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  1. Eat foods however they are best going to be used for each meal. Some veges are great raw & cooked. It depends on the dish. One you mentioned that you cook, I love eating raw - sweet potatoe. Love it in slices, slivers for dipping or chunks in a salad. But I also love it steamed or boiled & mashed. Just eat healthy! That's my goal for this year.
  2. Thanks Dylan. I just hope I can stick to my fitness goals, because 2012 didn't happen that way. I think I will, as my wife & I have both set ourselves goals & plan to be a support for each other.
  3. G'day again. Been AWOL from here, and from my exercises. The wrist injury still exists to an extent. Fracture healed, but tendon tear still present. Dr now thinks surgery, but waiting to see the hand specialist that dealt with the fracture. Don't know if I want an operation. Did some mild bouldering this past year. Felt good. Worried that my wrist will be worse after surgery. I can live with a niggling injury, after all it has been almost 4 years now. Made an entry in my journal. Weight's the same, but condition is... Well... Took some body measurements to try & ack my progress, because I NEED to get fit again.
  4. Boy, have I been bad! Been really busy with the renovations, exercised sometimes. Can't believe it's almost a year since I've been on here. Anyhow, 2013 is my year to really get fit and back in shape. (Think i say that each year) Decided to take body measurements too so I can actually track my progress. Have thought about where I can set up some of my gym equipment around the house so it's easier to work out. Still using my ezy gym log app, mainly for logging dog walks though. Have added a body measurements workout so I can log this progress. Weight 137lbs (62.14kg) Biceps 31cm both sides (12.2") Forearms 27 & 26cm (right/left) (10.6"/10.2") Neck 38.5cm (15.1") Chest 100cm (39.3") Belly/waist 89cm (35") Hips 90cm (35.4") Thighs 47.5cm both sides (18.7") Calves 33 & 32.5cm (right/left) (12.9"/12.7")
  5. Workouts have been reduced to renovation work. Not structured, but full on. Been eating pretty well. Had a meal of baked beans when really tired one night. Had another set back though when an old back injury threw out when I was working on my kitchen. Massages & heat have been the go, plus rest. Very annoying when you want to get things done!
  6. I... Eat, drink, breathe & live Vegan Do some form of exercise, be it walk, workout of physical, manual labour Keep my mind active also, through reading, learning & sharing knowledge with others
  7. Yeh, it's been good! Only had for a couple of weeks, but I like how customizable it is. Instead of keeping separate logs for total gym, free weights, walks, etc, I can keep it all together under different "workouts". Even made a workout called "weigh in" so I can track my weight Gain or loss. Having it on my iPhone also means I always have it nearby. There is paid version too with no advertising, but I can live with the adds for now.
  8. I'd have to say arms & chest, esp. my biceps. I already know a variety of exercises that i can do that focus on these areas so I know I'm getting some good work done with them and can see the gains. I also like working these areas as it helps to have strong arms in the work I do.
  9. It's about time I made a start on this, & on exercising regularly. I figure if I actually start recording what I'm doing, then I may make a more concerted effort at sticking to it. I recently grabbed a free app for my iPhone called EasyGymLog which lets me record my training exercises with some good detail. In my introduction I mentioned my bouldering, & how I want to get back into it after a bad wrist injury at work 'sidelined' me for the last 2 years. Anyway, I've started training a bit on my home Total Gym and I'm making an effort to eat healthier as well. Today. I've been doing some renovation work in my kitchen, & felt like training after that. Exercises I did on the Total gym were all on level 5 of 7 levels. Arm pullovers - 3 x 20 reps Calf lifts - 2 x 50 Squats - 2 x 50 Seated bench press -2 x 16 Bicep curls - 3 x 20 Seated row - 2 x 30 Wrist curls - 2 x 25 I then did some floor work Sit ups x 30 Leg lifts x 15 Push ups x 20 ( was feeling pretty stuffed by now) Food today Breakfast Coffee Toast with avocado, fried zucchini & mushrooms During day 1 cup roasted almonds to snack throughout the day 1.8 liters of filtered water (not nearly enough) Lunch Peanut butter, marmalade & banana sandwich Dinner after workout Tempeh, lettuce, mushroom, tomato, raw zucchini sandwich with BBQ sauce & American mustard Pea protein shake Now I'm resting
  10. Hi all While I'm interested in starting to eat better this year, I've looked into following a cleansing diet for a bit. My wife wants to know of any vegan detoxing diets to rid out toxins from medications as well as junky foods. We're both vegan, but we both discovered vegan junk foods and want to move back to a healthier way of eating. Thanks in advance Damo
  11. Hey Julian, & every other Aussie on here. It's great to hear everyone's journeys & goals. Look forward to following your progress, & hopefully sharing mine. I want to find a photo of me pre injury & then take a current one to gauge from.
  12. Thanks for the welcomes guys. I wish I had known about this site long ago Robert as my wife & I were in Portland, OR last January & I would have loved to have had more of a look around than we did, especially since hearing of all the vegan places there.
  13. Becoming vegan has changed my outlook on life in many ways. I feel so much more aware of my surroundings & my impact upon them. I take much more notice of how beings are treated, both near me & in articles/posts I read in social media. Obviously my diet changed significantly, & I found myself becoming so much more aware of what was in my food & where it came from. I have found that once it became known at my work that I was a vegan, so many people would want to ask me about it which allowed me to share my beliefs & knowledge without sounding preachy. Many came to respect my position & the many vegetarians at work appreciated having someone that had a stricter diet than them. If Damo could eat something at a work event, then they knew that it was fine for them to eat it too. Because I was rock climbing I found myself really wanting to eat well to maintain my strength and fitness, & proving to many that you don't need meat for protein, strength & muscle production. I found my asthma improve since ridding dairy from my diet and I saw improvement in my skin. I also supervise teachers of food & nutrition and since my change to veganism they have incorporated it into many of their programs which has sparked the interest of many students who then seek more information from either them or me. I really enjoy sharing my beliefs this way, because it is informing them through their interest in knowing more.
  14. Hi all. I grew up as a meat & 3 vege kid. I always thought of myself as an animal lover and environmentally aware person. I was introduced to some videos at the beginning of 2008 by my now wife, one being "meat your meat", & my conscience kicked in. I became a vegetarian then vegan within a few months. Been vegan ever since. I'm in to rock climbing and bouldering and won a few awards in a few amateur comps in 2008. Early 2009 I injured my wrist & consequently 'fell' out of climbing & training while I healed, which has taken 2 years & still isn't 100%. I've also fallen into some bad vegan junk food eating habits over this time (amazing how it's the junk food labels that I find myself investigating more often than not to see if I can eat them). 2012 is my year of getting fit again & eating healthier. I miss my climbing body. I'm not big in any way, just out of condition. I'm 5'7" & only weigh 62kg (roughly 137lbs). I wouldn't mind gaining some weight, as long as it's the right type of weight.
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