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  1. I've worked out this week but I've been feeling pretty lousy from a head cold/sinus issues. tues- off wed-2.5 mile run and 40 min back/biceps thurs- ab ripper x (16min) 26min trainer ride fri-35 min shoulder/arms sat-off- shopping and lazy saturday with the hubby Nutrition has been getting better. Going to aruba at the end of the month so I've got to get some more lean muscle and lose some fat!
  2. RC- I just wanted to say "THANK YOU"!! I recieved my box of vegan goodies last week after a long day/week of work. It made me cry (in a good way:))... The products will help me con't on my vegan path. I never thought that I would like lifting (coming from a run/swim/biking background) but it really has helped get through a couple hard months of no cardio due to injury. I'm def going to con't lifting and eating a plant based diet. Thanks again for this challenge and for your generosity. <3 Laura
  3. thanks karen! I'm working back to my ol' running shape...
  4. Not feeling so well today... Workout- 35min upper body 20min in sauna Macros: Cals 1574 Fat 42 g Cholesterol 28 mg Sodium 1573 mg Carbs 174 g Fiber 48 g Protein 142 g Sugars 74 g
  5. super busy this week... going to be getting a cutting diet for this coming month set up tomorrow morning! yest-35 min upper body 30min in sauna Today- 3.36mi run @ 8:05pace Macros: Cals 1896 Fat 70 g Cholesterol 14 mg Sodium 2880 mg Carbs 179 g Fiber 40 g Protein 93 g Sugars 86 g
  6. Karen you are awesome! Just got the package last night after getting home from work and it such a wonderful surprise
  7. work wed and thurs.... 12.5hrs is a long day on your feet! Especially lifting and turning patients all day... Oh well still love my job. wed- 20 min intense trainer ride and p 90x abs thurs- off
  8. 2/20 40 min trainer ride before work 2/21 50min upper body 8:17min/mile 5k run- 1st run in 2.5 months Macros- gotta get the fat back down Cals 1755 Fat 73 g Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 1629 mg Carbs 179 g Fiber 40 g Protein 113 g Sugars 61 g
  9. Just really lethargic today... Taking the day off. Cals 1816 Fat 52 g Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 1672 mg Carbs 236 g Fiber 62 g Protein 121 g Sugars 77 g
  10. 2/17 Legs are def feeling sore. 35 min intense trainer ride 16min P90X ab ripper Macros Cals 1756 Fat 60 g Cholesterol 70 mg Sodium 1980 mg Carbs 212 g Fiber 53 g Protein 108 g Sugars 61 g
  11. Legs Supersets: Leg press: 140x20, 160x20, 160x20, 180x20, 180x15, 200x10 Jump squats: 10x4 Leg curl: 30kgx15, 30kg x15, 36kgx15 Plie squats 10x15, 10x15, 10x15 Leg extensions 50x15, 50x15, 45x15, 45x15, 45x12 Dumbbell step ups: 10lb dbx15-3 sets DB deadlift 12x15, 5 sets squats smith bar- 3X8 macros: Cals 1873 Fat 68 g Cholesterol 120 mg Sodium 1690 mg Carbs 218 g Fiber 48 g Protein 114 g Sugars 112 g
  12. great workout before work 1hr trainer ride P90X ab ripper X macros: Cals 1881 Fat 69 g Cholesterol 62 mg Sodium 2770 mg Carbs 221 g Fiber 67 g Protein 124 g Sugars 72 g
  13. 2/14: Slept in so no workout before work ... Also had a couple vday sugary drinks and chocolate Macros: Cals 2290 Fat 41 g Cholesterol 140 mg Sodium 1544 mg Carbs 286 g Fiber 41 g Protein 98 g Sugars 133
  14. 2/12: No lifting in today just cardio. Did an hour spinerval that had a 20-min TT main set. I was sweating, and huffing and pufffing! But felt good to go hard on the bike again. I'll be cleared to run hopefully in a couple weeks. My focus this week is to get back clean eating back this week. School starts again today so I'll be more focused on that plus work so no mindless eating or drinking. So excited for my 90 min deep tissue massage!!! Workout: 1hr trainer ride spinerval Macros Cals 2031 Fat 75 g Cholesterol 158 mg Sodium 1888 mg Carbs 217 g Fiber 55 g Protein 128 g Sugars 61 g
  15. 2/11 Only short workout before work Arms @home, limited on weights DB bench 8lbx16, 15lbx14x2 DB press 8lbx16, 15lbx16x2 pushups 2x12, 1x10 row w/ bands 3x16 DB bicep curls 3x16x8lb 21 min winsor pilates w/ accelerator Macros: w/ two beers Cals 1915 Fat 47 g Cholesterol 21 mg Sodium 1689 mg Carbs 225 g Fiber 40 g Protein 93 g Sugars 92 g
  16. 2/10: Really busy at work and not alot of protein options. I just didn't pack enough! Macros: Cals 1355 Fat 46 g Cholesterol 18 mg Sodium 1335 mg Carbs 176 g Fiber 28 g Protein 71 g Sugars 84 g
  17. First day back at work! Happy but sad as well. Workout: 42min trainer ride 400am 16min Ab ripper X Macros: Cals 1477 Fat 41 g Cholesterol 10 Sodium 1346 mg Carbs 193 g Fiber 42 g Protein 98 g Sugars 82 g
  18. ugg.. Leg day which is not my favorite but got it done. Workout: Legs Supersets: Leg press: 140x20, 140x20, 160x20, 180x20, 180x20, 200x20 Jump squats: 10x4 Leg curl: 30kgx15, 30kg x15, 36kgx15 Plie squats 10x15, 10x15, 10x15 Leg extensions 50x15, 50x15, 45x15, 45x15, 45x12 Dumbbell step ups: 8x15-3 sets DB deadlift 10x15, 5 sets squats 30x8X3 body squats- 2x15 back: lat pull down 50x16, 60x16, 70x16 Macros: Cals 1961 Fat 62 g Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 2100 mg Carbs 250 g Fiber 53 g Protein 121 g Sugars 99 g
  19. Thanks... I know I need to get that protein up! It's so hard for me though. I've been supplementing for about 2 weeks with Bob's Red Mill Hemp and Lifetime's Life Basic Chocolate(which I love!). I also eat Tofu, tofu products, beans, nuts, and nutbutters. I'm finding it hard to keep my fat grams down while getting the protein up. Any suggestions appreciated
  20. 2/7 Workouts: 2300 yd swim- 45 min pilates- 36 min Macros: two beers w/ the hubby=NOT good Cals 2209 Fat 48 g Cholesterol 100 mg Sodium 1670mg Carbs 231 g Fiber 36 g Protein 117 g Sugars
  21. Karen- way to rock that workout w/ RC! Keep up the awesome work
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