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  1. Bruce, I even have a hard time finding Pliny at the store and I'm not that far down the road from Russian River! I usually have to cruise over to Santa Rosa and pay them a visit for a growler. Sometimes I can find Blind Pig at Whole Foods around here, that's pretty good too. If I find any of their stuff I buy em out. Any of the smoked beers, I can't really drink those too often, like you said they're a slow drinker. Jen
  2. I love Russian River Brewery's stuff in Santa Rosa, CA. Holy f-ing hell, so good! I love their IPA, Pliny the Elder and just tried Pliny the Younger recently. Went to Belgium, France and the Netherlands in September and did the once a year ORVAL monastery brewery tour. That was off the charts, the monastery was so amazing and it was a fun tour. Had to buy some of their glasses with the fish logo. I'm a stout and porter girl generally, so love trying those out at the local brew pubs round here. Kölsch is pretty yummy too, just recently tried that out in Germany. http://russianriverbrewing.com/ http://www.orval.be/en/8/Brewery jen
  3. Such good ideas! I think taking Sunday to plan out the week is a great idea, there's less temptation to go for unhealthy fast stuff. I went down from a size 14 to an 8, so I have to really be on top of the food thing. I love chow, so I think the planning ahead and rationing out snacks/meals is the way to go. Plus if it's already prepared and ready to go there's no excuse to eat bad stuff! Jen
  4. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had good ideas for snacks/lunches for REALLY long days being at work and school? Seems like so much of the food around is crappy stuff like fast food, pastries and pizza type things. Sit down restaurants tend to take a lot of time and can get expensive each week. Wondered if anyone had a good system of making things for the week or what has worked for you? Jen
  5. MJ & Iris, I think it's amazing that people would worry that a child is being "deprived" by not getting junk food! Recently, my work friend's daughter was having a big 16th birthday party. They are non-vegans, but all the kids there were at least 180lbs++. I was so shocked! All the kids were eating literally mounds of cake and soda. It's so different from when we all were kids, I never remember kids being big like that. Probably some have junk food nightly for dinner, it's not a once in a great while thing. A lot of people really do have a limited range of vegetables that they eat. I was at the natural food store with a relative and I said can you grab some leeks and shallots. I was surprised when she asked what leeks were! No wonder people aren't open to being vegan, they don't know how many vegetables are out there. When he was 0-3 or so he'd eat about any fruit or vegetable we put in front of him! He's 4 now and going through a bit of a picky stage but still enjoys a variety of foods. One of his favorites meals that he asks for often is cous cous, black beans and corn. I don't feel too bad about that considering I have coworkers with kids his age that will only eat hotdogs and have adult family members who have never even tried black beans or cous cous! Oddly, some were concerned he didn't get to enjoy the junk food other kids get and that we were depriving him somehow, but then they saw that he still gets to have vegan forms of ice cream, pudding, cake, chips, etc. and felt better. Kids don't come up much on this forum, but there are lots of other good sites, lists and FB groups about pregnancy and raising veg*n kids. If people need suggestions, just PM me.
  6. Sky, I've been planning a road trip to Austin, I hear the vegan restaurants are pretty great. Any recommendations? Jen
  7. Synny, I'm the guilty of the guilty with sweets, I've been weaning myself off the sugar fix for the past year. For me it's the biggest weakness and the hardest habit to break. I'd always associated cupcakes and brownies as a reward. I had to push the "reset" button and now can qualify an orange, dark chocolate or peanut butter as a treat. I always had the idea that I could gorge on cookies and then just work it off, but you get that yucky sugar low (and I couldn't stop eating them until the bag was gone). Jen
  8. I think number 7 is really important, just because it's a vegan cinnamon roll, doesn't mean it's healthier. Jen
  9. Thanks! I'll add some motorcycle porn, here's the Monster 750> Jen
  10. Synny, Totally know what you mean! This forum has been such a good motivator for me! If I felt like I was straying toward too many sweet things or was having a hard time going to my work out, I would read the training logs and get back on track. Just seeing people's progress has kept me on the straight and narrow. I tend to stress eat, so I have to be hyper vigilant with motivational things (especially being in school and job hunting, it's easy to get tempted by junk food!) Jen
  11. That was great! I think I need some of these cooking classes, I'll make sure to be in chain metal and motorcycle gloves.
  12. I like reading your posts, keep it coming! It really helps me to stay on track too. Jen
  13. Hi Iris, Your son is so fortunate to be vegan, that's awesome! (How do you handle the going to friend's houses for dinner, by the way?) I don't have kids, but whenever I do/if I do, they are going to be vegan. I definitely wish that I had kicked dairy as a kid. I was really surprised that along the way, my doctors never suggested dietary changes. I guess there's this believe that medication is always the answer, but for me transitioning to vegan meant being healthy again. I envy those that are vegan from day one! I definitely needed some vegan support and networking! I keep getting a lot of flack from family and friends about trying to convert me to eating seafood. YUCK! Or a little cheese won't hurt you. At least I can say...."No, it'll bring on the asthma, are you trying to kill me?" Guilt is always such a powerful thing. heheh Jen
  14. I’m a long time lurker and figured it was time to get up the courage and introduce myself! Much to the dismay of my family, I became vegetarian as a kid (I’m in my 30s now). It was a constant point of contention and they thought I would become sickly, vitamin deficient or that I was just being difficult and a picky eater. When I first saw a picture of Robert Cheeke, I felt totally vindicated! I tell people- that's what a vegan looks like! Ironically, my dad had to become vegetarian due to health problems. I transitioned to vegan, because I realized that animal products cause health problems and illness. After becoming vegan, I was able to stop using 3 of my asthma medications and don’t have to carry an inhaler. I no longer wheeze, cough or have chest tightness and I can actually run. I love telling people this because it really opens the door to talking about the benefits of the vegan diet. At my last job I created a wellness program and had the whole office doing a mat Pilates class at lunch time. Around me at work, I saw a lot of diabetes, obesity, coworkers taking pill boxes full of medications daily, inability to walk upstairs. I thought to myself, THIS IS NOT NORMAL! People should not be in this condition! I made it my own personal goal to try and create wellness programs wherever I work. I really enjoy daily reading everyone’s training logs and read those at night to get ideas for my food/workouts. I’ve been doing Pilates for quite awhile and love doing weights. I try and do the gym about 6 days. I wish I had more vegan friends, I get so tired of having to have that conversation: “Does it have chicken stock?” Or “Do you know if that has butter in it?” So this forum is such a relief, I don’t have to preface anything with...I don’t eat XY and Z. I love talking about working out, good food and training, so this seems like a great place for it. Jen
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