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  1. By looking at this site, i'm eating way to little protein for my needs and i was thinking that i'm eating to much.
  2. Well, by the numbers it looks ok, if the fat doesn't go down, try to increase protein and lower the carbs, fat should remain the same or slightly higher. Look that the overall cal stay the same or even lower. By the way, I don't see any beans in your program, do you eat them? It is a good source of protein and carb at the same time.
  3. Do you mean something like Tribulus Terrestris? It is not an anabolic hormone so I think there is no need for on's & off's. And with anabolic hormones you have to take a post cycle therapy on "off days" and with tribulus there is no such thing.
  4. They also say that when you want to gain weight. ...and khm khm... you do look sss...good.
  5. It does sounds better to eat whole olives than drinking olive oil.
  6. IGF-1 is one of the most appreciated androgen hormones.
  7. It would be good if they posted what did those guy eat to get such results. You can say that they got to this looks only with exercises just to little kids.
  8. Troy, but I have to give respect to Lean & Green for great progress. I would vote for him if he only had time to prepare and cut up a little bit. There is mass under that skin. And last but not least Octo, great definition, great mass but on the pictures it seems that Troys legs are little bit bigger, and that is only reason I've not voted for him.
  9. ...and some need less, usually natural bodybuilders with slow recovery rate of muscles.
  10. Nice, I like it. something to rock on high volume before some heavy lifts. Fuck yeeeah
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