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  1. On Tuesday I was to busy to get to the gym but managed a 7k run in the afternoon. Wednesday was arms. The gym was so packed in the afternoon because of all the rain we have been having. My workout was horrid. All the free weights were taken and people were circling the machines like hungry hyenas. Almost every dreadmill was taken except for the really old ones that creek and clink when you’re on them. I don’t like running on treadmills but when it is bucketing down rain I would much prefer to run in a gym. Bicep (M) 20kgx10, 25x10,25x10 Tri(M) 20kgx10,25x10,25x10 Incline chest Press (M) 40kgx10,50x10,50x8 Wrist curls 27kgx20,27x12,27x10 Bicep (M) 25kgx10x3sets Incline chest (M) 30kgx12, 40x12, 45x8 Tri (M) 25kgx10x3sets 6km run on the treadmill Thursday (today) 12km on the treadmill. The rain is not slowing down so I’ll take what I can get. It was actually more fun than I thought it would be. Lots of interesting people to look at and the machines have an interactive screen on them where you can change your interactive workout. You can be running around a track, up a mountain or on a trail. I think this is kind of funny, why drive to a gym to run on a treadmill and pretend you’re on a trail? O’well each to their own. One thing I noticed is that I can push myself a bit harder on a tread mill. Because you have exact figures in front of you like speed and distance I find i keep trying to push the pace harder. So every 10mins I will turn the speed up.5k after a while im running much faster than I normally would. As much as I like running on trails i think treadmills might now be an important part of my training. Going to do some free weights at home tonight if I get the time. I don’t want to go back to the gym again. Only because I think I would look funny going to the same gym twice in a 4 hour period. Hope everyone is training well.
  2. On Monday I went to the gym before work. The (M) is when I use a machine and not free weights. After the dead lifts my hamstrings were killing me. I have such weak hamstrings for someone who runs all the time. My chest press was also off a bit. The machine I was using was starting from super low and i was having trouble starting off the lift. AM Back/chest/Abbs One arm dumbbell rows 15kgx10x3set Upright row 22.5kgx10x3sets Dead lifts 20kgx10x1set, 30kgx10x2sets Barbell twists 15kgx20x3sets Chest press (M) 20kgx10x1rep, 37kgx10x1rep, 30x10x1rep Incline Dumbbell press (M) 30kgx10x2sets, 30kgx6x1set Assisted chin ups (M) 40kgx10x3sets Crunches (M) 35kgx12x3sets 8km run in the afternoon
  3. Sprints on Weds? I'm keen! If your back is ok.
  4. So i started the online training journal with good intensions but life got in the way. I have had a super stressful last few weeks and just haven’t had the composure to sit in front of a computer for longer than a few minutes. But to take my mind of things i have been exercising like a maniac. Lots of gym sessions, swimming, running, yoga, boxing and even a spin class! I’m not going to go through my last few weeks of training but I’ll manage my journal better from now on. Exercise wise the last few weeks have been great. I have a lot of free time to get the work done. Friday night I managed to get in a 22km run. My first decent run in months. This will now be my Friday night long run. Hopefully in two weeks I will be comfortable extending this to 32km’s. I am supposed to be training for a marathon and training for a fire brigade physical. I’m finding the challenge of building strength for the fire brigade and endurance for the marathon a challenge. The hardest part is trying to plan how sore my legs will be after a gym session to allow me to run again. Saturday was a 6k recovery run and some yoga/stretching. Today, Sunday was Gym AM: Arms Bar curls 20kg x 10reps x3sets Reverse wrist curls 12.5kgx10rx3s Wrist curls 27.5kgx10rx3s Seated dumbbell triExt 15kgx10rx3s Dumbbell shrugs 20kgx10rx3s (20kg each hand) Barbell arm raises 15kgx10rx3s Hammer curls 12.5kg each hand 10reps each hand then 8reps then 6reps each hand O/H dumbbell press 7.5kgx10rx3s PM: 6k run See you tomorrow!
  5. Great work greenbride! My advice for training is to not take it to serious, set goals and push but always have fun. I rarely run with a watch it helps me just relax and enjoy running. Last night i ran with a watch for the first time in weeks, I only did this so I could work out rough splits for an upcoming race(also in 8 weeks). I had a good run but it was kind of annoying looking at my watch every few minutes. I felt like it was dictating the run a bit. Run in places that you love, for me that’s on trails but if you feel more at home in the gym hit the treadmill. When i started running the first few weeks were hard but then I got into a groove and my runs started to become part of my everyday life. I’m sure you are going to kick butt! Sounds like you're already active so that will help heaps! Take it easy and have lots of fun with your training!
  6. Great work Kore! You are kicken butt!
  7. Hey Dylan Canberra is between Sydney and Melbourne. Its the Capital of Australia but its not like other capital cities. We have no high rise buildings and our traffic never gets to congested! Parliament house would be the only thing worth checking out. Where di you go when you visited?
  8. CCor

