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  1. Very helpful! I will try and find some leg exercises that work well for me that don't lead to DOMS and then work those around my long run and my faster run...
  2. been a few months of no posting so I thought I would post an update... Have gotten back into running and am finding it very enjoyable! Training for a trail marathon in august and hopefully a 50k in September. The marathon shouldn't be too difficult as there isn't much elevation gain on the course but the 50k has around 8,000 feet of elevation gain so I need to start running more hills lol. With that in mind my long run today was more or less up and down a mountain with around 4,000 feet of elevation gain and about 15-16 miles. Attached are some pics
  3. Have gotten back into running the last couple of months and as I have done this I have more or less stopped doing leg workouts in the gym as I have been running 4 days a week and going to the gym a couple of times of week doing upper body and core work. My question is should I still be incorporating leg workouts into my routine and if so which ones are most beneficial for running?
  4. sunday: 20 minutes elliptical barbell squats: 45x15 65x15 85x15 95x15 db lunge: 20x12 30x12 35x10 40x8 jump squats: 20,20,20,20 leg extension: 75x15 90x15 105x15 10 minutes elliptical Monday: 15 minutes stair stepper sumo dead lift: 135x10 155x10 205x10 pull ups: 8,7,5 barbell row: underhand: 70x12,12 overhand: 50x20 back bend thang: 15,15 5x5 hammer curls: 40,35,30,25,20 21's 40 ds 20 knee rasies: 35,25 side crunches: 35x15,15 5 minutes stair stepper today: 20 minutes stair stepper knee rasies: 40,25,20,15 side bend thang: 10x20 25x15,12 10 minutes stair stepper hanging leg raises: 10,15,15 decline leg lift: 10,10,10
  5. Thursday: 10 minutes stair stepper barbell military press: 45x12 65x10 75x8 85x6 ds 65x8 ds 45x10 face pulls: 70x15 80x12 ds 60x15 dumbbell shrugs: 110x12 120x12 130x12 3 point push ups: 15,15 lat pull downs: 90x12 105x10 front raises: 10x15 12.5x12 ds 8x15 push ups: 30,20 10 minutes elliptical today: Ate/drank all raw food today and felt super energized mentally and physically, will have to find out some more juice recipes but I have been making celery and carrot juices and I just drank a celery, carrot, broccoli, and apple and it was good! 45 minute trail run(pic attached)
  6. still been working out fairly consistently just been slacking on the posting Saturday: 20 minutes elliptical push ups: 40,10 barbell wide grip(super setted with bench push ups): 45x15(10) 65x15(10) 85x15(10) 95x15(10) close grip: 65x15 85x12 ds 45x20 barbell incline: 65x15 85x10 butterfly machine: 90x15 105x10 skullcrushers(super setted with dips): 35x12(12) 40x12(12) 45x12(12) knee raises: 25,25 ab roller: 15,10 side bend thang: 10x15 25x15 10 minutes stair stepper sunday: 35 minute trail run today: 15 minutes stair stepper wide row(super setted with one arm row): 75x15(50x15) 90x15(50x15) 105x12(50x12) pull ups: 5,5 sumo dead lift(super setted with pull ups): 135x12(5) 155x12(9) 185x10(7) barbell row: overhand 70x12 ds 50x12, underhand same incline curls: 10x15 15x10 hammer curls: 60x10 ds 40x15 21's 40 10 minutes eliptical
