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  1. Hi, I'm Rob. I am 5'3 tall, 30 years old and 117lb/8.6 stone. I have already introduced myself on the Forums but as I am just starting out and getting to know the site I am uploading some before pics here too. This pic, I hate, I don't know what my body is doing, I look bloated and my posture is terrible! I will improve this! I also have a very deep curve in my back, I was told this isn't anything abnormal. Though I feel like it looks abnormal... I will post more in the future, too.
  2. Hi, I'm Rob. I am 30 years old, I live in Dorset, England, I am 5'3 tall and I weigh 117lb. I have recently started a 6 week college course and I get free use of the gym for a month. I have had 2 sessions so far. I want to improve my general health, build up my upper body size, strength and defination. I also want to tone my stomach so I am adding extra cardio exercise to my lifestyle. Aside from this, I am a novice. I have worked out sporadically throughout my adult life but this year and onwards I want to really dedicate myself to an "excercise lifestyle". I don't want to do a little here and there because I know if I want proper results I need to make excercise and weight training a routine - I plan to become a member of the gym once the ourse ends. I will upload a picture of my upper body with details of what I want to improve. I know very little about when I should work out, what I should eat before and after I work out, when the best time to work out is, how much I should be doing, what excercises will be best for my needs etc. So all advice appreciated. Thanks everyone. I want to build up my pecs, arms, shoulders, upper body in general and work on the areas around my stomach. Also, is there a way to not look so "ribby"...?
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