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  1. Usually i have a shake before and after my work out. If you take 3-4 shakes a day that shouldn't be a problem. I know people who have 4+ daily and it seems to work fine for them. Also just a random suggestion, try blending spinach in with your shake a small handful wont alter the taste and then it is a nice vitamin boost and the shake is green so you get to feel extra healthy x).
  2. I need to get someone to take some pics for me. When i take them myself i have to block my face with my phone because i am concentrating on taking the picture and trying to make sure everythig looks good so my facial expression is always retarted hehe
  3. Another pic. (i have really enjoyed taking pictures lately =P )
  4. Had a good day. Good work out at gym my current work out is almost the same as a fitness model called Tamika Webber (she is on simply shredded). I really like how she looks and wanted to change up my workout so i took her work out and made some adjustments. For cardio i am currently doing 15 min on treadmill. 1 min warm up, 4 min jogging, 5 min HIIT, 5 min speed walking on incline. I keep switching it up so i don't get bored. I want to increase the time to 30 min and do the whole thing twice but i need to start doing better about getting to gym on time hehe. Also today i tried quinoa for the first time in a salad and YUM =) new salad food.
  5. Well if you don't have a problem with soy you could try soy protein powder and tofu. I loove tofu
  6. Yummy! that looks a lot like what i am eating now . What are those brown things though? nice journal btw
  7. Had a delicious smoothie today with a scoop of soy protein powder, spinach, a banana, and some soy milk with breakfast today . Tomorrow i think ill have this with 1/4 cup of oatmeal instead of my usual 1/2 cup.
  8. My family and my boyfriend drove through laos where we stayed over night and then my boyfriend and i stayed with his family in Chiangmai (they live there) we stayed there for a little over a week and then drove back. Do you know how to make uploaded ppictures come up smaller? Whenever i upload them they are so large xP.
  9. Back from recent Thailand trip. Been feeling very motivated and everything has been going well so far =). Have lots of clear goals and lots of mini goals to get to them. Have been doing well with eating carbless lunchs and gym has been going really well. Feeling happy and motivated and hoping to keep it up and make some improvements!
  10. I usually eat brown rice but all the pasta i eat is refined. I can't even buy whole grain pasta in my city in China! =(.
  11. I have an impossible time losing weight or cutting unless i eat low carbs . I don't like sweet food and am could happily go my life without eating any junk food but i definetely do tend to over do the noodles and pasta.
  12. Have been doing well with my diet. I feel like i have lost a tiny bit of weight too..maybe =). I feel happier with how my arms look as well. They look more cut i think. My current goals have been to not include carby foods like rice and pasta etc. with lunch (so big stirfries everyday for me) and to only eat salads after dinner.
  13. Thank you! ya i'm careful about tofu and being in china i can't get fake meats or cheeses anyways. i often try to go for ethnic style foods that they may have not tried before so then they won't feel like it is missing meat or cheese or something x)
  14. While I really enjoy the food i make and so does my boyfriend and family, I hate cooking for guests because i am always afraid they won't like the food. I want to make a list of 10 things to make for meat eating/non-vegan guests. What are some meals you have served to meat eating friends and they liked?
  15. I haven't made many strength improvements lately because have been focusing on increased reps but here they are. BW=65kg Squats=70kg Bench=50 kg Dead lift= 80 kg
  16. Hey. ya my current ideas about my goals for life is to shoot for attainable things and work up to them and make them set into my life style and not just something i have to struggle through every day lol. My basic ideal diet plan would be Meal 1- Shake with fruit, coconut milk, protein powder, spinach etc. M2-stirfry with lots of veggies and tofu and/or beans M3-Something like trail mix, apple with pb, salad or etc. M4 and 5-Protein shake before and after work out M6-A healthy dinner with lots of vegetables and protein with carbs being moderate to low. Then after dinner if i a hungry before bed i plan to just eat salads until i sleep . Lowering my carbs and eating more salad should lower my calories and every 3 days i plan to make a little goal to work on and i plan to start going to the gym earlier to fit in some cardio before i lift weights. Friday i went out of town to work, did a wine show thing and ended up with 2 bottles of french wine that i will have to indulge in with my boyfriend at some point ;D. For the weekend i don't have anythng too fun planned. Have some school to work on and i am hoping to finish my schedule and goals so i can get fully started with them monday .
  17. Holy crap you have some self control lmao! I don't think i could ever do that lol. Right now my plan is to keep a food diary and every few days pick something to improve (decrease carbs in a certain area, switch out a snack, eat more salads, space out my eating more etc) and just keep working on slowly improving my diet all the while increasing cardio. Right now i want to lose weight but im more focused on slow changes towards long term improved habits then temporary things. A sauna would be awesome but the only ones i know of around me are for people to go spend the day at. If i ever become rich im getting one of those mini saunas in my house haha.
  18. Finally got over some sort of food poisoning i got while working in another city on Friday. Had a pretty good work out tonight and then Zumba tomorrow =). My current goals to work towards right now are 1. 30 minutes of cardio at gym (either 15 min treadmil on incline follower by 15 min of elliptical or 30 min of HIIT) 2. Yoga every day 3. a few min of cardio before breakfast (maybe going up and down the 15 flights of stairs in my apartment building) 4. Decrease carb intake 5. stretch more! So i have goals and everything to progress myself towards these and now that i am better i am feeling quite motivated to begin working on them =).
  19. Well had a LONG vacation after thailand i had another super lazy week but now i am finally getting back into things. Didn't work out at all while in Thailand due to the gym being closed for holiday. Do gyms close in America for holidays too? Gyms are always closing on holidays here! The break ended up good though because i came back really pumped to get back into working out. I have a new bodybuilding inspiration i found on simply shredded ( http://www.simplyshredded.com/tamika.html ) and i am actually doing her work out except for a few minor tweaks. I have also worked on making my diet cleaner and adding in more vegetables. The biggest problem that i am trying to work on now is how to lose some fat. I am actually happy with my muscle gains. My boyfriends little sister told me i looked stronger, i had a few people question if i was on steroids, and a friend said my arms have gotten bigger. So i am feeling good about my muscle growth but really want to cut everything now and lose some of this stubborn fat. I am doing higher reps with my lifting, trying to eat cleaner and less calories (although i really don't eat a high calorie diet), and i am also planning to do 3 HIIT treadmill work outs a week as well as some moderate intenity cardio before work outs. I just feel a little lost because i have been working out for quite a while and over all i am quite active and my diet is good and i am finally happy with my progress in muscle growth but now i really need to cut down my bodyfat so everything can show. So still trying to keep working at this whole thing and think of new ideas. just having one of those days i guess xP
  20. I use soymilk in my oatmeal, eat app. 1/2-1 cup of tofu a day and 2 scoops of soy protein powder a day. I am also hooked on tofu hehe xP. i do eat a lot of non soy foods and haven't noticed any negative effects and have gained a lot of muscle mass since increasing my protein with tofu. In the beginning of my veganism i chose not to believe the negative stuff about soy due to the lack of any really solid evidence. Asians eat a lot of soy ESPESSIALLY in singapore and i don't see any negative effects being caused from it there.
  21. I actually eat a pretty low fat diet lol. Only fat i get is from nuts and a little bit of olive oil so im not worried about that. When i eat low carb it helps me to consume less calories and also my body actually seems to holds less water and looks slimmer even the next day so it is just how my body personally reacts to them. i am just doing this for a few more days until Thailand because i want to look as good as i can when i see my friends there hehe. when i get there i plan to eat more than my fair share of carbs hahaha.
  22. Thank you! i will definetely be trying that soup before i go to Thailand!
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