  7. Still have been working out,hiking, working in the garden, etc... just have been slacking on the posting. sunday: 10 minutes stair stepper summon deadlift: 135x10 155x10 175x10 205x8 225x5 pull ups: 5,5,5,5 back bend thang: 10,20 barbell row: underhand 60x12 70x10 80x10 ds overhand 50x15 5x5 hammer curls: 40,35,30,25,20 21's: 50 ds 30 10 minutes stair stepper yesterday: 4 mile ish hike(pic attached) today: 15 minutes stair stepper push ups: 35,15 barbell press: 45x15 65x8 75x7 85x6 95x4 85x5 ds 85x8 ds 45x10 lat pull downs: 90x15 105x12 120x10 lat rasies(super setted with front raises): 12x12(12) x2 sets db shrugs: 110x12 120x12 3 point push ups: 20,10 15 minutes stair stepper push ups: 40,10
  8. yesterday: hilly 4 mile hike today: 20 minutes stair stepper pull ups: 8,6,6 barbell row: under hand 50x12 60x12 70x10 80x8,8,8 one arm row: 60x10,10,10 pull ups: 5,5,5 bend thang: 10,10,10 hammer curls: 80x7,5 70x8 60x10 21's(super setted with barbell row): 50(21) 20 minutes stair stepper
  9. 15 minutes elliptical push ups: 35,15 barbell bench wide grip: 45x12 65x12 85x12 95x12 105x10 ds 65x12 db incline: 70x10 80x10 90x10 butterfly machine: 90x12 105x10 ds 75x12 dips: 12,10,8 skull crushers(super setted with dips): 35x12(10) 40x12 45x12 50x10 dips 10 one arm rope pull down(super setted with dips): 30x12(10) 40x10(5) ab crunch machine: 70x15,15 knee raises: 20,15,15 Russian twists(super setted with plank): 6x40(1 min) 6x60(75 seconds) 14 minutes stair stepper push ups: 35,15
  10. yesterday: working in the garden planting more rasberries and clearing more space for other food (pic attached) today: 15 minutes stair stepper leg extension: 90x15 105x15 120x15 135x15 150x12 leg curl: 60x15 70x15 80x15 lunges: 20x10 25x10 30x10 35x10 40x8 leg press: 180x12 270x12 320x12 jump squats: 20,15,20 side bend thang: 10x15 25x15 30x12 knee raises: 30,20,15 ab roller: 20,10\ row machine: 500m 2:00, 1:52 10 minutes stair stepper
  11. 10 minutes stair stepper barbell bench(super setted with bench push ups): 45x15(10) 95x15(10) 115x12(10) 125x8(10) barbell incline: 65x10 85x10 95x8 db butterfly: 15x20,15 dips: 12,12,12 skullcrushers(super setted with dips): 35x15( 40x15( 45x12(10) 20 minutes eliptical
  12. yesterday: 10 minutes stair stepper barbell squats: 45x15 95x15 115x12 135x10 ds 115x10 135x8 leg press(super setted with leg press): 180x12(20x12) (20x12,25x12) 360x12(35x10) pistol squats(super setted with jump squats): 5(15)x2 sets jump squats: 20 10 minutes elliptical today: no gym but I did spend a few hours out in the garden planting some raspberry plants with some friends. still have about 30 more to pant.
  13. Friday: push ups: 35,25,40 yesterday: 8 mile ish hike/snow shoe(pics attached)
  14. 10 minutes stair stepper push ups: 35,15 barbell military press: 45x10 65x10 75x8 85x6 ds 65x8 ds 45x10 face pulls: 60x12 70x12 80x12 db press: 70x12 80x10,12 lat raises: 10x12 12x10,10 3 point push ups: 10, 10,10 db shrugs: 120x12 130x12 140x12 12 minutes stair stepper push ups: 35,15 Picked up a bunch of raspberry and strawberry plants today(pic), had to drive an hour to get them but it was worth it for the plants we got and the ones we will be able to get in the future(i.e. kiwi, figs, grapes) and the people we got them from are going to take us to an abandoned blueberry farm later in the year!
  15. @MF didn't really have a recipe per say for those burgers but I think we mixed somewhat equal parts of each ingredient(some more some less) until the desired consistency was achieved... Hope that helps! 10 minutes stair stepper knee raises: 45,25,30 knee tuck: 15,15 Russian twists: 6x40,50,50,60 ab roller: 20,10 side crunches: 25x15 35x15 45x10 row machine: 500m: 1:55, 1:47 10 minutes stair stepper
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