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  1. Veganessentials,thank you so so much!!! I will post a new video when i improve my form..
  2. 1)I will try to keep my lower back straight 2)I am not going too deep as i had knee pain a month ago and don't want to strees my knees.. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. I had some knee pain issues after having some heavy squats so i checked things about technique and realized that my knees were passing the toes which is wrong and caused me problems.. After solving this my knee pain gone but now i have some problems with my lower back.. Could you have a look to see if i am doing sth wrong? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51ypQ8LGySQ Its 20x100lbs..I can add much more weight but my pains keep me back..
  4. Don't worry...In life there will always be someone that will be better than you..No matter who you are.. What counts is to enjoy what you are doing..And don't forget that you inspire a lot of people as a vegan bber..
  5. Here is the article.. http://www.mesomorphosis.com/articles/chek/big-bench-bad-shoulders.htm Although the site is not that reliable..
  6. What is your opinion about the rom of bench press? I read somewhere that the bar should not come too close to the chest cause the shoulder joints are being destroyed..
  7. I will post too tomorrow..Although i don't have any triceps..
  8. Check this video.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX8jgCFXYTU&feature=channel You must have a very good,solid technique before you go to heavy weights.. Its very dangerous trainning with bad technique and heavy weights.
  9. Great photos Denise.. You are very lucky to see from close so many guitars..
  10. Very nice photos!! Just be careful not having any trouble with the law with such appearence..
  11. Not that big,i am entering just for the fun of competing..
  12. You don't have to be upset.. You already have a great body and with a raw diet..Many of us will never achieve it no matter the diet.. Beginning with such a body and trainning hard for a year you can make wonders..
  13. Vitamin D is absent from vegan diet and you have to be exposed to sun to take it,otherwise you have to supplement.. Also its a bit difficult to take the calcium needed so you have to be careful with that..
  14. Avocado is the only fruit that has enough fat.. As for seeds every seed has a lot of fat..
  15. I don't agree..There are many reasons that junk food can make you fat with less calories.. 1)Hormones. Meat ,milk and animal products have hormones,from the animal itself and from its diet to grow faster..These hormones makes humans fatter... 2)Fats in junk food are hyrdogonated which makes it harder for the body to turn in to energy so it stores it as fat.. 3)Junk food has too much sugar which makes more insulin to be excreted so again fat is stored in the body.. 4)Meat and junk food can make digestion bad and as a result water and toxins build up in the colon and in many parts of the body and the result is becoming fatter..
  16. I never understood the calorie theory...If someone is not hungry to eat 4000cals why should he eat that much? Why hunger isn't enough to inform us how much food we need? Do you think bears count calories when they want to bulk for the winter? And how almost every non vegan in our society is fat?Fat people i know do not consume so many calories... They usually take maximum 2500..And they only have one main meal... Why do they gain weight?
  17. I read in another forum a theory that eating too many bananas can be dangerous due to its high content of potassium.. Here is what someone said: "It is possible to get too much posassium from bananas, and it could throw off a person's saline (salt) level, since the two work together. If the sodium gets to low and the potassium too high, it throws off the human electrolyte system, and can cause problems from mild gastrointestinal problems to kidney problems, to severe cardiac problems (cardiac arrest-death if) if the NA (sodium) gets too low (below 120 for too long) and the K+ (potassium) gets too high. (above 7-7.5)" All this seems impossible to me because 1)you have to eat 10 bananas to reach the potassium's rda 2)the body will inform you when its enough.. Do you know anything more?
  18. How much weight do you gain in a month with this diet?
  19. How can you eat so many different foods together and digest it properly? I would be severely bloated whith all this...
  20. My cholesterol was 120 last time i checked it.. I have read that in china where diet is mostly plant based the cholesterol average is 127... So no need to worry.
  21. Thats amazing!!If you could make a rocky style dvd with your training showing your improvement i would be the first to buy..
  22. You have the whole world supporting you!!!! GO ON Veg Team!!!
  23. You are all so lovely.. I wish i could be there with you..
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