2 of my sisters and I stopped eating meat because we just did not prefer it. My sisters are vegetarian but I took the plunge and went vegan at 17 after I cracked an egg and saw something that resembled an eye and blood (I will never forget). My taste buds have changed for the better. I don't use or cook with salt anymore. I lost a lot of uneccesary weigh and joint pain and get to cook everyday!! It has kept me on track more so now than ever in the health department. I have not been this weight since 5th grade and have never been a single number in clothing size as an adult. I have energy, great skin and I feel 1,000x happier and I am so grateful for that.

  3. I have been vegan for 10 years now. Vegetarian for 5 before that. I was very overweight most of my childhood. Going vegan took me from 250 lbs to 200lbs at age 17 very quickly. I was always the girl who made fun of people for working out and dieting until about two years ago I developed irregular heart beats and tendinitis in my knee. I tricked myself into thinking I was healthy because I was vegan. I was a "junkfoodatarian" for so long. I am a hairstylist out of Boston and being out of shape, stress, overeating and being a workaholic were taking over my body at 27!! I decided to cut down on portion sizes (and chinese takeout 4 times a week, my weakness)and to start running. From February last year I have lost over 50 pounds and have no more heart palpitations, tendinitis is gone and I look and feel better than I ever have. I tell people I am back to the weight I was in 5th grade.. They think I am joking. My goal now is to get my body stronger and more fit so I can keep myself healthy. My line if work really takes a toll on the body. I wouldn't mind showing off some muscle either:)

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