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  1. Thanks. That looks like exactly what i'm looking for
  2. Does anyone own a soy milk maker? I'm looking to buy one and I want it to able to make tofu also. What are some good brands? Thanks.
  3. Everyone has to start somewhere and and every little bit helps that's my philosophy.
  4. I have to agree with brendan here. Vegan elitism drives me crazy. My husband said he could never give up chicken so I told him to be a polloatarian. So he eats vegan at home and chicken when he dines out if he wishes. That's less cows and pigs suffereing so that's a step in the right direction. I have also turned 5 meat eaters vegan because of this layed back approach. It works
  5. I don't now the lady I just read her website and she has a page about her creatine use. Thanks for the info on creatine. I went out Tuesday and bought the Gnc version =( oops. Oh well it was only 20.00 bucks for a huge container compared to 60.00 for the other kind so I wanted to make sure I liked it before I spent a lot on it. Thanks for the advice though and when I run out I will be sure to get a better kind. I've only taken it twice so far and I already feel very bloated with it. I guess that's from the water weight?
  6. Interesting discussion folks. I just wanted to mention another site I frequent is www.conservativeveggie.com where lots of conversations of this sort are talked about daily
  7. I'm addicted to diet soda. I have to have 2-3 a day. BAD BAD BAD !!!! I'm also addicted to celebrity gossip magazines, haha. I can't help it I know it's stupid but hey it could be something worse I guess.
  8. Yeah I heard I should take it to help get lean muscle and more "cut". I have heard you gain 3-5 pounds of water weight when taking it but I don't think me being 135 pounds would be fat So I was just wondering if anyone here had taken it and if they had any problems with it. The guy kept giving out free advice I didn't ask for and telling me you'll get really fat if you take that. He also told me trimspa would help with getting more muscle For those who aren't familiar thats the diet pill Anna Nicole went on to lose weight. I never knew muscle came in pill form haha.
  9. I am 5'10 1/2 130 pounds and around 18.5 - 19.0 percent body fat. It's gross. My goal is to look like this lady one day. http://michelleberger.com/images/174.jpg She takes creatine and says it helped her get the cut look she has. I have heard lots of women say it's a great product to use and it will help me get more definition. So I go to buy some at the local GNC the other day and this guy who was eating a fast food burger and fries (i kid you not) and isn't in that great of shape but thinks he is tells me that creatine will make me fat. Hmmmmmmmmm.... The kind I was looking at only had 140 or 150 calories in it if I don't go over my calorie consumption for the day how will I get fat? I mean I do work out and stuff. So my question is will creatine make me cut or fat? Thanks.
  10. The weight did go to my stomach last. It's driving me crazy though because the fat on my stomach won't budge. It's all fat on my stomach. I am starting to see lines under some fat on my tummy but that's as close as i've been to having a stomach like the girls in the above post. I eat around 1,200 -1,400 a day. I have tried eating more calories because some people say to eat more but honestly I found I gain weight if I up it anymore. So my new questions for you are this.. How many times a week would you suggest I do cardio and for how long? How many times should I do weights and for how long? I've been a junk food vegetarian for many many years but am new to veganism and very very new to eating healthy. Anyone care to share what a day of healthy eating for someone trying to lose stomach fat should look like? THANKS SO MUCH !!!!
  11. I have been working out for about 2 years now. In that time i've lost around 90 pounds. I am 5'10 and 1/2 now and about 131-132 pounds. My bodyfat percentage is 18.8 or so. The problem is I don't want to lose much more weight because my face and arms are really skinny. But my stomach and hips aren't. That is where all 132 pounds is located I just know it I'm very confused because i've talked to several personal trainers and everyone tells me something different. I want to look more like these women and less skinny/flabby : http://michelleberger.com/images/IMG_0383_0057.jpg http://michelleberger.com/images/174.jpg http://christinalindley.net/images/portfolio/fit-swim/023.jpg So my main questions are: Do I need to do more weight training and less cardio? Do I need to do more cardio so i'll lose the fat I still have? Do I eat less fat or more? What does your daily/weekly routine look like? It's so weird because I think i'm at a good weight and some of my body parts look to skinny but then others make me look chubby. A huge thank you to anyone who responds
  12. I'm sorry I don't know of a Snl archive online. But I just wanted to say I love the show too. And Will is one of my favorites.
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