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  1. If you visit any natural grocery or health food store these days, you'll notice there are a lot of soy cheese products available. The implied message from the name of these products is that they are made with soy milk, not dairy products, and are therefore either healthier for you or appropriate for people who wish to avoid cow's milk for health reasons. But what they don't tell you is that virtually every soy cheese product on the market is made with a dairy product. That ingredient is casein, a milk protein.


    It is, in fact, casein that is associated with most of the health problems and complaints described by people who consume cow's milk and dairy products. Those complaints include chronic sinus congestion, constipation, and even symptoms resembling asthma. That's because casein is a difficult protein for human beings to digest, which is why it is present in smaller quantities in human breast milk.


  2. 5-12 egg whites is rediculous and not doing anything for you. Its not so much that its bad for you but you don't absorb any of it. You just don't get egg protein that way. Your body doesn't break it down. Its like swallowing peanuts...they come out the way they go in. Try not chewing your egg whites well and see what happens, not try not chewing a soybean and see what happens...you'll notice the egg whites will still be egg whites. The only real way to absorb egg protein is if its baked into things or if your eat egg protein which is definately not a good idea.

    As for the protein total its way too much!!! Thats not even a question. Your eating more than 4 times the amount(assuming you'd actually absorb those egg whites) that I'm eating and I'm trying to lose muscle...also I'm a lot heavier than you are. If I were as light as you I'd only need 15-20g a day to maintain my muscle mass, which is 1/8 the amount you're eating.


    That guy is trying to get muscles and you are not probably man, a representative look that he would like to achieve. So your advices are not of a big help i think.

    Saying that if you swallow an egg white it will come out as it get in is even from my vegan way of looking absurd.


    If you look you'll also find studies that cigarettes don't give you cancer and that red meat specifically is good for you.

    Well, in some way they don't give cancer. And in some way red meat is good for you.

  3. Hey gorilla!

    Thanx for being interested!

    My typical diet is based on up to 500 g oatflakes a day, 300 g potatos, some fruits, 2 times green salad, 400 g tofu, peanut butter, soy milk, rice cakes and about 150 g of soy protein powder. I usually eat this divided in about 6 - 8 meals. I dont have a special pre workout meal. Directly after the workout i take 100 g of dextrose, creatin and 30 g protein. So, high carb, high protein, moderate amount of fat.



    How on earth do you eat 500g of oatflakes, it must takes you an hour to eat that

    And 150g of soy protein powder??? Wich powder do you use and how much do you pay it? Because thats really a lot, for my stand of view.

  4. how do you prepare kale?


    i don't know if you make it ths way bt anyway, usually you throw the first water when you are "softening" kale before you cook them.

    but you see, i don't know how this goes for steaming, i guess it probably flushshes in the water beneath

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