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  1. Well, by the numbers it looks ok, if the fat doesn't go down, try to increase protein and lower the carbs, fat should remain the same or slightly higher.

    Look that the overall cal stay the same or even lower.

    By the way, I don't see any beans in your program, do you eat them?

    It is a good source of protein and carb at the same time.

  2. The boosters have their pros and cons, as with anything. Part of the problem is that when you start a cycle, you need to take an off cycle to prevent your elevated estrogen levels from taking control...not everyone knows this and they see some rather upsetting results. Once you decide to take this step (on and off cycles), you end up relying on it for your size/strength/conditioning once you start taking it. I personally believe in manipulating your diet and regimen to overcome plateaus.


    Do you mean something like Tribulus Terrestris?

    It is not an anabolic hormone so I think there is no need for on's & off's.

    And with anabolic hormones you have to take a post cycle therapy on "off days" and with tribulus there is no such thing.

  3. This is interesting, because conventional bodybuilders are always trying to spike IGF levels for better growth, perhaps not realizing (or not caring) that it will be detrimental to health in the long term. IGF is a growth factor for prostate cancer, I remember offhand, and I'm sure there are others. To me it is utter stupidity to focus wholly on the body's appearance and not its state of health.


    IGF-1 is one of the most appreciated androgen hormones.

  4. Troy, but I have to give respect to Lean & Green for great progress. I would vote for him if he only had time to prepare and cut up a little bit. There is mass under that skin.

    And last but not least Octo, great definition, great mass but on the pictures it seems that Troys legs are little bit bigger, and that is only reason I've not voted for him.

  5. I know it is not the actual meat that I want it is just the seasoning and flavor of it. No one eats raw meat it is the texture and seasoning that we find appetizing.

    Know when you said it I think I can agree with you. I have never thought about it in that way and now when you said it I think thats the exact point.

    Since going vegetarian I have been couple of times in butcher's shops and their cold storages and believe me annemiekeclark there is nothing tempting/alluring in that smell.

  6. I also some time crave for it but if conditioned myself and it goes away really quickly. I think about the horror of it, the unhealthy side, the expensive side, my word, my pride and there is nothing that would bring me back to it.

  7. Oats with some milk, bread with peanut butter or some other butter, any kind of fruit or vegetable, canned beans, peas and corn, maybe some soy yogurt and if you said that it is not a problem to take a cooler with, you could prepare something at home and put it in plastic/glass containers then in the cooler and then when you get to a room where you stay in a fridge.

  8. Right now, I am consuming about 2.2 g/kg. After skimming this book, I think a reduction is necessary.

    Me also.

    I think opinions in this book are more reliable than bodybuilding magazine or bodybuilders recommendations.

    Also good point in the article is if you consume a big meal probably your body won't digest it so good as when a small meal is eaten.

    Lower protein intake leads to better digestion efficiency.

    Also one good thought in the book is that you don't have to constantly stick to a meal by meal in intervals of 2-3 hours, its good, but if the situation is like that you can go by without meal for 5 hours and it will not lead to protein re-synthesis.

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