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  1. Thanks, this was very helpful and it went to bookmarks.
  2. what is a douchebag? I can't find it in vocabulary/dictionary
  3. I guess military wants "the biggest bang for its bucks" so this books looks for highest performance, the greatest profits for minimal input. I guess it have real, objective and realistic view on protein intake. P.S. It looks like there is whole book online, you just have to click on the image.
  4. Hehehe, no that is not rust, mostly of it is not rust to be precise, it is some paint to keep the rust off. Yeeah it does look really hardcore, especially to comparison with Emmybear's gym. Every time I show it to people it remains me of New York, Al Capone and the gangs.
  5. This is where I train. Flat, incline and dips. http://photos-377.ll.facebook.com/photos-ll-sf2p/v197/85/33/609989377/n609989377_323954_1556.jpg The bathroom. http://photos-377.ll.facebook.com/photos-ll-sf2p/v197/85/33/609989377/n609989377_323957_2327.jpg And the bag, innocent but always gets banged. http://photos-377.ll.facebook.com/photos-ll-sf2p/v197/85/33/609989377/n609989377_323958_2595.jpg Are they ever all filled up?
  6. I haven't see it by now and I know this is old news/post but I have to give recognition to every one who has competed especially to Ryan Andrews, Heather Morgan, Mark Coates, Kurt Sollanek and Matthew Trotter. It is really hard to say who is better in this one.
  7. Really great for a beginner. If I am You I would add some grounded flax seeds for omega 3 intake and decreased omega 6 - the nuts and added some dark leafy vegetables. As you might see it isn't so hard to be vegetarian.
  8. It is possible in my opinion as xjohanx said that you gained mass and reduced fat, and also that that you have more of energy by eating less and the last thing but not the least is that you are using better technique.
  9. Just keep it going, you are doing really really well. Your whole body got bigger but if you wanna BB look you should give a focus on a more leaner body, but you already mention that. So, my last words for now are that you really show that you can build muscle on a vegan/vegetarian diet.
  10. You have to buy this, heh, NOOT :) But thanks on your reply, both. I'm reading something about it and more and more I'm disliking that approach.
  11. You recommended to buy "How Fats Worl", not me.
  12. You have to buy this, heh, NOOT But thanks on your reply, both. I'm reading something about it and more and more I'm disliking that approach.
  13. Pretty good, you have a low body fat for which they say is good for getting more muscle than fat ratio in gaining weight.
  14. What do you think about those meal combinations. The purpose of it is to get insulin under control, as they say if you have all day protein + carbs meals your gonna become insulin insensitive, but if you add 2-3 meals of protein + fat along with 2-3 meals of protein + carbs you're gonna get insulin under control, make your body better insulin sensitive so when you eat a meal that is combined of protein + carbs it will gonna be better absorbed in cells and when you eat protein + fats then it will also give you energy but burn the body's fat. So in the end you are getting bigger muscles with minimal fat gain.
  15. Where do you post your pics? How can we vote? What for are we voting in this week?
  16. That bothered me to. I have also watched one movie from the same author and you think to yourself, like I would never give this video to one meat eater, no way. But thanks God I listened to whole tape because I think he speaks good stuff, and from the story he told I think he really takes a good insight in to the essence of research.
  17. I found my reason why to eat vegetables and that is to alkaline the body.
  18. So you think fibers don't have anything with bloating, gas and diarrhea?
  19. So, I'm having some problems with my stomach. It is always bloated and I always have gasses. Why? I think it is because of too much fiber I consume. From the statistics in Diet Organizer (computer program for organizing diet) it looks like I eat somewhere from 46-110 g of fiber a day, and the recommended doses from US RDA are 20-35. A lot of people are concern about too little fiber in their diet but there are some people with just the opposite. I think I am one of them. Do you have a bloated stomach or diarrhea sometimes, gasses or anything, even constipation? These are some of the symptoms of too much fiber in the diet. I'm always eating some kind of salad or a fruit with my oats in the morning, or beans over the day, and the beans and oats give enough fiber for the recommended dose (20-35), even more. And in that program, The Diet Organizer, you can also see how is your vitamin and mineral status going on the base of food you eat, and for me it is high above the US RDA, except for the B12 and vitamin D. So, I was wondering do I need any of the salad, and if I do, why? What is the purpos?
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