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  1. Carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals don't clog anything. Whats left? Fat. We need fats however not the excessive amounts in meat. The only thing we Vegans need is to make sure to get enough ALA for EPA/DHA and monounsaturated fats for testosterone. Complete protein is a myth. B12, you can read my original 10+ page report once its finished being typed. Anything else? My intestines are in Georgia. What should I eat? ROTFL! HAHAHAHA I do love fantasy-fiction, I would love to read your report.
  2. I think you are confused.... I did not say the gall bladder was clogged by fat from meat. The symptoms you described do show that you have stomach problems. Let's start with vit b-12 and easily biologically-available, complete proteins.
  3. How do these bacteria digest the meat? Ammonia? ... ?? I'm not looking for a temporary fix. Does the ginger tea and beet juice stimulate hydrochloric acid? Ginger tea stimulates stomach acid while the beet juice helps unclog the gall bladder. Meat is broken down in the stomach, by acid, if that is not happening and you have undigested meat in your lower intestines then you have problems. Other things that will help is: Do not eat meat with foods that require other enzymes to digest, this could also leave meat to be not properly digested. High carb (sugar) diets also cause the body to not produce much acid, it will take a while to get that back.
  4. Farting is caused by bacteria in the gut digesting proteins, sugars etc that have not been properly digested. If eating meat causes farting then it is likely you have poor bile production/ low stomach acidity. I recommend drinking ginger tea before eating and having some fresh beet juice every morning.
  5. It is so easy for you to all jump in for an argument when I keep things simple. It is cute.
  6. I think we spoke before. You already know why I am here, the lack of cholesterol and fat in your brain probably makes it difficult for you to withhold information.
  7. That is all I care to read. Someone probably told you veganism is healthier and you just went along and did it like a good sheep.
  8. Are you saying that I won't get constipated if I go on your well considered omnivorous diet? It depends what you eat and what state your intestines are in.
  9. Vegetarian/veganism is not healthier than a well considered omnivorous diet. A majority of the discussion on this site is about how to get the same results as everyone else while on a very restricted diet. I have yet to find a legit argument that the human body is remotely designed for a vegetarian diet, or that eating a well-considered vegan diet is an improvement on anything but the most decadent western diet. If you want to be a bodybuilder on a vegan diet, it can be done, I can help you myself, but you would do a LOT better on a healthy omnivorous diet.
  10. Heavy compound work and a lot of protein for 3 months at least, then start thinking about what needs to "pop out more".
  11. http://stylealex.blogg.se/images/2012/tumblr_lz9nd1e9ko1qduh58o1_500_large_189741632.jpg
  12. Louis Armstrong is actually pretty good workout material.
  13. VeganEssentials gave some very good advice right there : go check the competition as a spectator. To me you look like a very healthy, but quite average man.
  14. You will likely get nowhere if you are constantly undermining any gains because of your fear of gaining fat.
  15. I can't believe I can't find a thread discussing music! What do you listen to before/during/after the gym? A few things from the top of my head that get me really pumped: Aborym Silencer Sunn O))) Equilibrium BLOODBATH Gojira Iron maiden Anyone else? There is nothing more incredible than the feeling you get when the music is exactly fucking right and your body is doing everything you want it to and you come out of the gym feeling like a superhero.
  16. OK I was not completely fair with the previous comment. Even with all the help she is obviously getting, that is all very impressive and she clearly has a lot more dedication than myself.
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