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  1. isn't Creatine Ethyl Ester a vegan creatine?
  2. were you than on a atkins diet?
  3. have any body heard of that supplement? the benefits of supplementing the arginine are (at least they say they are): -getting taller, -getting more hair, -getting healthier, -more energy, -more stamina, -getting better at fighting with diseases etc. have anybody tried it, any experiences? they say (http://www.super-pill.com) that most of the arginine that you may find its not pure and there for it is less absorbble.
  4. i just saw that you are 186 and 77kg is that true? because from that picture i would say you are much bigger
  5. it all looks great but i'm assuming you want some critics also not just "yo you look great, go ahead,..." you do look great but i know i'm not long in the bb, but your upper chests look like they need more of a attention, don't you think?
  6. i've read that canadian canola is mostly GMO
  7. don't think so. usually i drink them in the morning after the breakfast.
  8. shouldn't you eat more protein on the evening, and not so much carbohydrates
  9. i think that would be the brewer's yeast, it has a bitter teaste and its bown. you can buy it in a powder or tablets. can we use it as a protein supplement?
  10. well as i sad my english is not the best so there are some words that i found in a dictionary that describe what i meant. so did anyone ever use it? i bought it today, it says that it haves all the essential amino acids and lots of vitamins of b complex. on the box it says that it is good for athletes for quick gaining muscle mass.
  11. hey richard didn't have the time to say to you that your pictures rock
  12. cro cop is the man of that night but there is also fedor who is a great fighter and it will be a great match. hope to see mirko on the top.
  13. Veggeep great progress, i see your skinny but than its even more impressive how you got those muscles. Really great work, just keep pumping and doing what you do because your going good
  14. so for all you that didn't saw and wrote this here it is http://www.animalsmatter.org/
  15. does anyone have this book, i would like to read it because it sounds good
  16. its the first time i hear about this problem from a girl, man usually have that problem, i wouldn't know if that has any links with veganism, maybe it is just gens. did you heat about the onion soup? its a weird thing, i personally haven't tried it but people say it works
  17. hey didn't you compete for the sexiest vegetarian?
  18. do you use belt when you're lifting deadlifts, i've heard that they are bad to use becuase then you're abs don't work at that time, is that true?
  19. i think there is some logic in what raw ambition is talking about. but would also like to hear what robert has to say on this.
  20. hi, here is something for all of you to laugh now i know this will sound funny, but it is a big problem to me. i have gases and i mean big time, everyday they hunt me, they don't smell, thanks god but my notice is that use to when i ate meat i didn't had this problems but nowdays, when i'm vegan and eat lots of fruits and vegetables i have gases and intestinal problems, is it maybe because the fruits and vegetables are easy to digest? or is it because of soy?
  21. hello everybody i'm sending you greetings from croatia forum is looking good, hope to see you on it
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