    running for love

    Hey john V. Have you ever seen this guy?: scottjurek.com . He is a vegan ultra runner. Very inspirational guy! In the mid 2000s he was un beatable! he won Western states 100mile race 7 years in a row! In 2005 he set the course record at Badwater. A 135mile race through death valley! The guy is a legend!
  9. 16th: So last night after i posted my initial workouts for the year i was excited to do some more strength. I managed: 3x20 push ups, 3x8 wide grip chins,3x15 dips, 3x30calf raises, 3x30 sit ups. Unfortunately this had me beat when i was finished! The good thing is that there is plenty of room for improvement! 17th: 12km run. This was more of a recovery run more than anything. after the weekends hilly 10k my quads are shot from running down hill. Its been a long time since i have ran through mountains and i forgot about taking it easy on the downhills.It was a very hard run for me. Now I'm paying for it! My quads and joints are very tender. Sprints tomorrow morning...
  10. Thanks Robert! Hopefully posting my workouts will push me a little bit more. Thanks, the photo is of my son Noah when he was about two weeks old. He is almost two years old now!
  11. Hi all Most of my exercise is running but after looking at this forum i have been inspired to start doing more strength exercises so we will see how we go. This is what i have done so far this year: 2012 Sun Jan 1: 5km trail run 2nd: 5km trail run 3rd:am swim 500m warm up with finns, 1km freestyle, 500m kicking/ pm 8k run with my dog Thea 4th:Sprints 4x800m, 4x400m,4x100m (5.2km) 5th: Swim 1.5km freestyle 6th:Yoga/stretching 7th:6k run with Thea week1 totals: 29.2km run, 3.5k swim 8th:am 5k run/ pm Sit ups 3x30, pull ups 3x8, push ups 3x20, dumbbell curls 3x15 (12kg) dumbbell lunges 3x15, calf raises 3x20, dips (body weight) 3x15 9th: 10km with Thea 10th: 5km 11th: 8km 12th: 8km 13th:Zip 14th:8km Week2 totals 39km +1strength workout 15th: 10k hill trail run- drove home then 8k with Thea (18km) 16th 6km @lunch As you can see I don't lift much weight but i hope to change that a bit this year. I have a 2 year old, a 6day a week job and I'm studying of a night so almost all my workouts need to be before work. Thankfully my work is very physical so Im not super skinny (78kg,171pounds) definitely not buff though. I look forward to posting more on this site, hopefully an online journal will hold me more accountable. Im happy to receive advice from anyone! All the best
  12. CCor

    running for love

    Great work John V! I discovered running about two years ago. When i found out i was going to be a father i thought i better get fit! Be a good roll model! Now i find the km's (kilometres is an Australian term for .62 of a mile )tick by. Now its like i need to run every day. All the best with your training, the first few steps are always the hardest! Good luck for the future! You'll be kicken butt at 90!!
  13. Woop. This forum is epic! Everyone here is inspirational! I found that i felt cleaner! Less junk in gave me more energy and a clearer head! I also found that in the beginning meat eaters would just think that you would become this pasty weakling.! Lucky it wasn't the case, i am 100% fitter than i ever was on a meat diet!
  14. Woop! Just signed up! Also from Canberra. I'm more of a runner than a body builder though!
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