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  1. You links and points are pretty interesting ... I went Vegan after watching "Forks over Knives" myself last September. I had had up to that point a pretty significant weight loss after making some major changes to my diet [things I wish I would have known to do years ago!] and had hung around at bodybuilding.com for a long while as well. I am vegan in what I eat day to day, but maybe one day a week I might have something with dairy or egg in it during a "cheat" meal and I don't feel bad about. My interest is being vegan is totally health based, not political. When I made the switch to being vegan one thing that tripped me out was how my energy levels shot up - I have felt like I was running on rocket fuel since I made the change. I've got quite a list of health improvements too ... One thing too that I did when I became vegan was giving up an array of expensive supplements that I had been taking for years. I do still use green tea extract [the same thing that is in ALL of the pricey energy supps, by the way], gaga powder at night [great sleep aid and super cheap] and Tribulus - straight, no chasers. I used to be a huge fan of Animal [universal] products, but I unplugged them and I have have lost any gains in the process. I have dropped another 15lbs since I made the switch to vegan - I was floating around 205, but now seem to be maintaining in the low 190s and I am super happy with that. For a guy that is about ready to breech 50, I feel way better now that I did in my 30s - for sure! While I am not one that has the capacity to analyze the differences in data, I am certainly one who believes that the awareness the documentary created of the absolute CRAP that corporate food producers are lining super market shelves with is on point. Thanks for posting what you did bro! Brian
  2. While I don't have your height, I was at a similar weight and age when I started and have since lost 100 lbs bro... It is doable. I have always been a gym rat too. It is when I learned how to eat that the weight just started falling off me - it was coming off at 6-7 lbs a week at times. Learn to eat frequent, whole food meals. Seems counter intuitive, but when you have coffee for "breakfast" and just a couple of other meals over the course of the day, you body does go into starvation mode and will not let any weight go. Plan your meals. If you have a plan, you will succeed, if you don't plan, your doomed. Be relentless [in both the kitchen and the gym]. Welcome! Brian
  3. Fallbrook, are you in the marines? Nope, but I used to work on Camp Pendleton at the Federal Firefighter for a number of years.
  4. Great to see your post! I also am someone that head about the China study as well as a lot of other significant research in the "Forks over Knives" flick. Great to hear about your amazing weight lose. Continue to be relentless!
  5. Welcome Tony! I think you may find that a vegan diet does more than sooth the conscience ... be relentless dude!
  6. If you have got a Fresh and Easy store local to you, you are a blessed vegan. With all the fresh/frozen veggies, raw unsalted nuts/seeds and legumes they have it makes shopping a breeze. If you can shop first thing in the morning, hit their discount rack. The stuff that has passed its expiration date is there, but in most cases, when it comes to melons and some fruit, the stuff is just getting ripe and not a problem. They have a lot of discount programs and coupons too.
  7. Welcome to the forum Kelly. Started a vegan diet myself last Fall and that was my first thought too coming from a bodybuilding background, but it is pretty amazing to discover that there is just as much protein in many veggies, ounce for ounce, as there are in beef and other meats. My protein intake has basically been cut in half since I made the switch, but to my surprise I now have more energy am able to do more in the gym and in cardio workouts than I ever did when I was taking in over 200 grams a day in meat based protein. I am leaner and I have had many people tell me I look more muscular than I ever have. First off, don't get too wrapped up in the whole "protein" intake business. Realize there is a boat load of marketing by supplement companies that want everyone to think they are not getting enough so they can sell you stuff - mostly milk based protein powders. It is really not true. That being said, whole food sources of protein for me: Lentils, beans, quinoa, brown rice, spinich [there is truth to the whole Popeye thing - seriously!] and nuts/seeds [raw - avoid the salt!]. Just noticed Robert's list there too. It is not as hard as it might seem. Hope that helps.
  8. Quick Question, I want to post a pic in my profile, but I do not see a way to upload one. Am I missing something?
  9. Hey! Went vegan about mid September of 2011 after watching "Forks over Knives" and have been floored by the increase in energy I have had since! I have also dropped about 15 lbs and have leveled off weight wise around 192 after figuring out what the diet should look like. Look forward to seeing what goes on around here. I have a copy of Bob's book [he actually signed it too - got it from Amazon]. Happily married with three teenage kids. I'll be breaching 50 this year and feel better now than I did in my mid 30s. Crazy!
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