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  1. Thanks. It has been harder while traveling. Just little bits of exercise here & there. Haven't weighed or measured myself recently. I have a Ferlinghetti I've put on some traveling food weight. Love my take out burritos. Don't have them in Australia.
  2. Yep. Been & gone. Went up to Seattle after Portland then travelled back to Southern California. Ended up eating at the Loving Hut one night on W Jefferson (I think that's the street). That place was great & I highly recommend it.
  3. Hi everyone On holidays in the USA from Australia & will be in Portland, OR early next week. I understand that the vegan "scene" is fairly big there, so I wondered if anyone could suggest a good place to go eat etc. Looking forward to getting up there. Currently south of San Francisco. thanks in advance Damo
  4. Been a while since I've posted, but I haven't fallen off the wagon...kind-of. At the moment I'm on holidays in the USA & it's been hard to maintain any kind of routine. I have been doing random, short workouts, just to keep my body in tune, but nothing like what it was like back home. Even bought a 15lb dumbbell at walmart just to have something to lift & curl etc. Anyway, enjoying my holiday, just south of San Francisco atm. Heading to Portland this weekend. Can anyone suggest some good vegan restaurants/takeouts/cafes. I understand that there's loads of them. D
  5. Wife said it was time to do an update as it's been 2 months. Definitely feeling fitter, despite having a lull in activity when I got sick. I've kept to a daily exercise schedule, even if it's only a single 7 minute circuit of 12 exercises. I've begun doing 3 circuits of high intensity exercises with "7" which rounds out to around 24 mins of flat out exercise. I've also begun using my total gym again as it's easier to get onto as I can quickly set it up in the lounge room. The weight bench doesn't get visited in the evenings as it's outside. Anyway, while I haven't had big gains yet, I have noticed some improvement in muscle definition, particularly my thighs & calves which I could never seem to build in the past. The belly is being stubborn at going away. My arms, shoulders & chest are firming up, they just need to bulk up. I've actually lost a bit of weight though, & I want to gain it. Down to 132.2lbs. 59.9kgs. With my target being 70-75kgs, that's not cool.
  6. I was just looking back through my journal & noticed a little under a year ago I mentioned a climbing video, but never posted it. So I'm going to try posting it now. This was the first time I had ever tried this climb & my first overhang in years. I didn't quite make it to the end though. I've also got a video my wife took of me bouldering at Palm Beach on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. One question though. I've seen some posts with YouTube videos embedded in them. How do you do that?
  7. Images of my workout records from jan24 & 26
  8. I've been slack again, but only at getting back on here regularly. Proud to say that I have stuck at my whole body "7" workout everyday. I got to a point of doing 2 circuits in a row, which felt great. Got sick last week though, so I've cut back to a single circuit again till I feel better. I've done a few workouts with my weight bench, but not regularly enough. Still have to set up the TotalGym. I mentioned in my re-introduction post that i seem pretty good with leg exercises but never seem to see results. Well, I've started to see a little bit of definition starting in my thighs from my daily "7" workout, so pretty happy with that. I'm trying to develop some more 'bodyweight' reliant exercises so that I can easily do a routine indoors in the evening after work. I did an upper body bodyweight workout on Jan 24, then a lower body bodyweight workout on Jan 26. I'll post some pics from my phone where I have those workouts stored. Anyway, I've made it through a little over a month and have worked out everyday, so I'm feeling good about sticking at it this time. My wife even commented that she was impressed as I usually give up on things like this after about 2 weeks, & she didn't think I would still be going.
  9. VeganBadass_CO Thanks for your reply. I've always had trouble building up my legs, but have always been pretty good at squats, lunges, leg press etc. This time around I'm actually starting to see slight definition starting in my thighs, which I'm liking. My "7" minute workout has been good. Some days I've done a double circuit. Then I got sick, (still am) but I'm happy to say that I've stuck with my "7" daily, just one circuit though.
  10. Thankyou C.O. Good to be back, even if not daily
  11. I got my wife to take some pics of me last night as a starting point. I'm not a big bloke but yep, the padding in the mid-section has to go.
  12. Another workout with the bench & free weights. Need to build up my chin-up numbers.
  13. Some extra or different exercises would be cool. I'm now a bit over 2 weeks back into exercising. It's interesting & slightly depressing to see how much strength I've lost. Can just manage 4 chin-ups when I'm fresh. Used to easily knock out 10. Gonna drag my TotalGym out & have somewhere where I can set it up quickly. In the past that's been my biggest obstacle. If I can't start my training quick then I'll lose interest. I've been doing whole body workouts but I think I'll go back to target areas each day or every 2nd day. Sometimes I feel like the whole body still focuses on one area a bit more than others.
  14. Hi everyone Wanted to reintroduce myself. I've been on here on & off for the last couple of years, & if you've seen my posts in my journal, have fallen off the training wagon a few times. 2014 is my year to get serious. I've been really disheartened with my lack of perseverance in the past, but both my wife & I have made a pact that we will get back in shape this year. We're making a trip to the USA this year to see family which is a bit of a motivator too. Anyway, I've begun exercising regularly and want to get into a routine before I head back to work so that I can maintain it. At 134lbs, I'm not big & definitely not overweight, so my training is about losing the comfort fat around my middle that I've acquired and bulking up with more muscle. Damo
  15. Been off for almost a week. Still training though. Been doing full body workouts every 2nd day in addition to my "7" workout each day. Yesterday though, I forgot my "7", so I did that this morning. Been getting lots of "everyday" workouts with lots of yardwork & renovation projects. Attached is last nights workout.
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