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  1. Hit up some chest yesterday. Bench135x5 155x5 165x3x10 Incline Bench Barxtrillions 65x20, 95x15, 115x4x10 Shrugs 45x20, 60x20, 70sx3x12 Close Grip bench 95x20, 115x5x10 Triceps were tight about midway through the close grip sets. I'm happy with repping 165 up, and I have a feeling JTS is going to work really well for me. Hitting up some squats today.
  2. Ripped up some shoulders today. MP for fives sets of ten at 100. Then Some tricep pushdowns, Incline bench and Lat pulldowns with the fat bar. Carb back loading has me feeling a lot leaner. I may not look it just yet, but I can tell more of my muscles are activating during my presses.
  3. Second day on juggernaut and I already love the simplicity and volume. Plenty of core work too.
  4. Starting up on Juggernaut training System tomorrow and starting to carb back load to shed some fat. Hoping the new diet and routine will keep me on my toes.
  5. http://muscleandbrawn.com/strong-strength-standards-raw-natural-lifters/ This article is one of the best in relation to general goal setting with realistic outcomes. It comes just in time as one of my local powerlifters who I thought was natural for the longest time has been taking hormones and competing. It really took me for a loop.
  6. Hit 250 on bench today. That felt great. Stalled at about half way up so lock out strength needs some improvement.
  7. Switched back to cube so I can keep up with my schoolwork. Rep day for Deadlifts 365 for 8 off of a 2 inch deficit 4 inch block pulls 405 for 6 Oly squats 225x8, 245 for 2 sets of 8 Blood sugar dipped, doing more accessory work tomorrow
  8. Bench Worked up to 7x5 at 195. Felt good and pretty quick. Last couple of sets weren't as quick. But I wasn't hitting this for that many reps before smolov, so that's awesome to see.
  9. It can definitely help both lifts. I found I was able to incorporate more leg drive into my deadlift and my squats were more stable. You'll adjust to it within a week or two and you'll be good to go. Make sure you're getting a solid warmup and stretch before and after, and foam roll foam roll foam roll.
  10. Squats worked up to 285 6x6. Tight stuff. Felt good
  11. Bench day January 19, 2014 worked up to 185 for 6x6. Hit some other stuff in a circuit: DB shrugs, BB rows, BB curls and some ab work. Weighed in at 179
  12. I had the same issue man. I started training when I was vegan and didn't know what my recovery was before but I knew I was more sore than most people. I'm all about getting in a big meal a few hours before training and then a solid one after. The shake for me can come in whenever and help me out. I've tried a lot of the BCAA's and amino acid powders and didn't notice that much of a difference in my workout or recovery time. The volume definitely helps, I feel a lot better after a day and can go right into my squats or bench and get the time I need in. You'll get the hang of things.
  13. Off for the weekend. Back home for a few days. Mom hooked me up with some vegan protein, best Ma' around.
  14. I've done it before. I ran smolov for the first time and an Ed coan DL program. It was a lot of volume but it got the job done
  15. January 17, 2014 bench 3x10 day Worked up to 205x9x3 and then 215x3. Heaviest triple I've done to date and it felt awesome. Definitely going to have a tight chest tomorrow.
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