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  1. I always always have: Bananas Kale Spinach Chickpeas Almonds (for snacks and to make almond milk) Walnuts Apples Oranges Quinoa
  2. Hey! Anyone have a good protein bar recipe? My friend started making hers but they definitely have dairy..and was wondering if anyone has any good recipes?
  3. What do you guys eat that has about 20 gms of protein that i could have in one meal?
  4. Do u mind suggesting foods to add a significant amount of protein in each meal?
  5. Sunwarrior, ive been trying to get to 60 and thats hard! Do you drink shakes multiple times a day? I have one a day most days but i still struggle to get 60 gms.
  6. Im 5"6, 120 lbs. pretty lean, but sti have some body fat that i would like to lose (especially around my hips). I am also lookin to tone my body. Im pretty active i work out about 3 times a week but am starting to up that to 5-6 days a week. I am a vegetarian an have been loggig my foods in an app for a while. I eat pretty healthy, salads, quinoa, eggs, fruits, lentils. But have a sweet daily (sometimes dark chocolate, cookie etc). Ive managed to get about 50 g of protein daily at the most. Ive gained some muscle over the years but id liketo really gain some. Should i increase my protein? I need guidance on how much to eat daily? I think i might be eatin too little protein. Any advice is appreciated!!!
  7. Ooh those look delish. I did recently start making energy balls-its just peanut butter, oatmeal,coconut, cocoa chips or powder and raisins and honey or maple syrup.I mix it up a little. They keep me full and do provide energy. But am lookin to vary it up a bit. Im going to try that combo!
  8. Hey everyone, i was wondering what you guys eat for energy?? Any snack ideas?!
  9. Natigirl


    Hey!!my name is Nati, im 28 years old ive been a vegetarian for about 4 years (not strict) bu am looking to transition to being a vegan. I am highly active, play roller derby, surf, workout and am on a walk to run program since id lov to be able to run soon. Look forward to getting advice from all of u out there, u r all seriously great inspirationn
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