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  1. Since it is not possible to change username,could i create a new account? I want to be named Hercules and since i am Greek it matches...
  2. It seems that we have a great battle in the top... The score is now Beth - Lena 7-7
  3. I do two to three excercises per muscle group.. For instance for chest i do crossovers,flyes and bench.... For legs i do squats,deadlifts,leg curls and leg extensions.. 4X10 each...
  4. Although i am lifting weights for a year i find it very difficult getting pumped enough...Also the soreness the day after is not intenese enough... I usually lift 4 sets of 10 with the 9th and 10th rep being very difficult...I have tried both fast and slow pace in the movement but there was no real difference.. I can only feel the pump in my biceps and triceps in the hands and that is not very intense.. Do you think i am doing something wrong?
  5. How many meals are needed in order to bulk? I used to have 6 meals almost same calories each..But due to not having so much time to eat i reduced to 5 and increased the calories a little but i think i was gainning more weight with 6 meals... I am thinking going back to 6 or even 7 meals while reducing the calories of each meal.. The problems i have is that while i am at work its not easy to always stop to eat and i also feel embarrassed when other see me eating all the time.. Also i am concerned if its healthy to eat so many times,that digestion will work all day long... What do you think? How many meals do you have? Are all the same calories?
  6. Its amazing that steroids are being sold even in the internet with no problem... http://www.buysteroids.com/
  7. Old woman's story!! The only problem that i can think with eating too much lentils is if you don't digest it well and have much gas... If you don't have any such problem you can eat a ton...
  8. In this page there is a chart with foods ad its containing of moega 3 and 6... Its in the bottom of the page... http://www.abcbodybuilding.com/magazine03/efa.htm
  9. I used to be very anxious like you in the past but after two years of,good vegan diet,exercise and some supplements i an very well now.. I think its mostly a chemical problem... I suggest you take a B Complex supplement,Omegas 3,magnesium, and also some formula for nerves like this... http://www.highernature.co.uk/ShowProductFamily.aspx?ProductFamilyID=451 I took this which helped a lot and now i don't need it anymore.. Also stop drinking coffee,and also refined carbs, sugar etc...
  10. Maybe you should create some sleeveless shirt like this.... It will be great with our logo...
  11. When i do this i get positive for candida...But i have told some friends of me to do it and they where also positive...Could you try it and post the results? http://www.nomorecandida.com/test.htm Its very easy!
  12. lol... serious? I don't know myself but thats what the link i gave says... "Water fasting is an effective preliminary to gaining weight. Water fasting is abstention entirely or in part, and for longer or shorter periods of time, from food and drink or from food alone. No weight is gained while the water fast is in progress. The body must lose weight, when it goes without food. The changes produced by water fasting, effect the body's ability to handle food. Water fasting increases the ability of the cells to take up and appropriate nutrient materials. Water fasting helps you gain more weight on less food. Water fasting improves the appetite and the body's ability and powers to digest, absorb, assimilate and utilize food. Water fasting gives the body a physiological rest and helps it to recoup its vitality and nervous energy. Water fasting helps to purify the tissues and clear them of their metabolic wastes. Water fasting will enable the body to utilize the nutrients provided, in order to build up compact and more healthy tissues. When eating is resumed, new tissue is rapidly built up. Water fasting restores not only the weight that was lost, but goes beyond that point, if the food intake is unrestricted, after water fasting. The rate of metabolism is materially increased by a water fast. This means that the cells are more active and oxidize more food. Enough additional food is eaten, not only to support the increased metabolism, but causes the persons who water fast, to attain a greater weight than they had carried before water fasting. This effect lasts for a long time after the water fast. This is the effect partly of the recuperation of the digestive organs through physiological rest and partly of the demand of the body for more food."
  13. Did you eat anything all these days being ill?If not,it is said that fasting helps underweight people gain weight.. http://www.healself.org/Weight%20Gain.html
  14. Do you think this is possible? If someone trains for years without taking more calories than he needs,and therefore without gainning any weight,would he be able to become stronger and stronger? And how strong could someone become if he weighs for instance 140pounds? Will he reach a threshold that could not become any stronger?
  15. HAHA!! Your bird would love,my bike!
  16. Just found this in a site... "It has been estimated that the maintenance energy required by a 120-pound doe in winter is about 3,192 Kcal/day of digestible energy. Standing increases the energy costs over lying down by about 9 percent." That's amazing that these animals can get so many calories by such a clean diet...
  17. I was wondering how many calories vegeterian animals consume.. There are some big animals like elephant and deer,or horse that are vegeterian..How these animals find in nature so many calories to eat? As i know deer just eats grass...How does it maintain its muscle by just eating grass? Why can't we do that?
  18. Yes something is going wrong with the pics!!!
  19. I don't know the climate you have but last summer was very tough here.. We had temperatures up to 115f degrees...Also there were many fires in the forests and there was smoke in the air making things even worse.... But if you ever come here you are welcome...We are gonna have a vegan meal and even a ride(i am gonna come with a motorbike to catch you )...
  20. I have to put cycling in my schedule some time.. But i think i will do that from September... After May in Greece it is too hot to cycle..
  21. I train at 10 am... I chose that time in order to be as strong as possible.. If i wait to train in afternoon i may get tired during the day and even not train..
  22. Here is my baby... Its an Orbea Replica 2 model '05... Unfortunately i haven't used it much since i bought it however i love it... http://www.imageshack.gr/files/hftcbc57zf9xjv8o5sce.jpg
  23. Awesome dude, those are some High Definition biceps Thanks mate! You are all great...Lets spread the Vegan message!!!
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