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  1. I get them from people that looks the way i wanna look
  2. Because a great mix of protein, carbs and fat is a great way to gain fat and not muscles. Thats why. You should combine fat+ protein, and carbs+protein meals. Fat in carbs+protein meal should not go over 10g and that goes also for fat+protein, carbs in those meals shouldn't go over 10g. Because if you have large quantity of fats and carbs, your carbs gonna increase insulin in your body and rapidly storage fat in your cells.
  3. Ok @Vegetus25 Try eating how they say, and back me up if you get some quality muscle, not fat but muscle.
  4. I wouldn't put flaxseed oil in that shake. Don't mix carbs and fat.
  5. Ok, let's see some pictures of you guys and your muscle gains on 50-60grams of protein.
  6. I was starting to wonder is there gonna be any progress picture except Robert and some few other members. The physical condition is one big fu... WOOOOW Really great, but really. Ok, there are some areas you might work on a little bit, but for a one-beach-look you look more than amazing. Take care, and progress
  7. How hard do you ride that bike? Before bike ride take bigger amount of carbs.
  8. soy protein whey protein dex gainer multi flaxseed oil olive oil
  9. Sorr for OT, but is this your picture in avatar? Yes.......that's me. could you please write in some new topic what is your meal plan, how long do you exercise, something about yourself if its not a big problem. I think you look pretty good from whom can people take an advice for them if they wanna look that way.
  10. Sorr for OT, but is this your picture in avatar?
  11. I had probably similar if not the same problems as you have, and i noticed tat it was when i ate mostly raw fruti, veggies etc. i guess its not from the protein because i eat nowadays a lot more protein than then and i don't have that big problems with gas. Of course, I still fart from time to time.
  12. oats before bed? banana before bed? From eating oats before bed you will gain fat. From eating a banana before bed you will raise your GI very very quickly and that is not what you need at that moment. I would recommend soy, tofu or seitan with some vegetables before going to sleep.
  13. 50-80 grams of dextrose and 30 grams of soy protein powder.
  14. That's why I consider ZONE a good diet but not an healthy lifestyle ???
  15. Okey, you don't consider it, but people who wrote that book and people who are living by it do, don't you think are?
  16. The zone goal is also to be healthy as i've read it
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