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  1. you're skinny like a real vegan
  2. How do you eat peas and beans, do you even eat them?
  3. Did Jakob got a little bit on his arms?
  4. If you visit any natural grocery or health food store these days, you'll notice there are a lot of soy cheese products available. The implied message from the name of these products is that they are made with soy milk, not dairy products, and are therefore either healthier for you or appropriate for people who wish to avoid cow's milk for health reasons. But what they don't tell you is that virtually every soy cheese product on the market is made with a dairy product. That ingredient is casein, a milk protein. It is, in fact, casein that is associated with most of the health problems and complaints described by people who consume cow's milk and dairy products. Those complaints include chronic sinus congestion, constipation, and even symptoms resembling asthma. That's because casein is a difficult protein for human beings to digest, which is why it is present in smaller quantities in human breast milk. http://www.newstarget.com/003217.html
  5. Sretan i tebi Uskrs i sve najbolje In which town you were at?
  6. That guy is trying to get muscles and you are not probably man, a representative look that he would like to achieve. So your advices are not of a big help i think. Saying that if you swallow an egg white it will come out as it get in is even from my vegan way of looking absurd. Well, in some way they don't give cancer. And in some way red meat is good for you.
  7. They didn't even answer the mail i sent them
  8. Ok, now it is boring to say the same thing like the rest of the people, but you are really huge. You are breaking the myth of a skinny vegan. The shoulders, the abs, the chest and the heands are looking big and pretty cut. Whatever you do, it is doing good. I would also like to encourage you to take some new better pics so Robert can put you on a website.
  9. I send them a message asking if they are shipping in Croatia, hope they are
  10. That is really really cheap, I wish this come in my countra very soon , and that is fair price for soy product i use wider soy80+ and i'm paying for 500g 13euros.
  11. What?? How on earth do you eat 500g of oatflakes, it must takes you an hour to eat that And 150g of soy protein powder??? Wich powder do you use and how much do you pay it? Because thats really a lot, for my stand of view.
  12. Don't know, i guess it have traces of milk. I now looked on my and it says "...soy & soy lechitin"
  13. Those of you who use CEE, do you use it even on a days when you are not training? Or do you use it just on a training day?
  14. Yep, agree, i would also add some little tinny meals in between the breakfast and lunch, and breakfast and dinner so that your metabolism speed up a little bit.
  15. how do you prepare kale? i don't know if you make it ths way bt anyway, usually you throw the first water when you are "softening" kale before you cook them. but you see, i don't know how this goes for steaming, i guess it probably flushshes in the water beneath
  16. 2-3 weeks is a think a little time to see some change
  17. f... yeah this looks mmmmm
  18. really great progress, the diffrence is obvious. hey johnny could i get some of those advices
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