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  1. ever since I started cycling I rarely had leg cramps and knee pains also. So I guess it worked wonders for me. Plus my legs are more stronger now and more firm including my calf muscles.
  2. in this case it all boils down to patience and determination. And also you have to consider that not all people have the same body reaction. People get fat easily while others tend to get there muscles working right away. All in all work and effort plays a role if you want those muscles to be the thing you wanted.
  3. some people are lucky to have white stretch marks that also blends perfectly to there natural skin tone and color. Which leaves a bit invisible especially if it's not to near to stare at it.
  4. oops sorry hehe I think I skipped that part. Yea you are right that size is a big part in the competition. If you can boost and form those hard to work out areas then for sure you have a chance on those judges.
  5. aw Was the reason for dislocating your shoulders caused by accident?
  6. in order to determine how big you wanna be often settles down to the kind of height you have. You have to consider also your height on this aspect.
  7. certainly true especially if you want quick or instant supplement you would settle for powder.
  8. I mix yoga with some of my exercises like stretching and jogging. Yoga helps me release those stress at the same time strengthens my inner core. And also gives me peace of mind if I do yoga and meditation.
  9. I love football and I wish I could watch the superbowl live! Just like FIFA in aftrica since it's a different feeling rather watching it on TV.
  10. only 5'5'! some ladies tend to look long/tall because of there long legs. If there legs are properly toned and has perfect or balance pose were in the calf has also appropriate size. This can make a girl look tall especially on photos and pictures. And could be one of the killer assets of the ladies also.
  11. hi all, I am new here and I am harold. I decided to register since I want to learn at the same time extend some of my ideas in order to help others on there inquiry. Looking forward to see you all in the forums.
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