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  1. Yeah it does seems okay, and easy in the sense that you just use the same amount as you would normally use for sugar. Personally I prefer stevia as the one I use is organic ~ I had trouble finding an organic xylitol but I'm sure they're out somewhere ?!
  2. That would be fantastic, make sure you get in touch with me if you do. I'll make sure I take you out to all the great restaurants we have here in little old NZ
  3. Ran a good, strong 10.6km run last night. Made use of it being a little milder outside. New watch is pretty badass, was definitely a good upgrade from the Timex
  4. Great to see you back Ross, congrats on the engagement !! Look forward to following along in here again MF.
  5. RECENT RUNS: WED 8th JULY: 8.1km SUN 12th JULY: 7.1km Yesterday (Sunday) was a great day. Braved the cold and went out and ran in the morning for 35mins, temperature was -3° and extremely icy! Then around lunch time I took the girls and our dog out exploring; we covered another 5km climbing mountain ledges, crossing gorges and generally having fun
  6. Ditto IMO I wouldn't get too hung up on soy, there seems to be some xenoestrogenic activity but from what I have read this seems to be extremely minimal. Certainly appears not enough to have any effect on hormone levels within the body anyhow so if you're eating it in moderation I believe it poses no risk.
  7. Hey James, great to have you on here! Another person from the Southern Hemisphere FWIW I wouldn't get too hung up on soy, there seems to be some xenoestrogenic activity but from what I have read this seems to be extremely minimal. Certainly appears not enough to have any effect on hormone levels within the body anyhow so if you're eating it in moderation I believe it poses no risk. What sort of foods/meals are you currently eating? Look forward to seeing you around the forum soon MF.
  8. Solgar Omnium ~ pretty much the best multi out there in terms of quality, efficacy etc Omega 3 ~ sourced from microalgae oil B12 Magnesium ~ I take this at night Probiotic ~ I also take this at night Protein powder ~ I bounce between yellow pea protein / brown rice & pea
  9. Hey, welcome to the forum !! Are you a guy or girl? I'm assuming you are weight training to some degree? IMHO I would just start by increasing your calories, once your strength and bodyweight start to increase you could possibly look at using a few things then. Right now food is definitely going to give you better results than powders, drinks, tablets etc. Having said that, with regards to protein powder there are a number of companies out there now that are making vegan/non-dairy protein powders that are naturally flavoured and sweetened ~ shouldn't be too hard to find. Good luck!
  10. Post workout I just tend to either eat food of some sort, quite often it's muesli & fruit as it's lighter and easier for me to digest If I want more of a shake I just use a vegetable based protein mixed with rice, almond, oat or coconut milk. Whatever sort I have in my fridge at the time haha
  11. Hi Soffee, welcome to the forum. Great to have you on here, pretty much everything you need is here at your fingertips. I'd highly recommend you think about starting up a training journal especially if you are doing a show this November; you would get plenty of useful feedback and motivation to see you through the coming months. So many food items that are great to eat on a regular basis, some of my favourites would be things like... Lentils Beans Chickpeas Quinoa Rice Sushi Pasta Fruit & veges (I don't restrict these and the more colourful the better) Avocado Nuts/trail mix Tempeh Burrito's, wraps etc Milk variations (rice, oat, soy, coconut etc) Heaps more but there's a few to get the ball rolling
  12. Sounds like it, no wonder you are stuffed haha. No beer tonight? Sounds like you deserved one (or two)
  13. RECENT RUNS: THU 2nd JULY: 12km FRI 3rd JULY: 5km SAT 4th JULY: REST SUN 5th JULY: 8.5km
  14. It all looks quite unbalanced to me ~ protein is way too high considering how few calories you are taking in. 1,700 is definitely getting down on the low side IMHO. But we probably need some more info before we can offer some suggestions... Sex? Age? Height/Bodyweight? Current exercise levels?
  15. Eric reputedly opened up with a 'light' squat of around 930 as he wanted 1,000lb for his second lift (he smashed 1,003lb)
  16. Training days and non-training days are pretty similar for me, they don't really change a lot. I basically just eat when I am hungry, make sure I am getting a wide range of varied foods, lots of colours, plenty of healthy fats/EFA's etc. I've more or less cut out the protein shakes I used to take after I had finished a workout and I haven't noticed any negative effect on recovery (apart from feeling less bloated lol). Something like this would be a pretty standard day for me... FLUID INTAKE 1.5l water BREAKFAST Muesli, 1 x pear, 1 x tbsp pea protein, almond milk LATE MORNING Coffee • Long black 2 x tsp coconut oil LUNCH Large salad w baby spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes, capers, beetroot, carrot & cashew nuts Chickpea curry w quinoa AFTERNOON Juice ~ Carrot, apple, pomegranate, kale, goji and ginger Trail mix 1 x tsp coconut oil DINNER Vegan quaesadilla w salsa & jalapeno's
  17. Time to get serious, slow down the beer consumption and venture into the wild to get some km's into my legs again. Entries have been opened up to past competitors of the St James Ultra with a 10% discount, man I am really eyeing up the 100km race. Think I will enter this week ~ just bought myself a Suunto Ambit3 which I'm hoping will be a motivator to hit the trails. Just have to decide whether I want the blue or the black
  18. There are definitely better ones out there than this if you really wanted to use a BCAA supplement. This particular one uses both artificial colours and sweeteners which isn't a good thing
  19. Funny hearing you say, "down in the 400's in weight now". Big guy for sure !! Who are the guys from here that train with him and what are his goals?
  20. Hi Sasho, welcome to the VBB forum, you're in a great place here. There's a wealth of knowledge here and all you need to reach your goals is literally a mouse click away. Look forward to seeing you around the board posting more MF.
  21. I agree. If you are performing most of the big power lifts (deadlifts, bench and even barbell curls) they are going to be worked pretty hard. You can always include things like bar hangs and Farmers Walks which are fantastic for grip strength and heaps better than hand grippers. I'd just thrown them in your car and use them when you're stuck in traffic !!
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