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  1. hi robert , i'm from italy and i would buy some vega protein products ... could help me about shipping... for example , if i would buy 2 vega sports perfermance protein... how much would cost the shipment of 2 products to italy ?
  2. hi friend, is about a month that I entered in your diary, and I'm surprised by the results! compliments mainly for the fact that you rely on supplements, but only to the hard work and eating clean!
  3. hi i'm luigi and finally i found a place where be free to talk about sport e vaganism i'm 28 and i'm vegan since 5 months and i go to gym 3 times per week. i hope to give answers to all my quesion ! thanks
  4. hi Luca , i'm Luigi and i'm italian too (puglia) ... it's so difficult change your life and fight with anyone to affirm your ideas , but how can we make violence to animals ?
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