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  1. Hello, I'm already using Soy products since a couple of weeks but I saw there are "yeast extract" in the products, I'm reading many many articles that it's related with E-number 621 and that it's unhealthy, is that true??? :S Hope to read more about this...
  2. Hi BlueStorm, nice to see new faces, nice to meet you
  3. Become a famous football player or a porn star Or be a beggar like me!!! Hahaha, no no I'm kidding
  4. F*cking goddamned money!!!!! No?
  5. Hey guys, I live in Belgium (Europe) and here we have a very good (international) and cheap supermarket which is called Aldi, I don't know if you know that??? They sell some Vegetarian Meat Substitutes (brandname: Soypro). I looked to their international website and I can see they have stores in the next following countries: Australia Austria Belgium Denmark France Germany Great Britain Hungary Ireland Luxembourg Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovenia Spain Switzerland USA Is there anyone who knows or who use these products too??? Because I've a question about it...
  6. Hi Robert, thank you I wish I could find your books with Dutch or Turkish translates but I think they do not exist?
  7. Hey man, I'd like to try SunWarrior natural, what are your experiences with this product?
  8. Hello ladies & gentlemen I'm a young Turkish guy, 23 years old, was born in Belgium and still living here... My stats: 1m81 & 57kg, pretty thin... Recently, I decided to become vegetarian and despite everything I still hope to gain some kilo's in the near future... I'd like to reach 70-75kg I have to say that I had a a severe neck/skull fracture (occipital condylus fracture) and also a cerebral contusion in September 2010 while playing football, but God saved me and I'm still alive! I hadn't a surgical operation but I had to wear a strong neck collar. In the first 6-8 months it was a nightmare for me because had so many stress and muscle pain, but hopefully last months I feel better. I can easily walk and run, the fracture has healed but unfortunately that place is now a sensitive place for ever, so I have to watch out with abnormal movements But, I feel ok, no pannic... That's me in short, later I will post my feeding schedule and training schedule and hope to learn many many new things here on this beautiful forum Stay with love and Ciao! Aziz
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