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  1. Hey Robert! Training is going great! I'm increasing weight in squat, dead, weighted dips and chins every week. I'm trying to add size while maintaining my BF% at 6-7. I'm shooting for an additional 5-7 lbs by competition time in July. How is your wrist? I met with my agency today and I'm getting my head and body shots taken next month. When I get them, I'll send them to you along with my bio for the site. Glad to hear that the Riata is working out well for you! Lindsay Nixon told me she was coming back to Austin in a couple weeks. Do you know when Rip's next potluck is? Chad
  2. Thanks for the comparison with Hugh, Fallen_Horse and Synny667. Well, my diet is pretty boring and is mostly fruits and veggies. On the weekends I usually juice a couple times a day. A typical weekday looks like this: 6:00am whole grapefruit Smoothie (water, almond milk, spinach, apple, banana, carrot, blueberries, flax seed oil and protein mix of pea, hemp, rice) 9:00am Protein shake (water, pea, hemp, rice) Larabar banana 12:00pm Mixed veggies Avocado Protein shake 3:00pm protein shake Larabar apple 6:30pm mixed veggies avocado apple 9:00pm Post workout smothie (same as breakfast) My workouts are extremely varied. I usually train 4-5 days/week, depending on how my work schedule. I like to alternate weeks of 5x5 heavy weights and kettlebells with 3x10 lighter weights and body weight exercises and TRX. I like to do circuits with little to no rest between sets in order to get my cardio in at the same time or I'll finish with 10-15 min of HIIT on the concept 2 rower or battling ropes.
  3. Hey Synny667! Thanks, I think I will take your advice. Hey Iron Clad Ben! Maybe I'll see Robert around town...or at the gym.
  4. Hey everyone! I am a P.E. teacher and conditioning coach in Austin, TX and have been Vegan for 6 months now and I am adjusting well. I love talking to people about the benefits of a whole foods, plant based diet. I was vegetarian for a year before and have also tried a Raw diet for a summer, but it was to difficult for me. I am considering competing in the Naturally Fit Super Show in Austin, TX in July, but I have never done anything like that before. I consider myself a pretty fit guy for a 35 year old, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to do it. We'll see... Currently I am 6'4, 200lbs, 7% BF. Cheers, Chad
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