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  1. I've been vegan for 6 years now and have been training for about the same length of time. I started off in Tae Kwon Do my freshman year of college, then I got into ju-jitsu. We did striking, takedowns, ground fighting and self-defense. Since graduating I've done some bjj and muay thai, but I've been sidelined a bit lately with a torn labrum in my right hip. I'm going to be starting up again soon though. Sensei David Meyer, a BJJ blackbelt is also vegan. He did a few seminars for us about 3 years ago and after class he gave all the students a mini-lecture on nutrition and advocated a vegan diet. I went up to him after the seminar and told him how cool it was to see tough vegans. It's reassuring and empowering to see strong athletes who don't harp on and on about the necessity of eating meat for building strong bodies, and who instead advocate veganism. When I told him this his response to these guys who hype up meat was, "Bullshit! I'll break their arm." He said it in a joking tone but it was funny because it's true. Here's a website with some info on Sensei Meyer http://www.customflix.com/204643
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