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  1. My favorite article is 'What To Eat Before & After Exercise.' I struggle with the right times to eat because I don't workout well with food in my stomach but I feel like if I drink a Vega WFHO shake 2 1/2 hours before I workout, I'm usually good, but starving afterwards. I know WFHO doesn't load up on the carbs so I add a bunch of fruit & veg to my smoothie, but I'm still wondering if it's enough carbs.....hmm. The article is great because it helps me to understand the right time to drink a protein shake. It makes such a huge difference when consumed after a workout with a big salad!
  2. Best vegan meal this year is... Portabello mushroom tacos in corn tortillas! Lots of spices, onions, tomatoes, garlic w/ guacamole. So delicious!!
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