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  1. Hey, Whats up?! I would justy like to say its great to finally find a place where a collective group of people from around the U.S. and the rest of the world who are like me with a common goal; bein fit and vegan. I'm stoked to be here and talking about this. I'm not very good at introductions so i tend to keep things simple. If you want to know more about me just ask the question. I'mm an open and easy gonig person when my buttons aren't pushed too hard. But for now, heres a few things i like to describe myself with. I'm a Vegan (duh). Period. I'm not gonna lie, but i have had my ins and outs with it. for a long time i didn't know how to be a vegan. kinda got frail because i had a bad diet. But i cleared that slate and restarted. Now i have it down pretty good and i don't want to go back. I have never felt better in my life. Currently i am 23 years old, 6 foot, weigh 180lbs and getting leaner every day. I love to skate, surf, wakeboard, lift weights, hike, ride bikes, motorcycles, go four wheelin, and run. I really don't like to stop moving. I also like music a lot (gets me going when i work out), especially punk rock and hardcore. So thats all i can think of to say right now. I would say more but i don't know where to begin. All i know is i'm gonna start posting my workout journal soon. probably tomorrow. So yeah... If you have anything to ask me, go for it. Peace in the middle east.
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