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  1. please cross post to anyone in the toronto area... hello wonderful activists here is some info for an upcoming demo...please email me or nicole (, ) ... if you can help or pass on to people in t.o that you think can help until all are free daria:) hey sweetie - Hide quoted text - Ideally, I think, the people who volunteer for this would go with me from Toronto to Ottawa and back, but we are happy to have people just for Toronto too. The Canadian seal slaughter begins on 3/25. We want to do a Naked Truth demo in Toronto and Ottawa before then. The demo will involve 3 "naked" volunteers standing behind a bloody Canadian flag with "Stop the Seal Slaughter" and " Peta.org" written on it. Other activists will hold demo posters reading "Stop the Seal Slaughter" and will hand out "Blood on the Ice" leaflets. What: Naked Truth Seal Slaughter Demo When: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 starting at 1pm. Where: Intersection of Yonge and Dundas Streets, In front of the Eaton Center in Toronto, ON What: Naked Truth Seal Slaughter Demo When: Thursday, March 22, 2007 starting at 1pm. Where: Outside Parliament at the corner of Wellington Street and Metcalfe Street in Ottawa, ON Can't wait to see you!!! EEeeeeEEE! xoxo
  2. Please cross post to Toronto activists hello wonderful activists there is an important anti-fur demo happening tomorrow it is part of the " Bare Skin, Not Bear Skin" campaign very very crucial campaign against the Ministry of Defense please email me ASAP if you can participate or know any females that can participate it is going to be a lot of fun, informative and helpful if you can give us your time hugs daria:)
  3. Daria, here's a link to the conference http://www.brocku. ca/sociology/ conference/ index.html at Brock. Just use the navigation menu at the top to go to the different info. pages they have up. The program schedule is not up yet but I imagine will be soon. Hope this helps! Best,
  4. hello wonderful veggies please cross post to veg friendly people my vegan best friend is looking for a veg friendly roomate the reason i am posting here is the roomate must be okay with having a vegetarian or vegan (preferrably) house though they do not need to be veg...the house must be here is the link with the info > http://toronto.craigslist.org/roo/263943659.html and if anyone knows any other veggie type groups please email me off list and let me know about them... or feel free to post this email to those sites any help would be much appreciated hugs and vegan love daria:)
  5. hello wonderful veggies i recently received this email from a new "struggling" veggie after we suggested some protein rich foods (tempeh, grains, hemp, beans etc) any help would be much appreciated : " I really appreciate the list below, but there's one crucial problem --> I'm a diabetic. I need to have access to foods which are of a very high percentage of protein (besides hemp to minimise my fat and carb intake. Eating foods such as nuts and beans, which do have a measureable amount of protein in them, but are usually much higher in either fat or carbs, makes it difficult to achieve the delicate balance I need in order to sustain my blood sugar levels. Tofu seems like a great option - I really do like the taste - but I find that most soy products don't make me feel great (a little can make me feel a bit off... a lot can make me feel rather wretched). I've must admit that I have added a bit of meat back into my diet, but I'm mostly just confused right now. My body is giving me lots of signals, but I'm frequently too tired or busy to listen to it or do anything about it. I haven't eaten any meat today, but mostly because I've been supplementing with protein powder, which doesn't make me feel too shit hot either. I have tried reducing my protein intake for a few days, but the results really weren't too great. I feel like I might be able to do it with a little practice, but it is really tough. The first few bits of meat I ate, after not having done so for weeks, made me feel terrific. After that, things went down hill and now I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure I fully trust the idea of not eating meat - I've always done really well on my bloodtype diet, which suggests lots of red meat for me" .
  6. thank you for the positive feedback though criticism is always welcome...there is nothing we need more than food for our soul...to keep us going so thank u for ur appreciation...it means alot d:)
  7. hey everyone just some FYI about a recent podcast that ACO did with Robert it was a great interview and we are so excited about it check it out and let us know your thoughts http://www.allcreaturesoutreach.org/listenup.php feel free to let us know your thoughts about the site itself www.allcreaturesoutreach.com vegan love d:)
  8. Join the global protest against the seal hunt Cruel images and documentation of Canada’s seal hunt have convinced many countries including Italy, Belgium, Mexico, Luxembourg and Croatia to stop their trade in seal skins. Visit http://www.savecanadianseals.org/flashmap.html to find out what countries are still importing Canadian seal skins. Find out how to get involved at a local level to change this trade statistic. As more markets close, the sealers will have less incentive for killing baby seals. Let us know what you are doing to help seals. If you are working to end the cruel trade in seal pelts in your country, we would like to publicize your efforts. Please send an email to [email protected] thank u to all the activists on this list that fight for all sentient beings my support and heart is with you daria:)
  9. robert wrote: Daria joined our conversations last night, so I thought I'd give her some photos to look at ! yes i have to take the blame...after much pleading from me robert (mr. humble as i see him) decided to post some pix for me thank you for going against your comfort zone as i know you are really shy about these things d:)
  10. u guys are all so friendly U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! vegan love and hugs daria:)
  11. yes i was there when he took it fool but i have to admit i never get tired of looking at u robert hehehehe d:)
  12. don't forget gorgeous AND funny vegan vacation? can i get some info? hugs d:)
  13. hi everyone my name is daria and i just wanted to introduce myself and thank u all for being vegan or for being interested in veganism hmmmmm robert what was i supposed to mention...oh yes what i do and what brought me to this site i do alot of AR all over the place...i have recently started a vegan podcast the main purpose being to make the transition to veganism easier for the newbie...and robert was incredible enough to be one of my first interviews...please look for his interview to be posted in a week (www.allcreaturesoutreach.org)...the site is still being worked on so feedback is always welcome... what brought me to this site? i have the utmost respect for health and this site blew me away ...it's the best of it's kind and has helped me sooooooooo much to deal with the athletes in my life....this site absolutely ROCKS but the most important reason i am here is that i am madly and deeply in love with Mr Cheeke...who wouldn't be though? vegan love and hugs daria:)
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