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  1. Here comes what I eat on a typical workout day: http://images.plurk.com/a0287f897e71881cdd30ac9619620422.jpg (carbs: 407g, fat: 76g, prot: 269g, calories: 3282) And here is my activity: http://images.plurk.com/8fbde8bc7a9f2252cc2b45f9b2be7fb7.jpg (spent calories: 3227) Any suggestion is really welcome!
  2. Hey, folks. I managed to lose 13 lbs (of fat) in the last two months. Now I think it is time to add some muscle, even though I still would like to lose 3 or 4 lbs more. I recently changed my wourkout routine in order to allow some hypertrophy, but I am still trying to adjust my calorie intake. I've read a lot about this, but I find it extremely disturbing that each source comes with a different theory. The problem is: as I still want to lose 3 or 4 lbs of fat, I kept running three times a week (in the morning). I go weight lifting three times a week too (in the same days I go running, but in the evening). In general, I spend 3500 calories in the days when I go running + weight lifting. In the remaining days, I spend 2600 calories. It is easier to reach the minimum calorie intake on rest days, but almost impossible to do so in the days I go running + weight lifting. Besides, I still don't know if I should maintain a calorie deficit (in order to lose the remaining body fat), or if I should eat exactly what I spend, or if I should start having a calorie surplus (in order to build muscle). It doesn't make sense going running three times a week if I have to eat like tons of food to reach my minimum calorie intake (to build muscle). Should I stop running? Any advice from you is welcome! Best regards.
  3. Do you mean banging your knees with the bar? If so, I think you could drop the weight a little slower always keeping the bar in contact with your legs (upper legs, then knees, then lower legs). This way you could get around your knees (you would be touching them with the bar instead of banging them).
  4. Hey! I'm trying to lose 4 kg, but I don't want to lose muscle, just fat. My last meal is at 9 PM, but I usually go to bed by midnight. Sometimes I am really hungry before sleeping and I think it may not be good. On the other hand, I also think it may not be good to eat something before sleeping. What do you think, folks?
  5. I have been using fatsecret.com to count the calories I eat and the calories I spend. At the end of the day, you can check there the deficit (input kcal minus output kcal). For example, it says I ate 2372 kcal and spent 3003 kcal today. The deficit is 631 kcal in this case. As one pound corresponds to 3500 calories, I would theoretically need between 5 and 6 days to lose one pound if I maintained this deficit rate.
  6. Hey! What about that high protein pea soup? Would you please share the recipe?
  7. Thanks, Fallen_Horse! If I lose 1 lb a week I'll be happy! I've been doing a 3 day split workout (chest and back, legs, shoulds and arms) based on this template here: http://www.exrx.net/Workouts/Workout3TLA.html
  8. Two weeks so far. Yes, I am happy, but I have noticed that things are slowing down, perhaps. I mean, I think I lost more weight at the beginning. But I suppose it is normal, right? Thanks for answering.
  9. Well, I'm 183cm (6 feet) and 82 kg (181 pounds). I would like to decrease to 78 kg (172 pounds) and build some muscle. I do weight lifting 3 times a week and go jogging 2 or 3 times a week (for 30/40 minutes). This is for example what I ate yesterday. It is more or less similar everyday, since I have to eat mostly at the University and cannot cook there (I bring food from home). What do you think? I'm afraid I've been eating too much fat. Maybe too much calories? Total Calories: 2424 Kcal Fat(g): 80.53 g Carbs(g): 270.70 g Prot(g): 158.03 g Numbers below are Fat(g), Carbs(g), Prot(g), and Kcal, respectively. Breakfast, 5.9, 84.17, 26.67, 484 1 medium Bananas, 0.39, 26.95, 1.29, 105 1 serving Yogurt, 1.80, 7.40, 5.10, 66 1 1/2 cups Milk (Nonfat), 0.66, 17.82, 12.53, 129 50 g Oats, 3.05, 32.00, 7.75, 184 Lunch, 24.19, 52.78, 53.61, 669 2 medium Egg, 8.75, 0.68, 11.07, 129 50 g Feta Cheese Patros, 10.64, 2.04, 7.10, 132 2 slices whole wheat bread, 2.00, 18.50, 4.30, 116 1/2 serving Soy Protein, 0.40, 16.65, 28.50, 202 300 g Vegetarian Vegetable Soup (Prepared with Water), 2.40, 14.91, 2.64, 90 First Snack, 21.5, 13.85, 15.42, 293 1 serving Yogurt, 1.80, 7.40, 5.10, 66 40 g Peanuts, 19.70, 6.45, 10.32, 227 Second Snack (Pre-Workout), 0.22, 21.62, 1.73, 86 1 large Orange, 0.22, 21.62, 1.73, 86 Third Snack (Post-Workout), 2.39, 29.95, 27.29, 245 1 Banana, 0.39, 26.95, 1.29, 105 1 serving Whey Protein, 2.00, 3.00, 26.00, 140 Dinner, 26.50, 73.42, 32.89, 647 2 cups Lentils, 26.50, 73.42, 32.89, 647
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